Service History

Service History

Is there a way to see service history for our cars? I had a mobile appointment in Spring where they performed a tire rotation, but I never received any kind of report or receipt (fyi it was a free service call to install my dual motor badge and a complimentary rotation), and I can't find a record on my account. All I received at the time of service was a text from the technician that he found my car and accessed it without me having to be there, and then that he was done and leaving. I expected some kind of report to follow but it never did.

The service history including mileage at the time of service and scope of work performed will likely come in handy at some point when I sell the car, need to try to get pro-rated warranty on the tires, or even to know when I'm due for my next rotation.

Tesla must have the information somewhere... anyone know where it is?

gmr6415 | 21 agosto 2019

The few times I've had service they've e-mail a service invoice to my e-mail account that they have on record.

That said, in my account preferences I have e-mail checked as my preference for communications.

dmastro | 21 agosto 2019

Thanks @gmr6415: I have that set also. Maybe I didn't receive a receipt because there was nothing to bill?

Did your receipt have details of the service, mileage, parts, work performed, etc?

yudansha™ | 21 agosto 2019

I have received emails with invoices for all service appointments; most of them were free of charge.

gmr6415 | 21 agosto 2019

@dmastro, I receive service invoices even when all of the work was warranty, and yes they do include the data you are looking for.

I would think a simple call to your service center or contacting Tesla Support, and you can get them resent.

dmastro | 21 agosto 2019

@gmr6415 and @tanya: Thanks, I'll follow up with service.

terminator9 | 21 agosto 2019

All my services have been $0 so far. Got an invoice for the first time but not for second or third. It seems like they have to click something to send it and they often don't.

dmastro | 21 agosto 2019

I couldn't find the chat button on my account (not sure if they did away wit the feature or not) so I emailed my service adviser today and inquired about getting a receipt. I'll update with the outcome.

dmastro | 22 agosto 2019

Emailed service yesterday morning, by mid-afternoon they sent the receipt. Unfortunately, they didn't capture the mileage on the receipt, so I'll have to ballpark it, but at least I have it for my records.

Wayupthayer | 5 marzo 2020

May I ask what email you used to contact Tesla for service history on my vehicle? I have had two service visits, no emails. Thanks

bEEar | 6 marzo 2020

It appears that they switched from emails to displaying the PDFs in the app. I've failed to save these off correctly however and can't find them again (only pop up once after a service visit is complete)

malijai.caulet | 25 marzo 2020

same for me, it is a secured system provided by Adobe and no mean to retrieve the invoice... I will ask them to resend it ;(

No_ICE | 25 marzo 2020

Sadly Tesla does not have their Service IT systems integrated with your Tesla account. So you can't see service history from your Tesla account like you can see your supercharging history. It's also not possible for Service to automatically bill your service to the credit card on file in your Tesla account. Maybe some day...

You should receive a Service Invoice via email after each service. This is an Adobe DocuSign document that you are supposed to accept. It's very important to save or print this document before accepting it so you have a copy for your records. Once you accept the document, it disappears into Adobe's cloud and you can no longer access it (unless you create an Adobe account — I've never tried to do this so don't know if it really works).

Pro Tip: Always get the email address of your Service Advisor when you take your car in for service. This way you have an easy way to contact someone in Service if you need to follow up or get your invoice resent. I have found the Service Advisors (at least at the Owings Mills SC in Baltimore) quite responsive via email but almost impossible to reach via phone.

david | 27 marzo 2020

Just a slight disagree on that. I just had service done on 3/24 in Western NY and they asked "should we just bill the CC that ends with XXXX that is on your Tesla account?" which they did so that's integrated. I did receive a service invoice via email after the appointment (I did have to remind them). I am disappointed the service history isn't integrated on the Tesla account. Agree, hoping someday!

voltij | 3 aprile 2020

I just had service to replace a broken rim. I found this thread because they also did not send me a receipt.

yudansha™ | 3 aprile 2020

I had HW3 installed on Monday, and I received an email to accept the service invoice. Unfortunately, the system didn’t generate an email upon acceptance of the invoice, so I had to download it via a link on the completion page.

FISHEV | 3 aprile 2020

I've had to have Model 3 in for service six times. It would be good to be able to have those records available. Subaru had them in your account and any Subaru service could look at them, print them out for you.

I was able to print them out when I sold the car. In case of Teslas, selling mine in mid-2021 for Mustang Mach-E be nice to be able to show that to buyers especially all the "Within Normal Limits" so buyers know that is how Lane Keeping works (or doesn't) as one example.

For Tesla touting an all online communications, not having the cars service record is something that needs to be fixed.

Magic 8 Ball | 3 aprile 2020

Contact Tesla to suggest improvements.

yudansha™ | 3 aprile 2020

I have emails for all service invoices except for the last one. They changed something in the backend as I used to receive those emails in the past.

yudansha™ | 3 aprile 2020

@ FISHEV They do have all the records. Ask them to email those. They did it for me when I asked them.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 3 aprile 2020

“In case of Teslas, selling mine in mid-2021 for Mustang Mach-E”

Have you set up your dyno shop yet in order to fully cycle the battery from full to empty and back every week or so in order to track battery degradation?

After all, Ford offers a warranty against capacity, as is appropriate, not against range.

FISHEV | 3 aprile 2020

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | April 3, 2020 Have you set up your dyno shop yet in order to fully cycle the battery from full to empty and back every week or so in order to track battery degradation?

Eyup. It's called Route 66.

jallred | 3 aprile 2020

FISHEV | April 3, 2020
@lbowroom | April 3, 2020 Seats have a wiring harness that can be replaced? what kind of nonsense is that? Please provide parts list from invoice.

See this thread. You get Tesla to give us our service history and I'll post it for you.

@ FISHEV They do have all the records. Ask them to email those. They did it for me when I asked them.

So post away.

lbowroom | 3 aprile 2020

Lane keep it’s not a drive mode to rely on for not steering, ping ponging down the road. Might be for the Subaru. In a Tesla, that’s the purpose of AP.

lbowroom | 3 aprile 2020

Keeps you perfectly centered in the lane and reacts to surroundings to control speed