Temecula CA to Verrado (Buckeye) AZ.

Temecula CA to Verrado (Buckeye) AZ.

311 miles according to Google with my 2016.5 S 90D. Extreme heat the entire way. 112 to 116(f). Charge needed half-way in Quartzsite AZ. Kind of a dump of a location. No waiting. 114 outside temp would have made waiting measurable. Took about 55 minutes.

Likes and dislikes:

1. 90D drives nicely on the open road using AP.
2. Napa leather seats are sufficiently comfortable.
3. Lots of room for golf clubs, luggage, and a cooler.
4. Leave air-con on when out of the car.

1. Adding an hour on my trip each way to charge.
2. I truly miss my Jaguar air-cooled seats in this heat (they are air-con cooled not just air).
3. Be nice to allow video entertainment when stopped (even my 2009 Jag did that).
4. Road noise at 75-80 MPH was louder than I anticipated.

Overall, we were comfortable and made the trip in 6 hours.

Bighorn | 17 luglio 2019

Sounds like the charge was slow bc of the heat.

bishoppeak | 18 luglio 2019

How much of a buffer did you add at your destination? If it was more than 10% you wasted a lot of time charging.

kevincwong | 18 luglio 2019

I've made that drive twice in our 2013 MS 85. I stop to charge at Indio/Cabazon and Quartzsite (I'll stop at whichever will allow for max charging rate). I don't find stopping to Supercharge as a significant time waster (unless you have to wait for an available stall), because I can't go 2.5 hours without wanting to eat/drink or use the restroom. I use to drive up to 6hrs straight in my old TDI, but I was exhausted and dehydrated at the end of the drive.

I'm surprised your road noise was an issue. Our car is eerily quiet all the way to 96mph. I'll have to measure the decibels from inside the cabin the next time I hit the open road. Perhaps your wheel bearings or tires are to blame. We have 18K miles on our Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 and they holding up quite well for a relatively cheap tire; hoping to get 40K miles on these.

danpettus | 19 luglio 2019

I’m comparing the road noise and seat comfort with my Jaguar XF Portfolio. My S was fine, but the Jag was quieter and seats more comfortable, at least for me.

geo.teepe | 19 luglio 2019

Seems to me a Jaguar is the answer