Annual Service Discontinued - If You Prepaid, They're Keeping the Money

Annual Service Discontinued - If You Prepaid, They're Keeping the Money

I finally got a humanoid on the phone today regarding my "request" for a refund on the remaining prepaid annual services for my Model S. I was told point blank that Tesla discontinued this program. They just terminated it and kept my money. They never bothered to reach out to tell me they were killing the program or to offer me a refund on four prepaid services. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat who has money out there which now needs to be reclaimed. In the email they sent when we signed up for this plan, the last page is a cancellation form. It's time to dig out that form and submit it.

I did not learn any of this until the service center scammed me out of $475 for a non-service last month. They could have told me right then to get my money back but said they would "certainly honor the plan". Yeah, it now includes nothing. But hey, $250 windscreen wipers look spiffy. Since Tesla is not reaching out about this, don't fall into the same trap I did and don't trust this company. I know my trust is now broken.

MitchP85D | 8 luglio 2019

Looks like Tesla growing pains johncrab. And unfortunately, it looks like you are disproportionately on the receiving end of this pain. I hope Tesla doesn't look at you as a statistic.

I've been fortunate so far with my Model-S service history with Tesla. So, it is easier for me to remain a fan. How long have you had your Model-S?

johncrab | 8 luglio 2019

Mine dates to Sept 13, 2014 and up until June of this year I had nothing but great things to say about Tesla and Tesla Service. It was a 100% positive record and they managed to throw it all under the bus with half-truths and outright lies in one day. The SC never bothered to tell me that Tesla had killed this plan. Tesla never reached out to me. It was a "catch us if you can" approach and only today did I get confirmation that they really did kill this. So they took $475 off of me fraudulently last month and I won't let that go. A check for the 4 remaining services and I'm good but if they don't refund the one they scammed out of me, we will have to head to court.

I had a few initial problems. The AC condenser fans squealed and the contractor in the battery died. Both major issues were dealt with promptly and professionally. I put these down to teething pains with a completely new car but I was satisfied with the company's response. Now there is a 2-week wait for a service appointment and I'm sure that's why they killed the maintenance program: to free up SC time. They could have said something!

It really kills me that I used to begin all conversations with, "I love the car but I love the company more." Today I can't say that nor can I recommend a Tesla purchase to friends. Deliveries have outstripped service and customer service and this does not bode well for the future. We had shelved plans for a Model 3 back when they messed up the main screen which makes me fiddle with it as I drive to get the camera view sort-of back. After this debacle in June, we're out. If they want us back they will have to earn our business but for now we have chosen a different brand and car and it delivers the end of this week. It burns carbon but does all of the car-things we need, seats 7 and has 600 mile range. Oh, it's a third the price of a Model S, so forgiving any shortcomings is easy.

BuffaloBillsFan | 8 luglio 2019

Sorry to hear it . . . Growing pains, I hope from Tesla’s standpoint. I personally have been nothing other than happy with my Tesla M3P, but I am very very early in my ownership experience. I hope that at some point in time you reconsider an EV, Tesla’s or another . . .

johncrab | 8 luglio 2019

BuffaloBillsFan - The cars are excellent products but they have some quirky issues and the key to the success of Tesla isn't in the product, but in the customer service. I felt I had built a fine relationship with Chris at the Scottsdale SC and he was nervous, cagy and opaque. He conveniently got me out the door without any paperwork which eventually showed nothing had been done and even didn't have the parts for the airbag which they had 2 weeks to tell me. I might as well be dealing with any dealer and not spending as much on the product, which is exactly what we are doing. The first of June I would have said I was with Tesla for life but now I'm just done with it all. The illusion is over. It's just a car and I'm on my own with it. I have no joy over going back to burning carbon but I did give the EV world a good, hard try and it's really no different.

