New 2019 S whining on deceleration approaching stop sign

New 2019 S whining on deceleration approaching stop sign

I picked up my new 2019 S ten days ago and turned in my 2016 S (also a dual motor). It is the newest edition with the Adaptive Suspension Tamping feature (codenamed the Raven). When I decelerate from about 20 miles/hr to a stop, I hear a whining noise that I never heard in my 2016. The tech at my service location test drove with me and said it's definitely noisier (whinier) upon deceleration at slow speeds than previous motors (driving units) but that he hasn't driven others to compare because it's so new. Any new S drivers out there have the same experience??

peterdri | 6 luglio 2019

I notice the same thing with my new 2019 Raven S compared to two different examples of 2018 S.
I also notice a whining noise when driving slowly in parking lots or in traffic that I did not notice in the 2018 S.
This new noise is very disappointing for me since I really enjoyed the silence of the 2018 S at low speeds.

murphyS90D | 6 luglio 2019

The previous cars had a variable frequency 3 phase AC motor.

I think I read that the new design is a DC motor. I don't know how they are controlling the DC motor but pulse width modulation would be my first guess.

My 2016 has a whine if Range mode is enabled.

Bighorn | 6 luglio 2019

Haven’t researched the Raven, but I believe they went with a Model 3 type motor, rare earth magnet, to improve efficiency. So there are two different types of motor. Can you isolate the sound to front or back?

ganrob2 | 6 luglio 2019

The whine sound is definitely coming from the front as I decelerate from a slow speed to a stop. It's more than disappointing to think I may have to live with this. The radio drowns out most of it but frequently I want only silence. Is this now simply a case of "it is what it is", or should I pursue a remedy and with whom. Yesterday I had a tech at Tesla service test drive it with me and he said he could hear the noisier whine but that nothing sounded in need of repair. Any suggestions other that get another opinion from a different tech at another Tesla service location?

Boonedocks | 6 luglio 2019

The Tesla Blog 4/24/19

“ More Efficient Design
All Model S and X vehicles now benefit from Tesla’s latest generation of drive unit technology, which combines an optimized permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, silicon carbide power electronics, and improved lubrication, cooling, bearings, and gear designs to achieve greater than 93% efficiency. Pairing a permanent magnet motor in the front with an induction motor in the rear enables unparalleled range and performance at all times. The net effect is a more than 10% improvement in range, with efficiency improvements in both directions as energy flows out of the battery during acceleration and back into the battery through regenerative braking. In addition to adding range, power and torque increases significantly across all Model S and Model X variants, improving 0-60 mph times for our Long Range and Standard Range models.”

peterdri | 7 luglio 2019

I suggest you try test driving other examples of Raven model S. This is what I plan to do.
I want only silence, but if four or more Raven examples all have the whine, then "it is what it is" and I have to give up.
Please let us know the results of your test drives.

Bighorn | 7 luglio 2019

My Model 3 sounds very different noises than my S especially when making low speed maneuvers. Very Jetson-like. No complaints though.

JChun | 7 luglio 2019

regenerative sounds with new permanent magnet motor in front, nothing to worry about imo.

peterdri | 7 luglio 2019

I agree it is nothing to worry about in terms of its functioning correctly.
However, it is a worry for those who want only silence as it was for the pre-Raven models.

Bighorn | 7 luglio 2019

You have a week to return it if it’s a deal breaker. | 7 luglio 2019

I never found any AWD S to be noise free (pre Raven), multiple years 2015 to 2018. I could always hear the front motor at lower speeds before tire noise exceeded the motor noise. I didn't find it was an objectionable noise, although refresh S was a bit quieter than pre-refresh S. The RWD S was always quieter.

Some owners may have better hearing in the high frequency range, which may make it more objectionable. Solutions may include thicker carpets and adding an acoustical material to the firewall (not so easy), such as dynamat or similar.

ganrob2 | 7 luglio 2019

Thank you peterdri. I will test drive other S "Ravens"on Monday and report back. The more I drive the more annoying the whine is to me. Those of you who are previous S drivers know how silent the car can and should be.

Hammonddave | 8 luglio 2019

I love my 2018 stone quiet S... You can have your free ludicrous mode, longer range, faster, and better suspension car. I will be happy with quiet obsolescence.

ganrob2 | 8 luglio 2019

I just returned from test driving 2 S-Ravens. One was a "Ludicrous" and may have sounded slightly less whiny while the other was the same S as mine and sounded exactly the same in terms of whine. I got in my car, turned on the radio to low level music, and left, hearing negligible whine, and feeling oddly pacified knowing at least that I don't have a lemon of a drive unit. When I drive with my wife in the car, we usually don't have the radio on, and that's when I hear the motor's whine on deceleration the most.

Bighorn | 8 luglio 2019

Just think of it as money going into your pocket. | 8 luglio 2019

A few glasses of wine, and the whine becomes music!

