Will your next vehicle purchase be a Tesla

Will your next vehicle purchase be a Tesla

I think its fair to say that all Tesla stakeholders; investors, employees, and customers all believe in Tesla’s mission and want it to succeed. As all car manufacturers know, brand loyalty is key to sustainability and growth. This means that current Tesla owners would not only buy another Tesla for their next vehicle purchase, they would also be ambassadors to spread the word on the benefits of all things Tesla.

Its plain to see from the posts on this forum that owners are passionate about their M3. Some are ardent supporters and can’t imagine ever buying another brand, whether ICE, hybrid, or EV. Others have voiced disappointment and will likely never buy another Tesla, even if they still believe in EV.

For me, I worked through the initial quality items and now the M3 is the best car I ever owned; not perfect but the best in my experience. I live in a two car household where my other car is an ICE (Camry). I would certainly buy another Tesla to replace my M3. I am not ready for both cars to be EV but you never know what the future holds.

If you would buy another Tesla, What is the main reason for brand loyalty? If not, what was the main reason you are turned off to Tesla?

Assuming Tesla actually monitors this forum and posters are sincere, this thread could be the most important communication to guide Tesla product development and policy.

landoncube | 4 luglio 2019

yes. The most fun thing I have ever owned.
Sept ‘18 P3D
June ‘19 Dual Motor 3
? ‘20 Model Y (ORDERED)
? ‘21 Tesla Truck
Whenever enough relatives die: Roadster

hamid_usman | 4 luglio 2019

Here is my experience of owning a Tesla so far, and I hope Tesla will benefit from the feedback.
Firstly I want to point out that I am a huge supporter of Tesla and I admire what Elon and the company has accomplished. Having said that my experience with Tesla so far has been very disappointing.

I recently bought my Tesla Model 3 2019 RWD, standard plus on Jun 08/19. Before buying my Tesla, I was really discouraged by my colleagues, friends and family, who currently think that Tesla has a lot of issues that need fixing, and it's not a reliable car overall. Being an avid supporter of Tesla I would always list the benefits of owning a Tesla, and would argue that it's a great vehicle even before owning one myself.

Unfortunately all this changed on June 30 /19. Less than a month into my new car, I get an Alert stating that the car can not charge to a 100% and I should contact service. I immediately called Tesla service, who put me on hold for 37 mins. I was able to take a screen shot at 32 mins. Meanwhile while I am waiting on the phone for Tesla service to answer, I find the nearest Tesla service station and head there immediately.

While I arrive at the service station, I finally get through to the Tesla service over the phone. Where I am told, that I should just leave my car at the service station and they will take care of it. In terms of commuting they suggested I get an Uber and go to rental car company near me.

At the Lawrence service station North York, ON. My experience is as followed.
Getting really disappointed with the Tesla service over the phone, I was hoping things will turn around from here onwards, but I was wrong. The service station was closed, because of the long weekend, which didn't bother me, because i was hoping that the Sales department which was open would at least try to help me out. All they kept on saying was call Tesla service over the phone, and try to get a rental.

Now my problem with getting a rental is two fold. Firstly this a brand new Tesla, and within 3 weeks it has come across an issue, but on top of that my biggest disappointment is the way I was handled at the service station. After explaining to them that I just recently bought this Tesla. May I at the very least get a Tesla loaner, so at least my family and friends see that Tesla takes care of its customers. They refused and told me that they only offer gas rentals, which was heart breaking, because here you are being passionate about a company whose employee don't even care about the Tesla brand. After pleading to them for an hour, I was able to get the Manager to finally give me a Model 3 Loaner till the service station opened on Tuesday July2/19. I was disappointed that it took me an an hour to explain that driving a rental, after just having recently acquired a Tesla, looks really bad for the company. After having agreed to loan me a Tesla, I was reminded that they are doing me a huge favour and usually customers have to rent gas cars in a situation like this. This was again disheartening to hear, because as a new owner you expect that the company will take care of you, as you are told when you arrive to pick up your Tesla," welcome to the Tesla family" I than went on to explain that being a Tesla owner, we all are brand ambassadors for Tesla, so please don't extinguish our passion for the company, by providing us with poor customer service.