BuffaloBillsFan | 8 luglio 2019

Yeah, I hear you. And I’m sorry you had such an unfortunate experience. Maybe some other EV will catch your eye in the future. . . I personally can’t imagine buying anything other than an EV . . . Doesn’t need to be Tesla, any EV will do as far as I’m concerned . . .


johncrab | 8 luglio 2019

I hear ya. I thought I was with EVs for life after nearly 5 years. I saw the inconvenience of distance drive charging offset by the convenience of plugging in at home and never going to a gas station, but there is a significant cost factor and I just don't feel valued as a customer any longer. So for now, we've gone back, but never say never. Tesla may get it together or be bought by Apple or Google or a company yet to exist may show up with a better EV. I'm open to those possibilities.

jimglas | 8 luglio 2019

johncrab is an ICE troll

quinney | 8 luglio 2019

This is disturbing. I had my 2014 Model S in for service on June 12 and asked them to do the airbag recall. When I picked up my car, the service advisor guy told me they had gone paperless and that he would email me a copy of the work that was done. I haven't received the email and haven't received any response from sending a message to service from the my account area of the website. Now I am concerned that they didn't do much of anything. Guess I will have to escalate my efforts to get some information (and try to get a refund of 3 more prepaid services).

johncrab | 8 luglio 2019

@jinglas - You can search this forum and find a gazillion enthusiastic and supportive posts of mine going back to May of 2014. Tesla threw me under the bus. I hope your experience is a better one.

MitchP85D | 8 luglio 2019

Are you keeping your Model-S? Or are you getting rid of it after you get your ICE. johncrab, can you imagine what would happen to Tesla service if everybody was forced to buy a BEV by eliminating the ICE vehicle as an option for the consumer?

We can see how Tesla is suffering from growing pains right now. But can you imagine what it would be like if a government induced artificial demand for the BEV was forced on us all via the Green New Deal? It would be total chaos.

This is why I am at war against those who want to use government force to make everybody buy a BEV. I have always believed that the BEV should grow by consumer choice in the free market. Eliminating the ICE competition would eliminate any incentive in the BEV market to improve customer service, or their product.

Tesla has a good thing going. But they are suffering from growing pains now. The ICE competition needs to be there to keep Tesla in check. I think Tesla will have no choice but to improve their service. And I believe that they will - as long as the ICE vehicle remains an option for the consumer!

NKYTA | 8 luglio 2019

It is clear that @johncrab should have stuck with his ICE stealership.

It is clear that @Mitch denies science, but loves his car.

It also seems clear that neither believe in Tesla’s Mission Statement, out there for all to read for a decade.

“The ICE competition needs to be there to keep Tesla in check.”

Not the mission statement. Getting the larger automotive manufacturers to switch to a better, quicker EV car. THAT aligns better. Get off Big Oil, get out of senseless wars, get rid of NADA markups and silly extraneous Service.

“And I believe that they will - as long as the ICE vehicle remains an option for the consumer!”

And I wish to believe that you would come to and understanding of the facts that the world is, and will be, dealing with for decades to come regarding CO2 emissions.

I’m not holding my breath, but maybe you should be?

andy.connor.e | 9 luglio 2019

Johncrab can say whatever he wants. It doesnt even have to be true, but as long as someone reads this and half takes it seriously he might view it as a victory.

bp | 9 luglio 2019

Unfortunately, it appears the OP has encountered staff at a local Service Center who is not aware of the policy for handling existing Maintenance Plans.

On the Tesla Account page for the vehicle, in the My Documents section, there should be a Maintenance Plan - Terms and Conditions document. Page 8 has the Cancellation Form, which can be printed and sent to Tesla to request a refund of the unused portion of the plan.

According to Section J of the document on page 6, "This Agreement cannot be cancelled by Tesla except for an invalid transfer of this Agreement, fraud or material representation on Your part or for Your failure to pay for this Agreement."

Tesla cannot cancel the Maintenance Plan. If customers request service under the plan, Tesla is obligated to perform that annual service, even though it is no longer recommended and that Tesla is no longer selling maintenance plans.

So the OP has the option of requesting a refund or having the Service Center perform the previously recommended annual maintenance.

Tesla does not have the option, under the terms of their agreement to keep the money - and not provide any service. If the OP was told that by any Tesla staff member, they were misinformed and should request to talk to someone at Tesla who understands how existing Maintenance Plans should be managed.

We have a 2017 S 100D and 2018 X 100D both with 4 year/50K mile maintenance plans. I talked with Tesla phone support and with our local Service Center, and they were consistent on our ability to request a refund, or continue to get the previously paid service.

Several weeks ago, we took our 2018 X 100D in for the first annual service - and they performed the previously recommended first year annual maintenance, and provided us an Uber voucher for temporary transportation.

