”.1” for v10

”.1” for v10

I got this update shortly after getting V 10. It must be just a bug fix release, as others have said. I find that phantom breaking on the interstate is still just as much of a problem as it was before. I’ve had several incidences of this on the highway. To me it’s not a real big deal as if you’re paying attention you can quickly correct. But it is a little dangerous if someone’s following close behind.

I also find that now the car wants to get out of the HOV lane whenever the dash lines appear for entry and exit. I really dislike this but it is correctable by just keeping the left turn signal on to keep you in the HOV.

paul | 5 ottobre 2019

BTW, I have a brand new model X with full self driving.

Outside Our Bubble | 6 ottobre 2019

"I find that phantom breaking on the interstate is still just as much of a problem as it was before."

I am looking to purchase and found this community and my sake person got me access. To read about this one issue alone, with over 80 posts about it, just really gives a person pause as to what is going on. That is not AT ALL safe and very dangerous to say the least. Even our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee has no issue with adaptive cruise control, it surely does not brake for no reason.

Why has this not been addressed? I mean really, Adaptive Cruise has been around for a long time and if nothing if n front of you, it should not just hit the brakes going from 65 to 35. That is outright a concern to say the least.

How has this not been addressed by Tesla? How have they not even mentioned it with SO MANY PEOPLE reporting the issue?

Thank you.

bob | 6 ottobre 2019

@david - They can’t mention it (is my guess). There’d be instant law suits. It’s not totally unpredictable. It seems to be triggered by approaching an underpass or a dark shadow in the foreground. It seems to have been introduced within the last year. Again I’m speculating, but I think it may be a over abundance of cation on the programmers side after several incidents where drivers were sleeping or otherwise not paying attention. For me I’ve stopped using TACC or AP until it gets fixed. Sad but I don’t currently trust it - even if I always am paying attention. Only time I use AP now is in heavy traffic that is moving well below the speed limit.

bikeandsail | 7 ottobre 2019

I have driven over 36,000 miles with much on autopilot. The phantom braking is a pain and it could be dangerous. I have never experienced where it brakes more than about 5-7 mph which is disconcerting but not dangerous.

bikeandsail | 7 ottobre 2019

PS: I have never seen anything like the 65 to 35 that David indicates.

Vawlkus | 7 ottobre 2019

In over 95% of autopilot driving there are no issues.

Hugh-SG | 7 ottobre 2019

Tesla's Auto Pilot - TACC, is like the Auto Pilot's use in aircraft. It needs constant supervision by a human.

I've experienced phantom braking a few times when the colour of the road along one side of the car changes, but being ready to take over instantly, I've had no close calls.

I use EAP all the time, and go up to full lane keeping when there are white lines on both sides of the car.

I find the positive experiences, including a few saves, far out weigh the occasional phantom braking.

If your paying attention and take over like you are supposed IF your car suddenly reacts to a non existent Squirrel, your experience will be uploaded that night and contribute to further refinements of this life saving and stress lowering piece of automotive control software.

No way I would want any other vehicle given the improvements and smoothing out of the EAP experience I have witnessed in the six months I've owned my CPO Model-X.

Food for thought,
Kindest regards,
Hugh-SG | 7 ottobre 2019

@david - I've found it quite rare, and when it does trigger (maybe twice in the last year), it drops maybe 5 mph. Not all that disconcerting. Other manufacturers have far greater problems. I've seen reports with the highly regarded Suburu Eyesight, actually coming to a complete stop on the freeway with its version of TACC (wtih nothing in front of the car).

Still, you need to be paying attention to any system available today from any manufacturer.