Free Supercharging now

Free Supercharging now

HI Everyone:
I just picked up my new X on Wednesday and today, Elon announced FREE supercharging on all new Tesla X's. I havent been able to get the sales guy to respond yet whom I was working with and was wondering if anyone here might steer me to how I may get an answer if I might possibly be entitled to it also now, or should I consider returning this now (in the 7 day fully refundable window) and reordering it? Silly tactic, but hey, free supercharging might make such a silly tactic the course of economic substance.

jimglas | 3 agosto 2019

How much free supercharging?

Mike | 3 agosto 2019

According to what I have read , all new orders of S and X will get free unlimited supercharging for the original owner, non transferable. So, does that mean those of us that took delivery 3 days ago get hosed, or do we use the 7 day return and reorder? Kind of dumb to do, but I'll have to play within their rules. I am hoping they see those of us that had faith in them and purchased after the 1st when they discontinued the free for what's in inventory program should not receive a penalty, especially since my new Tesla had 236 miles on it when it was delivered

matt | 3 agosto 2019

No shame in returning it. The shame would be on Tesla if they refuse to hook you up with free supercharging, knowing you can just return and reorder. Put the ball in their court.

Mike | 3 agosto 2019

Yea, would hate to do that, but I dont know who to contact even. Should I just call the deliv. center do you think?

ghodratk | 3 agosto 2019

I got delivery on March I think no chance for free supper charge for me

Triggerplz | 3 agosto 2019

If they do agree you better get it in writing before your 7 days are up

Mike | 4 agosto 2019

Thanks, the tough part has been getting "they" to respond....

baronson | 4 agosto 2019

When I found out about this yesterday, I called the number on my Tesla Account (888.518.3752) to see how the X I have on order will be affected. They were very helpful. That might the way for you to go. I think they answer the phone seven days a week.

Mike | 4 agosto 2019

Thanks Ill do that!

markjoubran | 4 agosto 2019

I took delivery May 29th and since then Tesla has reduced the price substantially and now the unlimited super charging. I can't help but feel really taken advantage of. The changes they made are not just made overnight but required a good deal of time to make these decisions. I love the car but am not sure I will buy from Tesla in the future.

lilbean | 4 agosto 2019

This behavior by Tesla makes them look unstable.

teodor.suveica1 | 4 agosto 2019

I think there is some kind of update coming so they want to sell as many as they can of these cars so when next come in many will switch

MX2.O | 4 agosto 2019

I think it is what @teodor.suveica1 has said. There is some kind of internal refresh in the works for X and S. They are worried people will hold out on buying those models until they know more details about the refresh. I am pretty sure Tesla will stop FUSC when the refreshed model start rolling out of the assembly line.

bp | 5 agosto 2019

FUSC should be a standard feature for S/X vehicles.

They should consider providing additional benefits to help justify the price difference between S/X and 3/Y - such as including 4 year/50K miles maintenance, extending the standard warranty to 8 years/100K miles, providing loaners only for S/X owners, including FSD in all vehicles, separate S/X customer support line, …

With the recent price decreases in S/X, they could do another price adjustment - increasing the sales price a few thousand dollars and include all of these benefits - and still be priced competitively in their market.

Another strategy Tesla should adopt is less frequent changes to pricing and packaging. Not only does it create confusion & frustration with current/recent customers, these frequent changes don't inspire much confidence in their planning...

Mike | 5 agosto 2019

For me, great news! It seems Tesla will offer FREE supercharging to original owners who took delivery withn the 7 day return period vs having us all return them and re-order.
For me. this was the correct response!
Thanks Tesla for not making me do the bendover

achesonshopping | 5 agosto 2019

My "order" is "current", I will pick up my X on Saturday the 10th. I was assured on paper that I will have Unlimited Supercharging. Even though my Summary online still doesn't show it. I'm sure it will work out.

meyersej | 5 agosto 2019

I’m in the same situation with a scheduled pick up on 8/11. I was told by customer support that it will be added but I want to see it on the contract before I make the 4 hour trek to the dealer.

