The VIN of my AWD is registered as a P model

The VIN of my AWD is registered as a P model

This may lend further credence that the only real difference between the two is software, but the reason I care is that my insurance rate is higher than what it should be (like $100-120 more per year). I assume I'm not the only one experiencing this. Has anyone gotten around this or had Tesla change the designation of their VIN? My insurer did not care that I have purchase documents proving it's non-P because they rely on a third party for their information. Thanks.

rob | 22 giugno 2019

When was your car manufactured? Just curious. Sucks that you have to pay the extra insurance.

Magic 8 Ball | 22 giugno 2019

Find a different insurer, what you say makes no sense.

lilbean | 22 giugno 2019

That happened with my X. The VIN was registered as something different. I couldn’t change it.

lbowroom | 22 giugno 2019

The VIN has only ever differentiated RWD from AWD

jjgunn | 22 giugno 2019

When did you buy your car?

What is the entire VIN? (Leave off the last 2-3 numbers)


Here's mine. That's a P3D VIN. Let's see yours

4thekidz | 22 giugno 2019

My car was manufactured in September 2018.


I just got a new policy with Travelers, but they are charging performance rates. Still cheaper than other quotes I received.

4thekidz | 22 giugno 2019

Thanks for everyone's feedback.

Mike UpNorth | 22 giugno 2019

What Lbow said is correct. | 22 giugno 2019

You can put your VIN in the decoder and see for yourself:

@lbowroom - mostly has it right on the 3. VIN also describes safety systems, which varies in different countries. On the S/X, you can tell if it is performance or not.

surfpearl | 22 giugno 2019

@4thekidz - Your VIN has B as the 8th character, which according to's VIN decoder indicates Dual Motor - Standard or Performance. Mine and @jjgunn's are P3D and both have B as the 8th character. Try to argue this fine point with your insurer and question the accuracy of the 3rd party's info. Better yet, find a different insurer who will appreciate this nuance along the paperwork proof you give them.

LLCoolJW | 22 giugno 2019

mine is listed as an AWD too, but is a RWD. Oddly enough, the insurance is a few dollars a month cheaper for the AWD than the RWD for us.

Mike UpNorth | 22 giugno 2019


How sure are you you don't have a 2nd motor? Would be a fun freebie!

4thekidz | 22 giugno 2019

@TeslaTap - the decoder clarifies my situation. Thanks!

@jeremy - well now you do have an interesting situation. At least you are getting a cheaper rate! Just goes to show that these insurance companies don't know what to make of our cars!

@surfpearl - I'm hoping Elon will put forth Tesla's insurance product soon and save me from this headache!

Randyb359 | 22 giugno 2019

I have Travelers also and asked about that. They told me they charge the same for AWD and performance. I only pay $425 per six months so I am happy with that. I doubt it would be cheaper anywhere else. I did check at progressive. Com before I bought it and they did not distinguish between the two when giving a quote either.

4thekidz | 23 giugno 2019

@Randy - When did you purchase your policy? I was quoted $865 supposedly for AWD. When they ran my VIN they upped it to $930 for the performance model. What you say makes perfect sense, it's just not how my experience played out. I have a clean driving record but pay to play in LA. Ugh.

Randyb359 | 24 giugno 2019