Checking brake fluid

Checking brake fluid

My Model X is now 2 years old and has 13,000 miles.
According to the Manual, at this time, brake fluid should be "checked".
Is that just checking the fluid level? If so, I can do that. Or is there something more involved?
My Service Center is in Denver (I'm in Colorado Springs). I don't want to drive up there for something really simple.

JAnnen | 10 ottobre 2019

Brake fluid check is one of the few things just like an ICE car. The hardest part is pulling off the long black panel at the base of the windshield.

dkathrina323 | 10 ottobre 2019

Checking brake fluid is very important.

raffidesigns | 12 ottobre 2019

Brake Fluid/ is done by Tesla. The only we check is windshield washer.

Do not top up your brake fluid. The following
instructions are provided for information
purposes and future reference only:
1. Clean the filler cap before removing it to
prevent dirt from entering the reservoir.
2. Unscrew the cap and remove it.
3. Top up the reservoir to the MAX mark
using the appropriate brake fluid.
4. Replace the filler cap, ensuring it is fully
Warning: Only use new fluid from a sealed
air-tight container. Never use previously
used fluid or fluid from a previously
opened container—fluid absorbs moisture
which decreases braking performance.
Warning: Brake fluid is highly toxic. Keep
containers sealed and out of the reach of
children. In the event of accidental
consumption, seek medical attention
Caution: Brake fluid damages painted
surfaces. Immediately soak up any spills
with an absorbent cloth and wash the
area with a mixture of car shampoo and

jackcolo | 13 ottobre 2019

Thanks for the enlightenment.

I will check to see if our "Tesla Ranger" can do this service locally and save me a trip to the Service Center in Denver

niduj | 14 ottobre 2019

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Tropopause | 14 ottobre 2019

The brake fluid level can be checked by the owner- you're just looking at the transparent plastic reservoir to ensure the fluid is at or above the MIN line.

Topping off the brake fluid is only performed by Tesla.

Checking the quality of the brake fluid is performed by Tesla as well and, as needed, changed by Tesla.