Bloomberg article on Tesla killers

Bloomberg article on Tesla killers

PECo CT | 20 agosto 2019

I didn’t need to read any articles to know this, but here’s another, anyway:

rxlawdude | 20 agosto 2019

The Bloomberg report was on the front page of the LA Times Business section. This is the first positive article about Tesla in a very, very long time.

andy.connor.e | 20 agosto 2019

That graph makes it look like Tesla sales are going down, while Etron sales are going up, and eventually the Tesla line will slope underneath the Etron line. Even though, Tesla sales are only going to increase. Very well written piece of trash by BlowBerg.

kevin_rf | 20 agosto 2019

Yet, amazing how pronounced each end of quarter is on the graph....

Wattsworth | 20 agosto 2019

Interesting article.

“You really have to be someone who doesn’t like Tesla ... in order to go for [an I-Pace].”

carlk | 20 agosto 2019

Media seems to be more Tesla friendly recently. I think Tesla has earned it.

JustSaying | 20 agosto 2019

This didn't take long after the "good news" in the media today about the new Tesla solar panel "rental programs"
Timing kinda smells...

Kary993 | 20 agosto 2019

there certainly is a smear campaign.....

JustSaying | 20 agosto 2019

I am not a Lawyer but you don't usually file a lawsuit until after talks to mitigate your damages are almost gone and mediation attempts are exhausted.
This will be interesting (and telling) as it unfolds...

kevin_rf | 21 agosto 2019

Maybe they plugged the panels into a NEMA 14-50 with 16 awg wire and a 40a braker.

TranzNDance | 21 agosto 2019

Is Jaguar offering that $3000 incentive to their loyal customers, too, and not just to Tesla conquests?

SamO | 21 agosto 2019


ha ha ha ha ha nope.

JustSaying | 21 agosto 2019

“Many of the problems stemmed from a rushed, negligent approach to the systems’ installation,” Walmart said. “Tesla’s predecessor-in-interest -- SolarCity -- had adopted an ill-considered business model that required it to install solar panel systems haphazardly and as quickly as possible in order to turn a profit.”
If so ,my questions are why wasn't this settled out of court and was this suit filed on the day there was "good news" being reported on Tesla's new "rental program?

Not sure how this might enter into the mix of things;

raqball | 21 agosto 2019

Half baked implementation from these Tesla 'Killers'

Read this earlier and laughed...

Audi nav in the e-tron not only shows gas stations, but gives detailed information on them like current prices ect… I assume this is very useful to EV owners and drivers.. LOL

kevin_rf | 21 agosto 2019

raqball, never know when you are going to need to fill up that gas can for the lawn mower....