Telsa Gen 2 HIgh Power Wall Charger question

Telsa Gen 2 HIgh Power Wall Charger question

Is the Tesla Silver and black direct connect Gen 2 HPWC max rating 11.5KW (240V * 48A) or 19.2KW (240V * 80A)? I may never need more than 48A but it would be nice to know it could deliver 80A. The specs on the Tesla shopping web site indicates 11.5KW max?

Can anyone that has purchased said unit recently from the Tesla website confirm that it supports up to 80A or 19.2KW.

Thanks Very Much in Advance
Regards, Ron

PS. Since the charging cable on the Wall chargers are supposedly field serviceable and Tesla delivers some Destination Chargers by request with J1772 charging cords, is there any source to purchase the J1772 cable.

Fuzzball | 9 ottobre 2019

Max is 48amp drawn on min 60amp line

CharleyBC | 9 ottobre 2019

Since you’re posting in the Model 3 forum, your answer is 48 amps. That’s the max a LR will take. Models S and X can support higher rates of charge from the HPWC.

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 ottobre 2019

If you want 80 amps for multiple cars charging simultaneously, then be sure to use a 100A breaker and suitable wiring.

hokiegir1 | 9 ottobre 2019

@Charley - new S and X are also limited to 48A. Older models did have higher rates.

Ron.Olsberg | 9 ottobre 2019

Probably should have posted this in the Model S forum since It can charge at higher than 48A and i am aware that 48A is the highest rate supported on a Model 3. The question still stands, does it support up to 80A? Maybe someone that owns a Model 3/S and this charger reads Model 3 posts? Maybe the Power area of the forum would be an even better place to post this question?

Ron.Olsberg | 9 ottobre 2019

Forgot to mention when you click on the installation PDF on the Tesla website the title says 80A. I am just trying to confirm that nothing has changed and the installation document is not outdated. If the amperage setting dial located inside the charger still has a setting for 80A, then it should support 80A.

CharleyBC | 9 ottobre 2019

@hokiegir1: Thanks. I sit corrected!

CharleyBC | 9 ottobre 2019

@Ron.Olsberg: From the HPWC installation manual:

Sorry for lousy formatting, but the middle column is the delivered amps. For example, in the row that says "D 80A 100A", that means switch position D will deliver 80A and must be on a 100A breaker.

Switch Current Breaker
0 Test mode N/A
1 12A 15A
2 16A 20A
3 20A 25A
4 24A 30A
5 28A 35A
6 32A 40A
7 36A 45A
8 40A 50A
9 48A 60A
A 56A 70A
B 64A 80A
C 72A 90A
D 80A 100A

Tronguy | 9 ottobre 2019

@CharleyBC: @RonOlsberg: First, Charlie's got it right. The contactor (or whatever it is) inside the Wall Connector (it's not a charger... Charger's in the car, Wall Connector just turns on the 240 VAC or turns it off). The Wall Connector's only purposes in life are (a) to take the power from the breaker panel and put it on the Big Cable and (b) to tell the car how much current the car can draw from the panel. For that "tell" function it has a funky smallish circuit board that can communicate with the car's computers; when everything is copesthetic the circuit board flips the contactor and makes blinky lights flash on the front of the TWC.
For extra credit, the circuit board is just smart enough so if one has a pair of TWCs (or more?) hooked up to cars on a single XX ampere circuit, it'll allow the multiple TWCs to load share that single circuit, presumably one at a time.
Finally, and just so it's clear: The car's computer pretty much controls it all in terms of how much current/power it accepts. It talks with the Supercharger/TWC/Mobile connector/ electronics and knows how much current it can accept; the lowest number anywhere wins. So, if you've got an SR/SR+, and you plug in a TWC with a 25A breaker on it and the switch set to 3, 20A is what the car will draw. If you take the same car and connect it to a TWC with the 100A breakers and the wire gauge to match, it's still not going to draw more than 32A since that's the max that the charger in a SR/SR+ can handle.
And that last brings up a final point: TWC or no TWC, the max Level 2 (240 VAC) current the SR/SR+ can handle is 32A. Which so happens is the max that any Tesla can get out of a Mobile Connector. So, having a TWC with an SR/SR+, with 60A breaker so it can dump out 48A, isn't going to change the charge rate of an SR/SR+ one bit, 32A is the max. An LR will draw 48A since it's got the charger for it.
The TWC is certainly more convenient to use, though.

Ron.Olsberg | 9 ottobre 2019

Thanks for the info everyone! I understand what you all are describing. I know the charger is inside the car and on the Model 3 long range and it actually consists of three 16A components. I just wanted to make sure the Gen 2 wall charger still had the 80A setting and that the cable from the wall charger to the car was a heavy enough gauge to handle 80A. From the above conversations, I feel good about ordering the wall charger knowing that it would work, if connected correctly to a circuit that could handle 80A continuous, I may never use it on a 80A circuit but maybe someone will visit me with one of the new Tesla Roadsters (not likely). Who knows what the max L2 charge rate will be with the new Roadster?