Seat Belt Pillar Cover came Loose!

Seat Belt Pillar Cover came Loose!

I took delivery on my new Model 3 AWD FSD two days ago. When I got into the drivers seat this morning, the plastic cover on the drivers side pillar came loose disconnecting the shoulder seat belt height adjustment. I was unable to figure out how to put things back together. Anyone have this problem before? I am 100 miles away from the nearest Service center. Does anyone know how to reassemble the pillar cover and the seat belt height adjuster?

Teslaguy | 28 luglio 2019

Why not call the service center and ask them?

Lonestar10_1999 | 28 luglio 2019

This sounds like something a mobile Ranger can handle, saving you the hassle of driving to the SC.

M3phan | 28 luglio 2019

Clips in. Here’s a YouTuber who adjusted his to stop rattling. It should help you see how easily it can clip in and out.
If you’re still stuck, yes, mobile ranger.

jack.hodges | 29 luglio 2019

I had the same thing happen to me recently. I have a mobile ranger appointment next week and I am going to ask them to reconnect this piece. They are coming to replace stinky cabin filters that were sprayed with some disinfectant on a previous ranger appointment.

rjwhatley | 17 agosto 2019

Me too mine comes off every time I get in and now the bottom part is coming off. I can’t figure out how to put it back in I last night I scheduled Tesla service to come on the mobile app. The earliest time was August 30, to day is the 17th. I live 180 miles from the nearest service center in. Atlanta GA

rjwhatley | 17 agosto 2019

Thanks for the video I’ll see if I can do that when it’s cool tonight

Sunergy-NJ | 21 agosto 2019

Yep, I have had mine pop at least a dozen times. Tesla fixed it 5-6 times, kept coming off. Then a local body shop fixed it (Poetters Summit) while doing other body work. Their fix last a lot longer, but it still happens no matter how I readjust Entry Exit seat positioning, the slightest touch getting in and it pops off again. Tesla Service Springfield was going to fix it again but had to order a part, which never came. I a schedule again for a service appointment next week, hoping the part 1) exists, 2) comes in, and 3) helps keep the pillar on from now on. Love everything about the cart but in 50 years of car ownership I've never had a b pillar trim fall off. Fingers crossed.

Atoms | 21 agosto 2019

Schedule service.