I had the loaner model 3 on June 30th and I brought it back on July 2nd at 2:00pm on the agreed upon time.
My experience at the service station at Lawrence was now going to get even worse than what I had experienced on June 30th. Right off the bat they started discussing rental options with me, which was so disappointing. I asked about my Tesla and they would not give me a definite answer as to when it might get fixed. They told me they have partnered up with enterprise and would get me a Cadillac as a Loaner till my car is fixed, without giving me a set date or time as to when that might be. I asked to them to please give me another Tesla Loaner, because driving a Cadillac as a rental in my first month of ownership is probably not what Tesla had in mind. At this time I asked them that I will wait for my car, if not I will try to ask another Tesla service station, if they can provide me with a Tesla loaner.
Now why was I being adamant on driving a Tesla as a loaner. This brings me back to my initial point, we as Tesla owners are brand ambassadors for the company. If a person is an avid supporter and continues to promote Tesla to all his friends, family and colleagues, how would it make them feel, when in less than a month of owning a brand new Tesla they are driving a Cadillac. I even requested a lower model, anything Tesla, because at least I could say that I was being given a similar car to what I had purchased, and not promote another brand, which is a gas guzzler.
Again standing strong, and waiting for 2 hours trying to call another service station so that I might get a Tesla loaner, the service station finally agreed to give me a 2014 Model S.

What can I take away from my experience. Firstly people working at Tesla are not passionate about Tesla. Every time I spoke to them, I felt like I cared more about the brand than them, which is so disappointing. One service personnel even told me, we have no idea how you got the manager to get you a Loaner, you should become a sales rep.
As of right now my car is at the Lawrence service station, I am hoping I will get my Tesla Model 3 soon.
This experience has really left a sour taste. As for my colleagues, friends and family, I guess they were right. I really hope that this feedback will bring about some change.

Please look into why Tesla Lawrence service station is pushing Enterprise rentals on its customers. I think there should be Tesla Loaners available for Tesla customers. Especially in cases when it's a new car giving issues, or at the very least please provide eco friendly cars. If the argument is that not every customer can get a Tesla loaner because of the sheer volume of people coming into Tesla stations, then I guess Tesla has to look into why so many vehicles are coming into the service station to begin with. Especially if the car is brand new.

I want to mention Sale representative Helder, who was exceptional in taking care of me. I could see the passion he has for Tesla. We need more people like these, who can represent Tesla to its truest potential.

Unfortunately today on July 4th/19, my car is still being repaired. As per the service station there was an internal fault with the voltage sensor in the battery pack. They have ordered the battery pack and will get back to me tomorrow.
I am just grateful that this happened under warranty. According to the service station it cost approx $19000 for a battery replacement. If this happened within the first month of a brand new model 3, I am not sure what will happen after the warranty ends.

Still hoping for the best.

landoncube | 4 luglio 2019

Quit whining and trying to spread FUD.
Life is dealing with suffering.
You don’t seem to be dealing all that well.

howard | 4 luglio 2019

No. After buying my P3D+ I fully expected I would but after a few months of ownership went with another brand instead.

casun | 4 luglio 2019

i hope to buy a model y for my wife but won’t know for sure until it’s available.

Mike83 | 4 luglio 2019

We bought our 3rd Tesla a Model 3. Over 5 years of the best ownership experience of any product. Never going back to fossil fuel that have unsafe, slow and terrible expense to maintain. No worries about Carbon Monoxide in the car or garage. No carcinogenic fumes. Fun to drive for our whole family. We can travel anywhere with supercharging.

Those new fudster posters can please either get honest and admit your real motives. Please go to your beamer or vw to spread your BS. No real reason to post here as you simply want people NOT to know the truth.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 luglio 2019

My next car and likely every vehicle I purchase new from now on will be a Tesla. The longer the company does not advertise in print, on radio, or with television, the more likely they will have my support. Similarly, I do not look forward to ever seeing a PENSKE TESLA store on a hill overlooking the 101 FWY en route to Calabassas, so as long as they avoid using 'independent franchised dealerships' the better.

M3phan | 4 luglio 2019

@hamid_usman, I suggest perspective please. Every human organization on the planet has jerks. But great companies have more great people than jerk people. That’s why they’re great companies. That includes Tesla. Your issue is frustrating but an initial quality edge case; your car will be fixed; you will get it back and love driving the crap out of it! My car (7/2018) was back in SC after only owning for a week; it was in for three weeks to (ultimately) replace the computer. My difference, everyone at Tesla was super respectful and helpful toward me. Car has been fantastic. Hang in there, you will love it when all is made right.

To the thread question, all my future cars will be Tesla or some other EV if a more compelling company comes around. But I have no problem supporting Tesla. My spouse? Sticking with 2019 Toyota 86 GT/TRD.

dmastro | 4 luglio 2019

I might. It all depends on what other options are out there when I'm ready to buy.