CatTrax | 5 agosto 2019

As baronson noted above in his/her post, call 888-518-3752 and speak with a service rep. I asked the person I spoke with to confirm in an email and it arrived within 5 minutes of hanging up - it said, "Hope all is well. This is to confirm your vehicle will have the lifetime supercharging included as stated in the announcement." My MX arrives next week. All is good!!

Alex310 | 5 agosto 2019

Hey guys, I have the same issue I took delivery Friday and Saturday Tesla announced FUSC. I tried calling 888-518-3752 but I keep getting prompts to email support. What options are you guys selecting to get an operator? Thank you

CatTrax | 5 agosto 2019

I hit #1 for vehicles, then hit #2 for sales/existing orders and then #3 for an open order without a delivery date since the car doesn't get delivered till next week.

Alex310 | 5 agosto 2019

Thank you for that CatTrax but I already took delivery, maybe I will try it anyways

Mike | 5 agosto 2019

It does seem like Tesla is taking the high road on this one. I still havent got the email, but was told that it had to be sent to {name of some weird dept here} to get the request approved but would be coming as we met the 7 day window. Hopefully Ill get it in writing soon. I did email them to the affect "thanks, this consideration makes my decision to return the vehicle moot" so they know I acted on their assurance (inducement)

Alex310 | 5 agosto 2019

Thank you Mike. How did you get a hold of Tesla? Through the phone number?

Mike | 6 agosto 2019

Yes I used the phone number, then selected the option of sales and have an order already. This connected me to my local delivery center where it was answered by one of the ladies who was involved with my delivery last week. Based on her telling me I will be receiving the lifetime supercharging, I went ahead and told the detail shop I had taken the car to proceed with removing the factory installed paint swirls and apply PPF and ceramic coating.

Alex310 | 6 agosto 2019

I believe the delivery center can only submit a ticket like they did for me through sales. The final say is still with headquarters. All the people at the deliver center & sales are super helpful and awesome but they have no control or final say on you getting FUSC.

meyersej | 6 agosto 2019

The uncertainty without having something in writing makes me worry. If I don’t have a contract showing it in the next day or so, I will probably cancel and reorder. That would be my second reorder since my first order arrived damaged.

Alex310 | 6 agosto 2019

@meyersej if you haven’t taken delivery they can easily add it to your order sheet. Just make sure you see it before you sign. It is us guys who already took delivery that are on the edge.

jcheng70 | 6 agosto 2019

My X got delivered on Friday, the day before the FUSC announcement as well. So I talked to the local Tesla sales guy and he submitted the request yesterday. He said it should go through within a day or so and that he would forward the confirmation email, but I haven’t see it yet. If anyone has gotten the official email confirmation from headquarters, please let us know. I’ve been anxiously checking both my inbox and tesla manage my vehicle page every couple of hours.

E.g.harrison | 6 agosto 2019

I took delivery just after 6/30, and was bummed about the federal credit getting cut in half.. then reflected on how I would have felt if I was one of the folks that paid for Ludicrous 10 days before they announced that would now be included in the price. Clearly, Tesla is doing all it can to stimulate continued sales.. I suspect they have a tough year ahead.

Mike | 6 agosto 2019

jcheng70, that is exactly what I have been told and have been doing also. Request submitted, waiting for "approval" Letter to sales said if it was within the 7 day return window, no problem

Alex310 | 6 agosto 2019

Mike, I also have a promise from sales it will also happen but I have my doubts.

Vawlkus | 7 agosto 2019

I’m honestly kinda curious what’s driving this.

Mike | 7 agosto 2019

I have some doubts also, as I have yet to see "the letter" While my X has "ludicrous" mode, so do I, and no one likes me in "madmikemax" mode.

Alex310 | 7 agosto 2019

Yeah, but who are you going to get mad at when there is no one to reach? Emails go unanswered & sales reps contact the same email server you do.

