feedback on forums and suggestion voting

feedback on forums and suggestion voting

I would like the ability to view user suggestions and cast votes for the topics that matter most to me. it's unclear how Tesla engineering monitor/track what customers are asking for given the functionality of the forums at present.

GHammer | 26 agosto 2019

I wouldn't hold your breath. In 7 years I've been following this forum, features have been taken away not added.

EVRider | 26 agosto 2019

There’s nothing official, but there is this:

stevencsimpson | 26 agosto 2019

Stealth Tesla hits family dog: When leaving a family visit we hit their beloved dog Ross. Tesla should create a "Signiture Tesla Sound" that is automatically activated by geolocating pedestrian traffic area's into memory. The same GPS location program feature that allows the suspension to adjust ground clearance could be used. Make it symphony of sound that can be heard by people, dogs, cats, wildlife ect..
. Parking lots, Playgrounds, Schools, Heavy Foot Traffic areas, | 27 agosto 2019

No more noise pollution. Thanks