New Tesla update

New Tesla update

Does anyone know if the new update will have YouTube for the basic model

tigerkc | 18 settembre 2019

Unless you are very far away from a Tesla showroom, the best way to learn is to see and test drive one at the showroom.

one.more.again | 18 settembre 2019

Good question dwehab - I don't think they would strip the functionality for the SR. From what I've heard, YouTube with V10 will work mainly on WiFi. If the base SR has wi-fi, then I don't see why they wouldn't include YouTube & Netflix for you.

melmartin | 18 settembre 2019

You have to have a functioning Tesla browser... I'm not sure the SR models have that.

tigerkc | 18 settembre 2019

My bad, mis-understand your question.
Agree with one.more.again.

EVRider | 18 settembre 2019

I don't think we'll know the answer until V10 comes out. Even if Tesla could support YouTube and Netflix on cars without Premium Connectivity, that doesn't mean they will. Without Premium Connectivity you can't stream internet content even if you're using WiFi.