Also, I'm not sure it's fair so say all the investors, employees and customers believe in the mission and want the company to succeed. I'm sure many do... but I'm also sure many investors just want their return on investment and don't care how they get it... and many employees are just there for a paycheck... and many buyers want the coolest new trendy tech and don't give a crap about "the mission".

kaushal | 4 luglio 2019

No, I wouldn't or encourage anyone else to buy another Tesla Car is great to drive, but, service and initial quality are still big problems. have had to go to the service center 3 times in less than 3 months of ownership and that's not very good.

Slonkis | 4 luglio 2019

I'm definitely sticking with Tesla. I've had a Model 3 for a year and two months and I'm perfectly happy with it. I have pre-ordered a Model Y, which will replace my second car, Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I also have an old Toyota Camry Hybrid, which I intend to keep, with minimal insurance coverage, as a backup, in case of a lengthy electric outage, such as the one we had with hurricane Sandy.

surfpearl | 4 luglio 2019

Yes!!! The reason - most innovative and forward-looking car company on a great mission. And with the coolest name. Happy early birthday, Nikola Tesla (July 10)!

Madatgascar | 4 luglio 2019

Probably. My last 5 have been Teslas, all great, most fun and reliable cars I have owned. Seem to be far ahead of the Lexus and Mercedes I had before. But it’s been 6-1/2 years, and I understand others are catching up. As I wrote in a separate thread, other EVs need support. And Fish has me wanting to go test drive a Subaru for the superior tech.

kevin_rf | 4 luglio 2019

Nah, by the time I'm ready to buy my next car (last was 14 years ago) I fully expect there to be fusion powered self flying quad copters with at least 400 miles range available as an alternative.

Bated Breath | 4 luglio 2019

Abso-freakin-lutly. I love my 2018 M3 LR RWD. Next car will either be the PM3 or the roadster.

Lonestar10_1999 | 4 luglio 2019

@kevin_rf - lol. Better sign up for flight school. You have 14 years to get your FAA private pilot license.

M3phan | 4 luglio 2019

@FISHEV, why wait to sell till Jan 1? Why not now? You do not like the car, so why go 6 more months?...

kaushal | 4 luglio 2019


If you sell your car before Dec 31st, you can't claim Federal and/or state tax credit.

jamilworm | 4 luglio 2019

As things stand today, if I ever need to replace my Model 3 I would buy another one in a heartbeat. However I plan to keep it for a long time so who knows what will happen in the next 10 years that might change my opinion. My wife started driving my Honda Fit when i bough the Model 3, and that will most likely be the car we need to replace first. If it were up to me I'd be fine with being a 2 Tesla household, but she likes smaller cars (came from a Corolla before the Fit). She's even afraid to drive the Model 3 because it's so big. So we'll see if she comes around to the idea of driving a Tesla.

4barkie | 4 luglio 2019

I will never buy anything but a Tesla. More than happy with my decision to buy 2018 LR RWD. The quality on my car is excellent and I have had no issues at all.

apodbdrs | 4 luglio 2019

Yes, looking forward to buy the Tesla truck to replace my F150 ICE.

VolleyballNE1 | 4 luglio 2019

My decision would be based on what's best for me at the time. Brand loyalty is not my thing. Best option is my MO.

howard | 4 luglio 2019



M3NOICE | 4 luglio 2019

+1 @apodbdrs

gyarmp | 5 luglio 2019

We have two cars as well, one M3 and an ICE; will definitely replace the latter with an EV eventually. And that EV will most likely to be a Tesla (maybe a used X, a Y or pickup) - Teslas are just so much better than the "competition" (Audi or Ipace or something like that lol)

calvin940 | 5 luglio 2019

I was convinced enough to have bought the car from the web. Most expensive web purchase. Now owning said car, I know my choice was validated.

If the playing field remains the same or similar when I am ready to buy another car, then a Tesla it will be.

I will always evaluate at that time to make my choice, but I feel it is well ahead of everyone and continues to progress. I currently recommend it to anyone that has asked me and when they step in and drive with me, they see why.

wiboater4 | 5 luglio 2019

Yes , waiting to see the Tesla Pickup truck. Am happy with my Model 3.

