Disappointed in 2019.28.2

Disappointed in 2019.28.2

Got the new upgrade yesterday. I noticed, other than the new games, that Bluetooth and music had some upgrades. I was excited. Well the excitement did not last long. With my Apple phone the blue tooth volume is not good. Have to turn the car volume up so much that the speakers will pop from time to time. Thoughts?

I hope Tesla works on the Bluetooth connection.

lilbean | 6 agosto 2019

Double double. Delete.

Micpad | 6 agosto 2019

Don’t know what this means

jimglas | 6 agosto 2019

Translation: you have double posted this, please delete one of them

Saxman | 6 agosto 2019

Just got this update last night.

I cannot see any New Release Notes . How do you know what's been updated?

Micpad | 6 agosto 2019

Click the T then next to the version click Relwase Notes

Saxman | 7 agosto 2019

Thanks @Micpad

I did that to no avail, right after not seeing any Release Notes. Someone from Tesla Motor Club forum suggested I do that again...and it worked.

MhoPower | 15 agosto 2019

Sometimes the release notes take a few seconds to come up on the screen. I have found that patience is useful here...

Teslapalooza | 15 agosto 2019

@MhoPower fyi, I have deleted the 2018.481.1 thread as suggested by you

jjgunn | 15 agosto 2019

Got 2019.28.3 today on HW 2.5.

Currently 3,000 miles away in Oahu so can't test until I return.

Teslapalooza | 16 agosto 2019

nothing new in 28.3. same as 28.2. Must be just bug fixes.

Triggerplz | 16 agosto 2019

@ Teslapalooza Nice that you deleted that thread as i think that’s the one that had turned into Trolls paradise

mbp11 | 16 agosto 2019

I got the 2019.28.3 (fd63a5e) and have seen nothing new. Wish they would list what was going on, you know, "bug fixes," or "map updates" or "behind the seen improvements."

deemo | 17 agosto 2019

I got updates 3 nights in a row - 28.2, 28.3 and 28.3.1 all seem to have same description

Teslapalooza | 17 agosto 2019

I got 28.3.1 and took it for a 250 mile drive today. I think the autosteer precision has improved in some ways. May be just my perception, but I thought it felt a bit better. Lane change seemed a bit more reliable. It still has trouble with staying within the lane on deep curves on highways especially when going fast (75 mph)

GranpaJohn | 22 agosto 2019

I got 28.3.1 on the 18th also. When I took a 400 mile trip I noticed some autopilot and nav on auto functions not working as before and adjustment options on their screens were grayed out and not available. After about 150 miles things stared working as normal and screens were available again. I assume there was a calibration period involved.
Afterwards and against proper procedure and protocol, Autopilot worked fabulous on hilly, curvy Pennsylvania mountain roads... hehehehe