Ok, I'm not suggesting you drink and drive :(

Nexxus | 9 luglio 2019

Wasn't July 1st supposed to be the cutoff date to have all EV's make noise below 19-20mph for pedestrian safety? I'd hate to think this is the solution Tesla came up with for the alert sound, but maybe?

Nexxus | 9 luglio 2019

Wasn't July 1st supposed to be the cutoff date to have all EV's make noise below 19-20mph for pedestrian safety? I'd hate to think this is the solution Tesla came up with for the alert sound, but maybe?

Nexxus | 9 luglio 2019

Wasn't July 1st supposed to be the cutoff date to have all EV's make noise below 19-20mph for pedestrian safety? I'd hate to think this is the solution Tesla came up with for the alert sound, but maybe?

Nexxus | 9 luglio 2019

Sorry for the triple post. This computer has gone nuts this morning with a bunch of "error" outs.

Bighorn | 9 luglio 2019


Uncle Paul | 10 luglio 2019

There is another post, from a Forum member that measured a 4K Hertz whine on some instrumentation. That is a fairly high pitched sound and is probably similar to your report.

Will be interesting to hear from Tesla if that is just going to be part of the Raven update, or if there is something they can do to return us to silent running.

peterdri | 10 luglio 2019

Hopefully, there is something that can be done. The silent running of the 2018 model S was a great source of pleasure for me.
It would be sad if the benefits of the Raven upgrades come at the cost of losing the silent running.

peterdri | 20 luglio 2019

Has anyone else observed the whining noise in the Raven cars? I also hear the 4 KHz whine mentioned by Uncle Paul in the post above when cruising at typical highway speeds. This whine is very annoying to me and I wonder how it might be fixed?

bill | 21 luglio 2019

Oh no, not only the owners but now the car is Whining!!!! LOL

Anthony J. Parisio | 22 luglio 2019

I have read on other sites about this sound. This seems to be the new sound of progress.

Anthony J. Parisio | 22 luglio 2019

P.S.: I remember when I went for RWD to AWD in the Model S. At that point I heard a front whining that was not there before. It never bothered me but it is in every D since it was first introduced. It seems now it is a little lower. I bet I would be OK with it.

lilbean | 22 luglio 2019

The sound is a feature, not a flaw.

BuckskinPony | 25 luglio 2019

I have a Raven and hear the same sound from the front motor. I've never owned a Tesla before so it was normal to me. In fact, I kinda like it. Feels like the future. :)

ganrob2 | 5 agosto 2019

I initiated this thread. After test driving two other "Ravens" and hearing the same whine as mine, I was resigned to play the radio more than I really wanted, just to block out the unwanted sound of the driving unit. Mind you, my dual motor 2016 S was beautifully silent. Then this past weekend, when the radio was off and we were driving with another couple in the back seat, our friend said, "I think I hear a siren coming our way." IT WAS ONLY THE WHINE. Now i am totally aggravated by the whine, more sensitive than ever to its sound, and feel powerless to find a remedy other than listening to music. Even talk radio doesn't block it out.

RightHandRule | 5 agosto 2019

for what it's worth my 2014 MS had a similar issue and they replaced the rear drive unit under the drive train warranty - o/w $5k

peterdri | 7 agosto 2019

I am also aggravated by the high pitched sounds.

Another past owner posted his experience with high pitched sound and returned his car

We are not alone with this experience.

The senior Tesla tech in my area agreed he could hear the whistles and took a recording using a Tascam portable recorder. He escalated the sound clip to the Tesla NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) engineers who have reported back stating the noise heard is well within the expected range.
I interpret this to mean that there is no solution offered by Tesla.

What to do now?

ganrob2 | 8 agosto 2019

Does it make any sense to ask (demand?) that the dual driving units be replaced with quiet pre-Raven units? Would Tesla even consider it?

peterdri | 8 agosto 2019

It may be that there were versions produced around April 2019 during the Raven transition that had the old AC induction motor and the new adaptive suspension, see
Thus it appears that it may be technically possible to replace the new motor on a Raven with the old motor.

ganrob2 | 12 agosto 2019

I went to my local Tesla service today. I asked for the head Tech. We drove together in my car so he could hear the whine. He told me my whine wasn't as bad as others he's heard. He defended the new driving units and said they won't break down as some of the previous iterations had. That opinion notwithstanding, I told him i'd like them replaced with the pre-Raven units. "Impossible" he said. "There not compatible with other Raven features".

ganrob2 | 12 agosto 2019

In my last line "There" should read "They're". (And I was English major)

peterdri | 16 agosto 2019

I did exactly the same thing and got exactly the same answers.

However, I found two model X VINs 160883 and 160583 on that have the old drive unit DU00 and the adaptive suspension SU03. I found many others including VIN 160762 with new drive unit DU02 PMSRM front and SU03. So it appears that some Raven suspension units were produced with either the new or the old front drive unit. Perhaps there is a way to do the replacement?