Range after 1 year and 3800miles

Range after 1 year and 3800miles

When I took delivery of my Model 3 with LR, range was 279mi after Max. charge. This means charge % was set at factory for 90% of full charge. I have driven the car for one year since with % setting unchanged. Max. charge now is 262mi. Is this normal?

jnordland | 17 ottobre 2019

First, why did you accept a car with less than 90% of it's stated range? Are you sure that's "Max charge"? Considering you drive so little, what are your charging habits? Do you keep it plugged in every day? Have you discharged the battery below 10% at all (less than 30 miles range)? This would help reset the battery and give you a better idea of your true range. If you've done all these, I would certainly reach out to Tesla service. I've put 28,000 miles on mine in 17 months and still charge to around 280 miles of range at 90% (more than your "Max charge" when you took delivery). Max charge gets me to 312.

vmulla | 17 ottobre 2019

Read the threads that talk about range in the first 3 pages of this forum. You will have a better understanding.

calvin940 | 17 ottobre 2019

If I am not mistaken he is stating (in a not so obvious way) that his max charging to 90% was 279mi at delivery and now 1 year later, it is 262mi @ 90%.

vincelorto | 17 ottobre 2019

I'm still astonished that churin's only got 3800 miles in 1 year. I've put 7000+ miles in 3 months because my Tesla has been the 'go to' car for the family since refueling is so cheap.

bp | 17 ottobre 2019

@vincelorto word. I’ve only had mine since middle of May and I’m already at 8.8k.

apodbdrs | 18 ottobre 2019

My M3 LR has a little over 5,000 miles, I charged it 100% to 300 miles a week ago. I bought the car in July this year. My other M3 LR, charged to 310 miles. Note, I very rarely charge to 100%.

Maxxer | 18 ottobre 2019

9000 miles in 6 months

Not a drop of 1%

vmulla | 18 ottobre 2019

When you calculated, did you use 310 as the baseline or 325?

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 18 ottobre 2019

4 month old M3 LR RWD , 4,400 mi. 90% charge started at 290, now 288. Within normal variations due to driving habits, ambient temperatures, etc.

Iwantmy3 | 18 ottobre 2019

Is this an LR RWD or LR AWD? You never said.

HighlandPony | 18 ottobre 2019

If you are only driving 3800 miles in a year there is no need to be charging to 90%. Especially if you are concerned about battery longevity. Start setting your charge level to 60-70% max.

jordanrichard | 18 ottobre 2019

Why did you buy the car is you are only putting 3,800 miles per year on it. Is this a weekend "toy"?

With that aside, you are not exercising your battery with so little usage. Think of the algorithms that calculate range like a rubber band. If you only stretch it to "x" on a constant basis, it can only guess the range based on that limited usage. It forgets how far it can actually "stretch". So even if you do as HighlandPony suggests, you will end up having the same issue with the algorithms getting wonky.

churin | 18 ottobre 2019

"If I am not mistaken he is stating (in a not so obvious way) that his max charging to 90% was 279mi at delivery and now 1 year later, it is 262mi @ 90%." posted by Calvin
This is exactly what I meant. I assume full charge is 310mi and 90% is not set by me but factory. I meant Max. charge to be maximum possible charge limited by % setting, while Full charge is the one with no % limit or 100%.

My other replies and questions:

My M3 comes with LR, AWD, Performance, EAP, ASD and everything else.

The M3 is our primary car but not used for commuting to work because we are retired.

I normally let the charge amount go down below 200mi or 150mi or so and re-charge at my garage by Wall Charger. I used Super Charger once just for curiosity.

A post by jordanrichard prompted me to ask: I understand the indicator on the panel is an estimated range in mile for a given charge level. Is there way to let it show charge level something other than an estimated range, as gallon for ICU car?

Fredvanngo | 19 ottobre 2019

Mine is still 325 miles @ 100% now and it was 310 miles full charge when it was new in May 2018. Approx 10K miles annually. No change in range capacity estimate.

derotam | 19 ottobre 2019

The range value on your main screen is referred to as Rated Range. This is more just a value representing capacity of the battery. This value has gotten messed up on lots of people's cars, but it is put there by the battery management system which is also known to not put an accurate value because of miscalibration. Why yours is off, who knows, it could just be a miscalibration, or real capacity loss(unlikely with your usage). Personally with your usage I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you really want to get into the weeds and attempt to track down the issue.

Passion2Fly | 19 ottobre 2019

279 at 90% is right on the numbers. However, down to 262 miles after 3800 miles is excessive... did you talk to Tesla? Are you sure that your charge limit is still set to 90%?
Sometimes, when supercharging at busy locations, the car is remotely set to 80% to limit your time at the charger... you need to manually bring it back to 90%...

pete | 19 ottobre 2019

I’m pretty sure the OP meant to say 38,000 miles. Nobody can drive a Tesla only 3800 in a year!

gballant4570 | 19 ottobre 2019

churin, I suggest reading this thread -

It does not contain all facts, but sounds like it might help address your question.

churin | 19 ottobre 2019

gballant4570: Thanks for the link. It is very informative and helps answering my question.