Supercharger Miles

Supercharger Miles

My car came with 5K Supercharger miles.

How do you find out where and how many miles I have used up so far?

And how much will they charge when I run out of balance on this account?

ericslee | 6 ottobre 2019

click the loot box at top right hand corner of your tesla app. It will tell you how many you have left.
When you run out they will charge you about $0.28 for every kWh.

Hugh-SG | 7 ottobre 2019

Note... that $0.28 per kWh is at SC's in the USA.

Up in Canada you are charged by the minute of usage irregardless of the amp flow, as Industry Canada has yet to change its regulations to permit SC's and DC FC's to sell electricity by the kWh.

Still, SC's are way faster then any DC FC, excepting that many DC FC station in B.C. are currently free to use.

Check your PlugShare App to see which DC FC's offer Free Charging up in Canada.

Food for thought,
Cheers, Hugh-SG

losangelesram | 7 ottobre 2019

When I click on the Loot Box, all I see are 3 links to share my contact details with Tesla, send the Tesla offer to friends and another similar one. This was on my Android.

The service guys suggested I would have a better experience and with more details on my PC.

I came home and started up my PC and looked for the Supercharger details in my detailed accounts box. All I see are 3 old charges I did.

I have refreshed the page many times and still only see old charge details.

I do have the most recently updated version 10!