Range: How much is enough?

Range: How much is enough?

I have had my Model 3 for nearly a year. In the summer, I can get up to 330 miles on a single charge, on relatively flat highway, at 65 mph. In the winter, it’s a different story: 0 degrees Fahrenheit drops that range to an even 200 miles (with the cabin heat off).

This is more than enough for almost all local driving, but I make regular cross country trips of 670-720 miles each way. In the summer the Model 3 cross country driving experience is almost as good as in my wife’s minivan, which goes >450 miles on a tank of gas. Almost. In the winter, forget it. I would much rather drive the minivan when the temperature drops below 40 degrees F.

For the Model 3 cross country experience to compare favorably with ICE, I would like to see a 600 mile summer range (360 miles winter). I would be willing to pay for it, too, provided that the extra battery capacity didn’t carry an exorbitant “premium” surcharge.

What do other people think?

bp | 29 ottobre 2019

For Model X towing, range is cut roughly in half - much worse if driving above 55 MPH. If an X is going to be used to tow travel trailers, a larger battery pack (400+ miles of range) would help considerably. But is that market large enough to justify a larger pack for the X?

blue adept | 29 ottobre 2019

@bp & @PrescottRichard

A recent O-T-A update increased the Model S ad X range to 373 mis.

We're getting there.

BuffaloBillsFan | 29 ottobre 2019

More chargers, I’m tellin’ ya! More chargers!

Seriously, as more and more Teslas are bought (probably in a linear trend) the need for more and more SC stations will increase (exponentially). There have been times at the Raleigh, NC SC where there was only one spot left for me to supercharge. I’d be happy if EM increased the range, but I’d be even happier if I knew I didn’t have to even consider range because there is always a SC nearby.

One day this spring, I will attempt to drive my car from home to Blowing Rock, NC in the mountains. I will definitely be fine until Greensboro, but after that, I will have to drive ~150 miles all uphill before I reach the cabin, where I have another home charging station. That will certainly be angst-inducing for me since my car regularly underperforms it’s estimated mileage by 20-30% even on flat roads.

IMO building out the SC network should be priority #1 for EM and crew. The number of SC networks (and, I suppose speed of charging) are the Achilles heel of getting more people to adopt EVs. Once there are as as many SC’s as there are gas stations, the ICE will be toast. Having EV manufacturers agreeing on a universal standard for supercharging would help a lot as well (I personally favor Tesla’s charger, but of course I am somewhat biased).