If the OP is hearing something different from their local center, then it's likely the OP talked to someone who didn't understand Tesla's obligations under the Maintenance Plan agreement and should escalate the conversation until they can get in touch with someone who does understand.

Tesla-David | 9 luglio 2019

I recently scheduled annual service for my 2015 S85D, and received a scheduled date for that service. I subsequently received an email:

" Thank you for utilizing the online self-scheduling tool in your My Tesla account, this is Tesla service we wanted to reach out to you and inform you that the new Tesla recommendation for the Annual Maintenance Service for

Models S, X and 3 is now every 2 years and is also based on needs. Our website has been updated . It will show you the options of what is recommended and what you can choose from.

We advise to schedule in for service when you are due for your 2nd Annual Maintenance service. Please note most of the service can be completed by our mobile service teams, we go out to you. In the meantime, we will cancel your

current appointment if you don't have any other issues and look forward to seeing you at your next annual service"

I subsequently got a reminder from the Seattle SC about my service appointment, which was not cancelled. I elected to cancel that service and follow the guidelines now in place.

I previously had a ranger come out and replace the airbag from the recall in my garage, which took about one hour. I have had nothing but exceptional service on both our MS's since January 2013.

SamO | 9 luglio 2019

+1 @BP

johncrab | 9 luglio 2019

It appears my bitching is getting some notice and results at Tesla. For the few here who have nothing to contribute and just want to say nasty things about me personally, I just don't care about you. This forum has long been a place to point out where Tesla has failed and to motivate them to do better. I am starting to hear about a "refund" link on the Manage page which some are seeing. That's a direct result of my bitching about this.

@MitchP85D, we are keeping the Model S for now. I still like it even if I have issues with the company. For kicks I got an ICE dealer to give me a trade in quote and it came in at 50% of what I paid for it - five years ago. That's amazing value retention for any car. It doesn't have the range of others but it has a lot of other things going for it which they can't match. Right now, Tesla owes me money and we're going to get that settled one way or another and then I will look at my longer range plans. Tesla has to fix this customer service disaster or they will go under. Even if that happens there is simply too much infrastructure and installed base there for the industry to sit by and let it all rot. Someone will step in and possibly a consortium of old school car companies. Any way this goes the road ahead will be bumpy and right now I need to decide if I want to sell out and leave or gamble that my car will continue to work and that support will be there. I'm leaning toward the latter. As for its eventual replacement, that's up in the air and T would have to earn my future business.

SCCRENDO | 9 luglio 2019

OP has had his 15 mins of fame. Problem seems solved.

quinney | 9 luglio 2019

@bp: My extended service agreement from October 9, 2014 is different from what you quoted. It only has 6 pages, no cancellation application, and section J reads:

J. Cancellation
This Agreement may not be cancelled by You or Tesla and no return of the purchase price or any other fees or taxes will be provided by Tesla to You. This Agreement is not being sold in any jurisdiction in which the sale or performance of this Agreement is not permitted pursuant to applicable law at the time of purchase. Any such sale is void ab initio and of no force and effect and will not be deemed a cancellation. You will receive a full refund provided no services have been provided by Tesla.

Anyone assuming all the agreements are the same is mistaken and should hold their insults.

rxlawdude | 9 luglio 2019

@quinney, Say I contract with you to wash your windows every month for $100, 12 months paid in advance. I come by and see that your windows aren't dirty one or two months during the year, so I don't clean the windows. You, the consumer, are no wiser, but I have been unjustly enriched by not providing contracted services.

You can see the analogy with the service visit contract, no?

rxlawdude | 9 luglio 2019

And that's notwithstanding the "non cancellation" clause. Many states would find this objectionable when one side refuses to cancel but also does not perform.

The simplest solution to this is to simply credit the customer's account the prorated value of the services (at the time of the contract, e.g.. $900 for years 2 and 4). Then, as the customer takes the car for service, the amount they would pay is deducted from the credit balance.

This keeps the money in Tesla's coffers longer, but fairly compensates the owner. And any credit balance should be transferable to the next owner (and thus increasing the market value of the car).

