Cooler weather coming - Battery question

Cooler weather coming - Battery question

My Standard Range Plus Model 3 has always been in the garage and has never seen winter but starting October 25th, I will be parking outside.
We are building a home in Prosper, TX and are in the process of moving from Plano, TX.

Our home wont be done until late January, early February, when temperatures here will dip down anywhere from 40 degrees Fahrenheit down to the upper 20's in January.

I am a bit worried that since I will now be parking outside until our home is built, I'm going to see a drastic drop in range.

Can ya'll give me your experiences/suggestions with cooler temperatures and having to park your model 3 outside?
Thanks in advance!

dsvick | 9 ottobre 2019

I don't park outside but for cooler/cold temperatures the best thing is to leave it plugged in, if you can, and set it to begin charging so that it is done near the time you need to drive in the morning. That helps to ensure that the battery is warmed up and, depending on SOC, you'l be able to make full use of regen as well. You can also turn on the heat while it is plugged in and use wall power for the initial heating.

If you can't leave if plugged in or if you're not charging at home, then leave a bit earlier and set your first stop as a supercharger. That will warm the battery and give the same benefits as above.