Spotify problems

Spotify problems

Logged into my Spotify account in car. It only loads Playlists and not albums. The album name appears but no content. sync'd fine across all other devices. anyone any ideas?

00Tesla | 4 ottobre 2019

I just signed up for spotify. Do you put that encrypted string of character called a username that spotify assigns to an account as the login for tesla spotify?

fosfo08 | 4 ottobre 2019

nope - i just used my regular username I've had for years.

mike | 5 ottobre 2019

I don't see a search option in Spotify. How can we use it without being able to search for the song or artist? Anyone else notice this?

garrettbomba | 8 ottobre 2019

is anyone having an issue with spotty spotify connection. seems to get hung up quite a bit

AlexSV | 8 ottobre 2019

There is no search option. I use my iPhone app to do my playlists. Tesla can see those lists.

niduj | 10 ottobre 2019

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