Sentry Error

Sentry Error

Since the V10 upgrade, been getting a ‘Sentry mode has turned off due to a sentry system error’

Others been getting the same? Any solutions?

ratchet | 1 ottobre 2019

Got the same notice on my phone today after upgrading last night and then parking in a garage at work. Sentry is off at home so I don't have enough examples to determine if it is dependent on where the vehicle is parked but I assume others must be getting the same notice.

Micpad | 2 ottobre 2019

I have tried work, home, random places. Seem to happen in multiple places. Also, I thought it might be the USB drive so I changed it out but that did not help either.

LTR | 2 ottobre 2019

Happened to me after Ver. 10 update.
It can be turned back on via the app, which is nice.
Just installed 2019.32.11.1 which was downloaded to me last night. Will see if this fixes the bug...

ratchet | 2 ottobre 2019

My MX 100D is 2017 with old MCU so I can't even use the USB storage option. I found that I did not get the error today after the same driving and parking as yesterday (running 2019.32.11).

LTR | 3 ottobre 2019

Appears that error was corrected in update...
running 2019.32.11.1 here
June 2018 build

kwreid | 4 ottobre 2019

Not corrected for me in that update. I'm also on 11.1 and just got the error again.

kwreid | 4 ottobre 2019

Not corrected for me in that update. I'm also on 11.1 and just got the error again.

WendyMarshall753 | 4 ottobre 2019

In this recipe we will use Sentry to collect the runtime exceptions generated by our application. We will use the raven-haskell package, which is a client for a Sentry event server. Mind that this package is not present on Stackage

Triggerplz | 4 ottobre 2019

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Tesla Shrine | 8 ottobre 2019

I received an error message as well. I hope they fix it soon.

info | 9 ottobre 2019

I've experienced an error in sentry mode as well. V10 2019.32.11.1

avesraggiana | 9 ottobre 2019

Did you all do a reset (pressing and holding both scroll wheels for about 40 secs), after installing the latest update?

dkathrina323 | 10 ottobre 2019
d.cherin | 11 ottobre 2019

Just getting 32.12.2 download now, maybe this will be one of the bug fixes.