Got My VIN

Got My VIN

I ordered my Model 3 back in late August, for Oct 19th. Because I was going away for a month. I am back in the States and just received my VIN. I am super excited.

Fuzzball | 9 ottobre 2019

Congrats! 18months and still grinning...

Pg3ibew | 9 ottobre 2019

@Firaz, we are sooooo excited.

CharleyBC | 9 ottobre 2019

Getting your VIN is an exciting moment.

Just wait until you get your car!

spuzzz123 | 9 ottobre 2019

Congrats you will love it.

jimglas | 9 ottobre 2019

Now time for some fruit of the VINe

Pg3ibew | 9 ottobre 2019

I just ordered floor matts and a wireless phone charger!!!!

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 ottobre 2019

What configuration of M3 did you order?

derotam | 9 ottobre 2019

@jimglas, A-HA.......ahem :)

Pg3ibew | 9 ottobre 2019

I got a standard range plus. 19" rims. Rear wheel drive. White and White interior.

Pg3ibew | 9 ottobre 2019

No other extras.

M3phan | 9 ottobre 2019

Getting the car is an exciting moment.
Wait till you drive it..,

M3phan | 9 ottobre 2019

It’s been 16 months for me, and I look forward to every single drive. Just Incredible.