Cabin overheat did not function

Cabin overheat did not function

I went on a trip from july 14 till july 18 2019. Before i left the cabin overheat protection would keep it below 105f (I believe that is the default). This time when I came back after not driving it those four days the cabin temp was 145f. Is this common for longer storage or should it have kept overheat protection on?


Joshan | 18 luglio 2019

It only works for 12 hours I believe

dallinjhales | 18 luglio 2019

Joshan is correct. It lasts for 12 hours after you leave your car.

Hal Fisher | 18 luglio 2019

Oh, thanks! Wish there was a setting for that. Once i sell a few other cars I’ll keep it garage more.

Joshan | 18 luglio 2019

how many cars you have?!?

mrburke | 18 luglio 2019

I thought the idea behind cabin overheat protection was to protect the electronics in the car.

Joshan | 18 luglio 2019

nah, it doesnt get any hotter than any other car out there. You just see it now because of the app. They all have electronics and display screens now days.

ODWms | 20 luglio 2019

@Joshan, ^^^^ exactly.