Window bumps up when door is open instead of down? Help!

Window bumps up when door is open instead of down? Help!

Has anyone had this issue. When opening the door the window bumps up and hits the trim/frame instead of bumping down to clear it. Any way to manually fix/reset it without taking it in to the service center?

ryanbeaudoin2830 | 23 giugno 2019


loosej89 | 23 giugno 2019

Try recalibrating the window.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 23 giugno 2019

Try the window calibration procedure. Lower the window full down while continuing to hold button down for an additional 5 seconds. Raise window full up with same additional 5 seconds. Repeat on all windows.
It may help to click your heels together three times while doing this. | 23 giugno 2019

are you from Australia? (sorry , I couldn't resist) what the other two said.

syclone | 24 giugno 2019

This may sound strange, but is it on all doors? If it's just on one door check to see of the puddle light on that door is working.

ryanbeaudoin2830 | 24 giugno 2019

@syclone , yes it is just the drivers side door. And it's strange you say that because I just replaced the puddle light from the OEM one to an RPM Tesla logo projecting one a day ago.

ryanbeaudoin2830 | 24 giugno 2019

Found this and will check to see if this solves the problem, thanks syclone for pointing me in the right direction

Ron.Olsberg | 24 giugno 2019

When the ranger replaced my side mirror, the puddle had to be disconnected. The car did indeed think the drivers door was shut but I did not look at the window position. Hopefully this is not like a Christmas tree light set where the series connection is through the lighting element. If that were true, you could damage your car if the LED puddle light were to burn out and you closed the door hard.

lbowroom | 24 giugno 2019

Swap the original puddle light back in and see what happens

dwakelee | 24 giugno 2019

Yes - it is exactly like the Christmas light scenario. But LEDs are long life - should not open-circuit in their lifetime - just reduce slightly in brightness. If defective (bad part), the higher probability failure mode for an LED is a short circuit (or resistive short circuit) - not an open circuit.

However, it is something to be aware of for those people replacing these aftermarket LEDs. Unknown quality for the replacements could indeed have adverse affects, and I'd venture to guess that banged up window trim due to aftermarket puddle LEDs may not be covered under warranty.

Rather than the LED going bad, the more likely scenario is a loose connector or corrosion - not the LED failing. In which case, the car will indeed think the door is always closed regardless of actual state. As stated in service note that @ryan posted, the automatic motion to clear the trim will not function.

Lonestar10_1999 | 24 giugno 2019

I was intrigued by the brighter aftermarket lights but when I looked into it, I saw that they draw more power that the stock lights. That made me wonder whether installing them would have adverse effects on electrical systems of the M3. I would only upgrade an M3 part if it was approved by Tesla.