FarBeyondDriven | 5 luglio 2019

I will wait for further enhancements before buying another Tesla. I also feel there are service concerns Tesla needs to fix before they get more of my money.

wallacej010 | 5 luglio 2019

Definitely...... Tesla Truck when it becomes available...... sight unseen? .... no problem, Tesla hits my form/function sweetspot.

spuzzz123 | 5 luglio 2019

I hope so, but likely not a decision I have to make soon. By the time I'll need to replace mine I will not be in as good of a financial situation that I am now. Won't be able to spend the same amount that I did on 2018 model 3. Hoping that relative to other practical ICE cars, the pricing will be competitive because I would love to own one. It's a great car now, but I expect in 10 years there will be almost no compromises to owning an electric vehicle.

ggodefroid | 5 luglio 2019

hamid...too many words

Guy From Gulfport | 5 luglio 2019

A NEW Tesla, no. A USED Tesla, yes. It was only due to Tax Credit, and SR+ w/o AP pricing, that made a NEW Tesla attainable for me. I don't anticipate a NEW Tesla being any more attainable, years from now, when I anticipate making my next purchase. (My income is below average, for a typical Model 3 buyer. But what I paid for my Tesla, is similar to the typical mid-$30k's ICE sedan I formerly bought every 5 years.) When the Model Y production ramps up, hopefully the CPO/Preowned Tesla market gets flooded by Model Y buyers. That may give me an opportunity to move up to a LR model.

calvin940 | 5 luglio 2019


Stoo hijacking threads as your lown platform. A simple question was asked and we already know your answer. Stop injecting crap.

gballant4570 | 5 luglio 2019

I can say with 100% certainty that 9+ months of Tesla ownership I will never buy another ICE. And that statement is not just confined to personal transport - I bought an electric lawnmower this year, and will soon add a trimmer and leaf blower that uses the same interchangeable batteries. I have my eye on an electric boat as well, the only real question is will I go pick it up with my current ICE pickup or will I have a Tesla pickup by the time I go get it.

I still have two ICE vehicles - one pickup truck, and one car that my wife does not want to turn loose of. Once an electric pickup is on the place there will be no need for either of them. I built a new garage this year to hold some of the extra, but even so space may be the driver to push out her old car - especially when a beautiful electric boat needs a spot....

I still have an old ICE tractor that has antique/nostalgic value as well as current use utility (1949 Allis Chalmers B) and due to cost of electric replacement ($40k) may stay a while..... don't need the tractor so much that an electric one at that price beats out a Tesla truck, or even the electric boat, especially when the boat is only $25k-$30k.

I was thinking hard about Rivian, but the Tesla charging network that I rarely use still figures in, and I really would rather have just a pickup for a more reasonable price that a $70k "adventure vehicle".

So my answer to the OP question is YES - at this point looks like the Tesla pickup.

DV_T3SLA | 5 luglio 2019

I think so. We have a 212 Prius and 2016 Hybrid Corolla. We just took delivery of our 3 before the tax cutoff and love it so far. It replaced the Prius as my daily driver but we still want a hatch back. Soooo when the Y actually starts hitting the streets, that will probably determine what we do. By no means are the wife and I tree huggers or climate change advocates, but we definitely appreciate what Elon and the team are trying to do and the benefits behind it. Thats why it has our support

CharleyBC | 5 luglio 2019

I don’t expect to buy another car until maybe 2028 or so. I would evaluate what’s on the market at that time. That car will certainly be an EV. And if the market looks anything like today, it’ll be another Tesla. But a lot can change in 9 years. Maybe by then Subaru or Ford or some company we don’t even know today is producing amazing EVs with a charging infrastructure to get us all over North America. I’d certainly give that a look.

But if I had to bet today, yeah, probably another Tesla.

bruceanddorene.... | 5 luglio 2019

Our experience with Tesla Service has been great. Recently we had our windshield replaced. When I arrived at the appointment time, the Rep was ready for me. I don't think I spent more than a couple of minutes dropping our M3 RWD Extended version off. In order to make sure that the sealant had set up and dried correctly the Rep wanted to keep our car overnight. Thus, we were given an "S" as a loaner (it may have been a 2014). We have had no quality issues with the car. Everything has worked perfectly.

LostInTx | 5 luglio 2019

I love the way my Model 3 drives (RWD LR, delivered August, '18). What I've been disappointed in is the little creaks and rattles that after 2 mobile unit visits and 2 forays with the service center (Houston Westchase), still persists. A rattle in the dash, residual noise from suspension when going over those annoying speed bumps - just little individual noises that tend to add up.

The interior is reasonably upscale and of course I love the minimalist design.

Last week, my wife bought a well appointed 2020 Acura RDX, MSRP was $44K, or $13K less than my Tesla. I was blown away by the interior materials, especially how nice the seats, steering wheel, door panels, etc felt. All of a sudden, the premium interior on my 3 felt significantly less premium. Of course her RDX needs gas and ICE related service, so in that sens, any Tesla wins.

Prior to purchasing the RDX, we test drove an Infinity QX50 and Lexus NX300. Each vehicle had quality cabin materials I wish Tesla utilized.

