Steering Column Control

Steering Column Control

My 2018 TESLA S has experienced three instances of steering wheel control malfunctions. The first two occurrences were corrected by TESLA service by replacing the “Module - Steering Column Control.” The loss of a horn and thumb wheel functions are tolerable. The inability to “reboot” could prove to be a major problem. I am reluctant to correct the current failure because the repair is ineffective. Has anyone else had this experience?

Innkeep | 21 giugno 2019

I think you may be describing the problem I had with my 2017 S. In my case this has been a winter and low humidity problem, and after lots of troubleshooting it was decided it had to do with static electricity frying some delicate circuits in the steering column. The Indianapolis SC has finally gotten it fixed with lots of extra insulation.

Ask your SC to call my SC to tell them how they fixed the doughnut lady’s black S100D.

karlt55 | 23 giugno 2019

THANKS! I will.