Tesla, if you're listening....

quinney | 9 luglio 2019

@rxlawdude: You do not have to explain to me that Tesla would be unjustly enriched by keeping my payment and not providing any service. My point in posting is to inform people to whom refunds are easily available that not everyone has the same contract and to lighten up on the personal attacks on forum members who are in a less favorable situation. I appreciate your suggestion as to what Tesla should do. Lots of things lots of entities should do don't get done, as you must know.

bp | 10 luglio 2019

We purchased the 4 year service plans with our 2017 S and 2018 X and both have the same agreement with the same terms and the same cancellation page. Tesla may have changed the agreement after 2014.

NOTE that the cancellation clause prevents Tesla from cancelling or changing the terms of the agreement - at least according our maintenance agreements.

The agreement does allow the customer to request a refund for services not yet performed.

When we took our X in several weeks ago, they were prepared to do all of the service originally recommended after 1 year, including wheel alignment, so we had to have the service done at a service center - and it turned out that our vehicle was in alignment and that didn't need to be done.

If any Tesla customer is receiving a different story from their Service Center - about getting a refund or in the service center unwilling to perform the originally purchased service, ask to speak to the Service Center manager and if that doesn't work, ask to speak to their boss.

Our Service Center continues to provide excellent service - we've never had any issues with them, since they opened in 2013.

TabascoGuy | 10 luglio 2019

The chances Tesla changed anything as a direct result to OP's bitching and FUD = 0%
The chances johncrab is confused, ignorant, and/or, misinformed = 100%

teslite Veera | 18 gennaio 2020

@johncrab , I am EXACTLY in the same boat, VERY Surprised to Learn that Service plans are doscotinued and Even after following up many times with my Local SC, Sunnyvale, CA, they said no more. After continuously foloowing up with Clowns on Phone, They sent cancellation form for Partial refund, Why they are issuing Partial refund when Customers did NOT avail the service and SC refusing to honor that service. Its a JUST SCAM and Collecting Money in advance ahead, That's what Tesla company did from the initial. Of course that cars are great, except Build quality. Please No Diversions on different answers. This question is related to "Service plans" Quiet cancellation and keeping the money.

I am Going to take this fight they Legal matters, will NOT Sit quiet for the much damage they did especially in terms of Service to my car, Earlier had 4 visits for Build quality issues to SC. Kindly keep me updated on your fight regarong this Service plan refunds, mail2sureshk at Gmail point com is my email.

jerrykham | 19 gennaio 2020

When I scheduled my second annual service in September of 2019 they did it just fine. I also did the 4 year pre-paid. The fine print on the form said it was "grandfathered" or something to that effect. No issue getting it scheduled or done though.

JimTesla | 11 febbraio 2020

When they say the program has been discontinued they mean they are no longer offering it for sale. However, they are still honoring the plan for anyone who has already purchased it. I had no problem getting my second annual service and paid nothing.

bp | 12 febbraio 2020

They will honor the service plans (if you read the agreement, Tesla didn't leave themselves any option for cancelling the plans) and they will also provide a refund, based on the remaining service visits left on the plan.

efuseakay | 14 febbraio 2020

Tabascoguy is FISHEV.

NKYTA | 15 febbraio 2020


mcdonalk | 15 febbraio 2020

My experience with our fist Model S and the prepaid service was not as nefarious as implied above. If one skipped an annual prepaid service, the fee for that specific year was forfeited.

Mike83 | 15 febbraio 2020

Still have the prepaid service and I was told you can use them later now so my 3rd service will be done in the 4th year. Tesla has always been more than fair. Yep, I would buy it again but it is no longer offered although our Teslas don't really have service needs. Only tires and window washing fluid as brakes last very long, no mufflers, no oil changes, no gas filters, no tune ups, no smog checks, etc. I think people are catching on to how much one can save and own a performance vehicle with incredible safety features. I have to laugh at the news media who try like hell to Tesla issues. Compared to ford or gm it is like getting hit by lightning so the news reports it I guess.

TabascoGuy | 16 febbraio 2020

@NKYTA - Thanks :-)

@efuseakay - There's no way I'm SeaBass. Try reading some of my responses to it.

Honestly, where do people come up with this stuff?

andy.connor.e | 16 febbraio 2020


Character assassination is the best defense when you have no argument. You've been on this forum long enough for me to know you're not a seabass.

TabascoGuy | 16 febbraio 2020

Thanks andy.

Apparently, I must have ruffled his feathers in another thread to warrant the above shot out of the blue.