Need to signin for regional clubs, Why?

Need to signin for regional clubs, Why?

I can see all model and the general area on this forum, but when I want to post/answer, I need to sign in. That's normal, so no problem.

But the regional club forums, just to see them, I need to sign in!! And since the sign in data is cleared within 24 hours, it means signing in every time... bummer. No wonder virtually no one uses these local forums.

jordanrichard | 8 settembre 2019

That change happened when they re-did the forums and made it so that only verifiable owners can post something. It would be far easier, if you are a FB fan, to see if there is a FB page for owners in your area.

jimglas | 8 settembre 2019

first world problems

EVRider | 8 settembre 2019

You’ve always needed to sign in to see the regional forums, because they’re only visible to owners. Same for private threads. Nothing new here.

wytknukls | 8 settembre 2019

Regional Forums, what Regional Forums?

PrescottRichard | 8 settembre 2019

I’m guessing that’s the CLUBS listed under the DISCUSSIONS. If you do not see them, get verified as an owner by writing . After you’re verified the next time you login they will be there. That’s what happened to me.

Bonus- no more captcha to post replies :)

mickel.werner | 9 settembre 2019

I am a verified owner, obvious since I created this post. I can see all other categories without signing in, but not the regional ones (Europe, Asia, etc).

The issue is that once you are logged off (usually within 24 hours), you don't see them anymore, but you do see the main ones which just doesn't make sense. It's not a question of not being able to post, but just to see them...

jimglas | 9 settembre 2019

is signing in really such a hardship?

EVRider | 9 settembre 2019

@mickel: I thought I already answered your question, but only owners can see regional forums, so of course you have to sign in to see them. How else could that possibly work?