Mike | 7 agosto 2019

Tesla would be shooting themselves in the foot marketing wise if they dont come thru with their promises. The internet is a big place and their reputation, desire to sell cars, keep loyal customers etc all hinge on how they act. I am the first person to praise ones qualities publically, but also am not afraid to voice any misrepresentations, flaws etc.Would it really be worth the bad press it could storm upon them? I think not, surely their marketing dept knows the damage such a $hit$torm like this could cause. Youtubers would go nuts, anklebiters would relish, Big oil wont miss their cue to take Tesla down a peg over it. Certainly wouldnt be worth the few sheckles it may save them on the front end, they have already done the value analysis before announcing to sales they would honor anyone in the 7 day return window.
On that note, I did receive a case number from my delivery "specialist" so I am sure it is in "the system"

jesse | 8 agosto 2019

Our Model X arrived a week early and, of course, we dropped everything to pick up our new car on July 23rd. All good news until the free unlimited supercharging announcement which meant we missed the perk by three days! Arrrgh! Hopefully, Tesla will rethink their policy and extend the time frame to maybe the first of 2019? Love our X but this is frustrating.

inconel | 8 agosto 2019

You should open a request to get it added to your 3 day old car

endre | 9 agosto 2019

The only reason I haven't got a Raven is that the inventory ones came with free supercharging.
But now that the Ravens have free supercharging I can't do anything, right?

Mike | 9 agosto 2019


Mike | 9 agosto 2019

Jessie, I picked up my X on 7-31 just a day or 2 before the FSC was announced. My delivery specialist told me she received an internal memo that allowed anyone within the 7 day return window to be given FSC, and she created a case for it. The case was closed with tying FSC to my VIN, but I still dont see it on my account yet. I didnt exercise my right of return because of this inducement. Tomorrow Ill test it by going to a Tesla "pump" and report back

ckilaru | 9 agosto 2019

I took delivery of my X on 7/27. Got in touch with my owner manager on 8/4 as that was when I came to know about the FUSC. Since the announcement was within the 7 days window I asked if he could add it to my car. He said he added it but it might take 3 to 4 weeks to process it.

jcheng70 | 9 agosto 2019

I got the email confirmation yesterday from Tesla, but it still hasn’t appeared in my account yet. They said it should take a couple days, but they also said the email confirmation would only take a day instead of three days. So I think it will go through eventually albeit slowly.

Alex310 | 9 agosto 2019

I got the email confirmation it was added to my account, didn’t display still says “Pay Per Use Supercharging” and I went ahead and supercharged and it deducted from my free 1000 miles from referral. So I do not know!

Mike | 11 agosto 2019

Yesterday, I went to a supercharger and plugged in. after bringing my car up to 85%, I see where the charges were $0.00
While in my account, it still shows "pay for supercharging", they apparently have my VIN in the FSC database.
Thanks for taking the high road Tesla!

Alex310 | 11 agosto 2019

That’s great Mike, but did you have referral miles? Did you use someone’s referral code to order your car?

Mike | 12 agosto 2019

yes I did, but they also "disappeared" from my account when it went to "Pay for supercharging". But you are right, the real test will be in about 1000 miles of supercharging, or when the account depicts FSC

Alex310 | 12 agosto 2019

Even if you supercharge one time it doesn’t display your 1000 miles anymore. You’ll get a 1000 miles of supercharging but your account will show nothing.

Loui | 12 agosto 2019

Tesla offered free charging in June on inventory X/S , But did not apply to RAVEN,,, I got a inventory RAVEN on June 28th but did not get ULSC. Feels like bait and switch since the tweet did not exclude RAVEN. Sad thing is I was considering purchase a Model3 for my wife now I will wait until I see how Tesla handles this. I summited a case. A couple very minor issues with X but New Orleans Service was great. After missing Price drop ULSC throws salt in wound.

sschaem | 12 agosto 2019

I was in a similar situation. I finally placed my order on august 3rd (my order page showed free supercharging as line item), took delivery on the 10th (I guess a car matched my order), no supercharging enabled.

I think Tesla will resolve this, but in my case I will most likely return the car. The Raven interior is a cost cut version of the 2018 I had, and I was very surprised. Issue is this was an upgrade, and Tesla seem to have a one sided return policy... "you can return our car, but we wont return yours"

Anyways, really disappointed so far in the Raven update... and the build quality has not improved . The car requires day 1 service appointment. I'm baffled.... quality assurance at Tesla is not any better then 6 month ago.
Why ship cars out of the factory that require immediate service work ?

Alex310 | 14 agosto 2019

Mike, does your account show free unlimited supercharging or still says pay per use? Tesla sent me confirmation email I got it but my account still says pay per use.