Phone Key always disconnected...

Phone Key always disconnected...

Recently, my iphone always says "disconnected" on the Tesla app. Now I have to use the key card every time, almost. Before software version 20.4.2, it was connected just about all the time. Anyone experiencing the same?

calvin940 | 17 luglio 2019
Joshan | 17 luglio 2019

restart your phone...

calvin940 | 17 luglio 2019


Your overt, passive-aggressive posts aren't helpful. Either provide someone with helpful information regarding their issue or just don't post.

Patronus | 17 luglio 2019

We could be helpful if we knew what kind of phone you have

syclone | 17 luglio 2019

Check your LTE signal. No LTE, no connection (unless you're home and it uses wifi).

Mr. Spacely | 17 luglio 2019

My phone as key has worked perfectly every time. FISH is probably short TSLA stock...

Joshan | 17 luglio 2019

I had an issue exactly like the OP was saying, and rebooting my phone fixed it. I gave this to another person in another thread and it fixed it for them also.

legna_fo_htaed | 17 luglio 2019

May depend on your phone type and the Bluetooth capabilities it has. I've also read that if you pull out your phone and have it in your hands when you're going to the car, that seems to work better.

FISH is still here? Thought he'd have ordered an Ipace or E shit by now..

EVRider | 17 luglio 2019

@gllivyl: Are you right next to the car when the app shows the phone key as disconnected? It sometimes takes two attempts to unlock my door with the phone key, but it always works eventually (iPhone Xs). It always works for my wife's iPhone 6s too.

globalMan | 17 luglio 2019

Yes, I am always very near to my car when I looked at the Tesla app, at home as well as away from home.

It is true that if I turn off Bluetooth and then immediately turn it back on, I get connected. It is just I have to almost to do these steps all the time recently. It wasn't like this before 20.4.2., that's all.

"We could be helpful if we knew what kind of phone you have",...
As I mentioned I have an iphone. To be a bit more specific, it is a 6-plus.

gballant4570 | 17 luglio 2019

I saw no phone as key performance change with phone as key has always been highly reliable.

globalMan | 17 luglio 2019

gballant4570, same here, mine had been always reliable until...

Of course, it is not impossible that the problem lies with my phone and only my phone, even though neither its software nor hardware has been altered.