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Home link via app

My car is parked at home. I thought with the new homelink app feature I could open and close my garage when my car is at home and I’m not.

However when I try to open my garage door away from home the app says “move closer to your car”!!

Surely not...

dougk71 | 26 ottobre 2019

I had this. Homelink is location based that means GPS. The car always will enter the home garage with a good GPS fix since that's how it knows to open the garage door. Now the phone also needs a GPS fix and without it often will tell you to move closer to the car since it incorrectly thinks that's where there is a good GPS signal. I found that if I do the opposite and move away from the car then I and my phone come out of the GPS shadow ( roofs heavily attenuate the GPS signal) into where several GPS satellites can be received it will work.
The issue is Tesla continues to leave owners without a statement of the necessary and sufficient factors that a Tesla feature needs. Tesla owners are more capable than run of the mill car owners and don't need the dumbed down messages non Tesla owners get.

PagemakersS75P3 | 27 ottobre 2019

Hmm makes sense but I’m sure I must have had a good GPS signal on my phone yesterday.

I’ll try again today.

murphyS90D | 27 ottobre 2019

Install a GPS app on your phone and know for certain how many satellites it can see. In my experience if I am not near a window I don't have enough satellites for a fix. It takes 3 for location and 4 to include the elevation above sea level. My ancient Garmin GPS will work with 3 satellites. My much newer Garmin won't work at all until it has 4.

dougk71 | 27 ottobre 2019

It appears that the Tesla for Homelink requires a high precision GPS fix say 20ft or less circle of error. Odds are they need more than just 3 satellites to narrow the circle.
Many of us are grateful to EVRider and others for (I'm guessing by trial and error) obtaining and publishing the what they find as necessary to have a Tesla feature working. Knowing what is required is the good starting point to diagnose why something isn't working. Maybe Tesla will ( after all they are engineers not marketing people ) provide detailed specifications beyond just select this and tap that instructions that traditional manufacturers provide after being edited by consumer relations people.
Sure many just want to turn their PC on but others want to know what features the motherboard has. Tesla is a computer with wheels many would like to know more than a Tesla manual provides

PagemakersS75P3 | 27 ottobre 2019

Hmmm after more tests. If I’m away from my garage or car (more than say 200 yards) it doesn’t work.

If I open Google Maps or any other GPS app with a map my location is displayed perfectly.

EVRider | 27 ottobre 2019

This might be working as intended. Maybe Tesla doesn’t want you to accidentally open your garage door if you’re away. If that’s the case, they should let you do it but ask for confirmation if you’re not nearby.

On the other hand, there’s an unintentional link between the HomeLink control and Summon, so maybe this is just another symptom of that issue.

Anthony J. Parisio | 27 ottobre 2019

What is the purpose for this feature?

murphyS90D | 27 ottobre 2019

@Anthony J. Parisio

You are working in the yard and the garage door is closed. You want to pull your phone out of your pocket and open the door instead of going into the house making your way to the garage and pushing the button on the wall.

I do this for both of my garage doors using Chamberlain MyQ.

PagemakersS75P3 | 27 ottobre 2019

I’m way from home. Amazon has a delivery for me. I can open and close the garage while I’m away.

TranzNDance | 27 ottobre 2019

Using myQ is a much more reliable and secure way to control the garage door opener, especially if you are away from home. It will let you know if the door is closed or open. The implementation of Homelink in vehicles is a dumb toggle so the door would open if it’s closed, or vice versa, and that might result in unintended behavior if the status is the opposite of what is expected.

EVRider | 27 ottobre 2019

@TranzNDance: myQ might be more reliable, but many of us don’t have that option. The Tesla option will work with any HomeLink-compatible opener and there’s nothing to buy or install.

eddyline | 28 ottobre 2019

If you have one of the third party iPhone apps(Remote S is the one I use), you can do exactly that. It's not limited proximity limited.

PagemakersS75P3 | 29 ottobre 2019

I’m away from home again. The homelink button in the Tesla app doesn’t work again even though my car is at home and 6ft from my garage door.

At the moment the “feature” is totally pointless.

dougk71 | 30 ottobre 2019

Since this is wireless and since Tesla doesn't supply the exat requirements it is best to assume every possible wireless feature is needed for success. This is Wifi LTE GPS cell tower connection and take into account some signals can't travel through metal objects ( Wifi through a refrigerator as an example).
I dislike this trial and error approach we have to take to discover Tesla requirements.
Sure most ICE cars don't have Tesla features so the manual can be dumbed down but I was surprised the Tesla keeps things close to its chest.

dougk71 | 30 ottobre 2019

I sure hope that Tesla didn't hire a manual writer from an ICE manufacturer. They are expected to have owners go back to the dealers for detailed explanations. This allows the dealership sales people to try and talk the customer into next years model that will maybe resolve the issue. Confusion aids the sales approach.

Bighorn | 30 ottobre 2019

Fortunately, the intent is clear and that suggests it will be worked out at some point without an upsell.