Annoying glitches - hard to fix?

Annoying glitches - hard to fix?

I have a few annoying glitches that are intermittent...and Tesla is saying "well, we haven't seen we didn't do anything."

Short of leaving the car with them for an extended period of time ( loaner cars so no way), not sure what to do.

1. Center console USB ports most times don't work. They do sometimes. But you comes and goes. This means no phone charging and no dash cam. Sometimes a thumb wheel reboot works. Sometimes not. Sometimes a "power off" works. Sometimes not. Has been non-functioning for the past week now.

2. Music changes on it's own. I'll most often have a slacker station on. But then I get in the car and it's a Tune-In podcast. Sometimes it's an FM station (wtf).

3. Sometimes I get in the car and the climate is off. I didn't turn it off.

Any thoughts? MCU?

THanks for listening