Raven Refresh Acceleration Warning

Raven Refresh Acceleration Warning

There is a statement only for Launch Mode for Insane/Insane+ or Ludicrous/Ludicrous+ mode to set the suspension to Low or Very Low with no explanation. The reason is the new suspension puts too much strain on the drive train because of the axle angles when the suspension is raised. The smoother ride comes a high cost to convenience and concern, especially when passing another vehicle or just having a little fun. My Model S P85DL obviously has a different suspension, but never had this problem, even after 74,300 miles. The loaner Signature Model X P90DL also did not exhibit this problem. In my judgment the engineers made a bad choice in the trade space in the new design, leaning too much toward a slightly smoother ride.

When I received my car at delivery, it was set to Standard, and there was no briefing or verbal warning about acceleration. From the first time I accelerated hard for 2 seconds (not even full Ludicrous mode and definitely not a launch) I noticed a vibration with only 8 miles on the car. As time went on I noticed it was there even with normal acceleration, and worst with stronger acceleration. The front axles were replaced. On a test drive the service tech broke a motor mount, which gives you a clue how serious this is. I received my car back with a verbal warning "from the engineers" to not accelerate hard uncles the suspension was set to Low or Very Low. This is expanded from the users manual procedure. To say I'm disappointed with Tesla, after owing a Roadster 2.5 and a performance Model S, is an understatement.

Redmiata98 | 21 luglio 2019

You have a Raven refresh X and you are also having the same shudder problem that the rest of us are experiencing? I thought the reason they changed the suspension was to FIX the problem with acceleration eating up axels? If true, this is NOT good news. Please verify above because if true! a class action might be needed to fix the acceleration problem. Comments?

inconel | 22 luglio 2019

I started having shudder under hard acceleration in my S P85DL after about 30K miles.

xviiixm | 22 luglio 2019

I experienced acceleration shudder with less than 40 miles on the odometer. Mine is a 100D. But I really have to floor it from a stop. I usually drive conservatively and keep the acceleration low to moderate for efficiency so I don't notice it otherwise.

xviiixm | 22 luglio 2019

It is a 2019 Model X

Loui | 7 gennaio 2020

I had some shuddering on hard acceleration. I ask the service tech to drive it . He also felt the shudder and ordered new axels. I dropped my Raven Mx at service for 2 days and when drove it is still shuttered. I called them and they said they forgot to mention there was no need to fix anythink because it was a raven which did not have the problem and that I should drive it in Low. I anybody else have this problem with a raven. I receive Mx July 2019.

afrim | 9 gennaio 2020

I have the same problem with my 2019 Model X Raven Long Range. I feel/hear the shudder any time I accelerate heavy to pass a car or enter a highway. I mentioned the problem to Tesla Service when I brought it in for a different issue and they said that it was normal.

wayneiac | 10 febbraio 2020

I received my 2020 Model S Raven Long Range in December 2019. Almost immediately, I noticed a clicking/grinding noise coming from front left axle under hard acceleration. I took a Service tech for a ride in it and he confirmed it sounded like the CV joint.
I have an upcoming appointment at the Vancouver Service centre this Wednesday (Feb 12), and they are going to replace the front left CV joint.
Does anyone have any advice for me, as to what to expect? Or maybe what I should be asking for (or looking for)?

TIA... | 11 febbraio 2020

@wayneiac - "Does anyone have any advice for me, as to what to expect?"

Hopefully, no clicking after service makes the repair!