My Experience At Portland's Tesla SC

My Experience At Portland's Tesla SC

So I purchased a 2019 Black SR back in May. When I originally picked up the vehicle, I noted to the delivery specialist imperfections on the paint/clear coat. It was pretty concentrated on the front hood and fenders. Anyways, I couldn't get them to schedule an appointment during May. I keep getting text messages from corporate and every time I scheduled an appointment on the APP, the appointment would be cancelled.

I decided to schedule a new appointment recently via the APP and to my surprise, it did not cancel out. I went to my appointment and right away the service person told me it was bird poop and implied that the bird poop happened while I owned the vehicle. I explained to the guy that I have all my communications and texts with Tesla since I bought the vehicle and was having difficulties getting an appointment to fix these paint imperfections. They gave me a Model S loaner and I left.

Good news was they fixed the paint issues and everything looks good. Even thought it was a slight hassle to get in, the corrected the damage and now my black Model 3 looks amazing.

FISHEV | 21 agosto 2019

"the service person told me it was bird poop and implied that the bird poop happened while I owned the vehicle."@vvnguyen1981

The Macadam SC has been a cut above from all the tales told here of other Service Centers. In talking to some of the techs, the PDX SC is a "destination" spot for Tesla service employees because of its good reputation.

What's odd about your situation is there was no record when you showed up. You had noted the fix needed when you picked the car up. That should have been recorded and they should have scheduled you for a fix from the get go. And then when you go in, there's no record of your purchase issues to be fixed, no record of making appointments to get it fixed and the cancellations.

Had similar experience where I get two "Get Service Now" alarms on the car, one for Emergency Lane Keeping (which has never worked and still doesn't) and one for "Can't Charge Vehicle". I call Tesla on both and Tesla makes the service appointment. I then start getting texts from Macadam SC about what is the problem and when did I have communication from the Tesla corporate service which say the problems and MADE THE APPOINTMENT.

Tesla would save a lot of money, not to mention customer good will, if it has better internal communications and follow up.

raqball | 21 agosto 2019

The Portland SC flat out ROCKS!

Nothing but complete praise from me...…...

vvnguyen1981 | 21 agosto 2019

Yeah ... I want to emphasize that I agree the Portland Tesla SC is much better then the stories I've read online.

We currently have our 2018 M3 LR and my 2019 M3 SR and both cars are amazing. But ... coming from Mercedes, the Wilsonville Mercedes Service Center was A+ on the entire experience compared to Portland Tesla. Hoping Tesla will continue to invest in their customer experience.

raqball | 21 agosto 2019

I've been thrilled with them and don't have a single complaint... The mobile service tech who came to me is another story but the Portland SC has been awesome to me thus far...

FISHEV | 21 agosto 2019

"But ... coming from Mercedes, the Wilsonville Mercedes Service Center was A+ on the entire experience compared to Portland Tesla."@vvnguyen1981.

Once you get in, they are great. If you just show up, they are great. But getting scheduled for issues vs. adders issue. I had to jump through hoops both times, mobile service and shop service, and in each case, for the people doing the actual was like the first time they ever heard of the car or the issues. You would think when Tesla schedules the service, as in your case with the delivery issues and my case where Tesla Virtual Technicians looked at the car and made the service appointments that any Tesla employee looking at the car's record sees the issues. But they don't know and have to do everything all over again.

And how can the actual issues the Virtual Technicians spotted (failures on AP and Emergency Lane Keeping in my case) be fixed if they techs doing the work don't see the failures that the virtual technicians spotted? Which likely explains why after two visits, Lane Keeping works about 50% of the time with no consistency was to why or when it will work.

Internal communication issues and/or car history issues.

sweetmanpe | 21 agosto 2019

TheTesla service staff has been great for me since 10/13 when I got my first car. Always helpful and have gone above and beyond my expectations on several occasions.

hammer @OR-US | 21 agosto 2019

I've always had great service with Portland and have never had an issue getting or keeping an appointment. The SvC always sees exactly what I enter in the online service request and they have always confirmed via text or email prior to my arrival. Mobile service has been great as well.

hammer @OR-US | 21 agosto 2019

"coming from Mercedes, the Wilsonville Mercedes Service Center was A+"

I came from Audi Wilsonville prior to owning Teslas and they were awesome also, the only thing better with the Audi is they would generally let me choose which loaner I took so I got to try a variety of cars.