Sun shade for sunroof 2018 MS

Sun shade for sunroof 2018 MS

In Dallas, TX. HOT.
I recently had my MS sunroof and rear roof top tinted as dark as possible (just not blackout - pretty close) but still my bald head gets sunburnt. With much online reasearch, it seems that the one listed in the Tesla Online Store is the one I want. Is this link the sunroof version as there is another one in the Store that seems to me to be the panorama roof. I'd hate to order then find out its wrong. I'd like to stay in the Tesla eco system as I am a long time stockholder. Appreciate your thoughts.


Rbake56 | 18 luglio 2019

Unless you actually have a panorama roof (the roof that opens), you need this model instead:
I just purchased one for my Model S and it installs easily and seems to make a real difference in how hot the interior gets on sunny days - not sure if it does anything for the UV rays however, which is what causes the sunburn on your head. Hope that helps!

sldelta58 | 19 luglio 2019

I received mine about 2 weeks ago and it does make a difference! Highly recommend it.