So back to the question - yes, I'll almost certainly buy another Tesla but I also hope for a more solidly constructed chassis, improved fit and finish and cabin materials on par with premium brand ICE vehicles.

Mike83 | 5 luglio 2019

A good take on EVs. These guys cover a lot of the missinformation that trolls like the too many posts of the stinking fish since it takes lots of BS to lie.

schralp | 5 luglio 2019

Not unless they make substantial changes. I am sold on electric but less than enamored with their UI and reliability (which most car manufacturers have perfected these days). It is an expensive car and should perform as such. My issues are:

1. Control screen is fine but it needs an iDrive. It’s dangerous and Unprecise to interact with the screen while moving (since it and your hand are doing so). A joystick on the center console would be a great addition and the screen could still be touch sensitive for when you’re parked.
2. Windshield wipers. They suck. Mechanically they work poorly the UI is a disaster and the automatic setting is awful
3. Autopilot (aka adaptive cruise control) performs worse than that on a Volvo I rented 2 years ago. After 6 months, I am still afraid to try auto steer based on how poorly cruise works. Ghost braking is terrifying in LA traffic
4. Phone key is not as reliable as keyless fob systems for cars I have owned or rented over the last 5 years. Sometimes the door just won’t open
5. Infotainment needs to be reset too often (many times while driving)
6. I miss my AM radio
7. Seats are uncomfortable and I miss leather. No idea how they got that aspect so wrong.
8. Weird hump/ledge in driver footwell before foot pedals makes long drives awkward. I suspect it’s related to the battery location but it is annoying.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a practical car that feels great on the road but these issues are not a problem on most modern vehicles and it will be difficult to compete when they go electric. I have an M3 and by third generation, this stuff should have all been worked out. Also fit and finish on body panels and interior trim is worst I’ve ever seen on any modern car.

Rutrow 3 | 5 luglio 2019

My 5 year plan is:

Retire in '23

Trade the wife's Model S in for the Tesla Pickup to pull our 5th Wheel RV for full time RV living for ~ year.

Put my Model 3 into the Tesla Network for supplemental income.

bruceanddorene.... | 5 luglio 2019

Our next purchase may not be a Tesla. We love the Tesla hardware, but do not care for the Tesla software. I've tried on two occasions the self driving option and removed it both times. In a nutshell, the Tesla software cannot anticipate well. The software is only in the here and now. It cannot distinguish a valid reason for traveling outside the center of the lane versus a non-valid reason. The result is "Screech, Screech, Screech". Now unfortunately Tesla has downloaded that nuisance to all the cars. I've read recently that Nissan's version of self steering will allow the wheel to be gently turned to the right side of the lane without setting off an alarm. Thus, when I have to pull over for an emergency vehicle or to avoid an object in the road, I would not get the annoying alarm that Tesla has. Now if Nissan will get and active battery management system and some long range, I might consider them when I buy the next EV.

gballant4570 | 5 luglio 2019

bruceanddorene.... first, the self driving option is not active or available yet. The attributes you're talking about had the same initial effect on me, but after looking into the settings for them I found that I could set things in a way that function as an improvement. BTW, a flick of the turn signal will do much to help. Setting lane departure for assist rather than warning is a good thing as well.

82bert | 5 luglio 2019

My next vehicle already was. Own two 3s and will never go back. EVER.

aptwo | 5 luglio 2019

Of course and currently thinking of getting the X after 10 months of owning the 3.

@FISHEV, I find it funny that you say "too many problems", yet I see nothing from you other than some minor bs that doesn't really affect in driving the tesla.

apodbdrs | 5 luglio 2019

@FISHEV, Subaru has a recall and 55 complaints; is this normal???

"(Subaru) is recalling certain 2019 Forester and Crosstrek vehicles. A connector inside the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) unit may short circuit resulting in a loss of electric power steering assistance. None of the affected vehicles have been sold yet. "

daddy88 | 5 luglio 2019

I will need to review after a year of Model Y introduction (to replace ICE SUV). That'll give me a 3 years operating cost/reliability with M3.

I would like these two to be addressed by then for those unfortunate events:
- lower cost to repair body panels which translates to lower insurance for all
- faster time to repair with parts available

It's good when it all works well...

TabascoGuy | 5 luglio 2019

Stop wrecking your car(s).

That brings insurance rates down too...

Mike UpNorth | 5 luglio 2019

Yes, either the Y or a used X for the wife once her lease is up (3 year).

raffidesigns | 5 luglio 2019

I have no intention of buying another Tesla. I plan on taking my model X for 100+ years. Last 2+ generations..etc.