2019.36.2.1 Downloaded Today..AMAZING

2019.36.2.1 Downloaded Today..AMAZING

Some updates we receive and I'm just not that excited. Like all the games when V10 came out. The update I received today, 2019.36.2.1 is great. I really love the one pedal driving feature (AUTO HOLD). I like that when the software update was complete it was already set to AUTO HOLD on. The Auto Navigate is no big deal as my Google Maps does that already every time I leave the house (it's a little bit creepy to be honest that they track my every move). And of course, the 5% power increase. This is the second time we have had this done since I took delivery of my 2018 Red LR RWD the first week of August 2018. I can tell you that this increase is definitely noticeable. Not only from a dead stop but also while driving and pushing the pedal to the floor. This update is a great one in that the features really do improve the car and not just "fun games" like some of the recent updates.

gballant4570 | 12 novembre 2019

My neck noticed the additional acceleration immediately. The one pedal driving is great. I am certainly enjoying this update.

gballant4570 | 12 novembre 2019

And I think I've figured out how I'll use the departure time charge scheduling.

jebinc | 12 novembre 2019


Hear, hear.... :-)

tdwin2000 | 12 novembre 2019

Also feels like there's a LOT more torque. Last time they did a 5% power upgrade it kind of seemed quicker but not a huge improvement. This time it's a lot more noticeable. Not just from a stop but even while driving at a higher speed. And about that torque. When you release your foot slightly from accelerating you notice the regen bar move more to the left and green than it used to thus getting more regen than before this update. Only thing that is a little bit weird is going in reverse slowly and it stopping automatically.

jebinc | 12 novembre 2019


LR AWD? Yeah, the throttle re-mapping is very noticeable, and more linear too.

tdwin2000 | 12 novembre 2019

jebinc . No, mine is LR RWD, not AWD. However, I did observe that after charging to 90% tonight after the new 2019.36.2.1 that my miles are still only at 270 which is 90% of 300 and not based on 310 miles full charge like the car was before V 10 update. Weird how they reduced our miles at full charge to 300 but they still advertise the range as 310 (this is NOT battery degradation but rather Tesla limited our batteries full range to 300...I say this because it's a widespread issue with everyone's car, not just mine). Same amount of miles since V10 on most peoples cars.

EVRider | 12 novembre 2019

I used the new Hold Mode today for the first time and liked it. One quirk: after installing the update yesterday, I checked both my profile and my wife’s to make sure Hold was enabled. It was enabled in my profile but not in my wife’s, so I enabled it there. When I drove today using my profile, Hold was no longer enabled (it was set to Roll). Not sure what happened there. Note that you have to be in Park to change the setting.

I didn’t really notice the power increase (MR RWD), but I didn’t push it either.

vmulla | 12 novembre 2019

So much praise for the hold mode (one-pedal driving).

Sad that folk who were appreciating this feature in other cars faced some negativity from some forum members all these years..A good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from.

rsingh05 | 12 novembre 2019

@tdwin - Tesla is not holding back range, it’s simply the algorithm that calculates estimate range is showing a lower reading. Your actually range isn’t any lower.

@vmulla - agreed, although ood ideas only go so far - good implementation goes further. I like Tesla’s implementation yet I wish the braking was a little more aggressive. Hopefully in coming releases.

cascadiadesign | 12 novembre 2019

"... Only thing that is a little bit weird is going in reverse slowly and it stopping automatically."

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like how Stop Mode worked in reverse. Backing down my sloped driveway was so easy just using the brake. But after trying Stop Mode in reversing down slopes, I like it. It seems to me (I could be wrong) that Tesla made the reverse acceleration super chill so you stay out of trouble. It feels like I have better reverse control now vs letting the car roll back under gravity and feathering the brake.

cussenjim | 12 novembre 2019

Took me all of 5 miles of 1 pedal driving to appreciate it. It is now the new norm.

bp | 12 novembre 2019

Awesome update for sure; really looking forward to dry roads to experiment. ;-)

T_Scheen | 13 novembre 2019

Can anybody tell what size in GB this 2019.36.2.1 update is ?
Planning to download it with my phone as WiFi-hotspot.

Can also somebody tell me whether this update refers to an increase of 5% POWER or also 5% RANGE ? Or both ?:-)

SnowZA | 13 novembre 2019

@EVRider I noticed the same - I think that the default setting changed, but wasn't saved in the profile, so when you switched to your wife's profile, the saved value overwrote the existing value, and when you changed back to your own, the saved value overwrote it again. I just made sure the correct value is saved on both the profiles.

@T_Scheen not sure about the size - didn't check. But this update is an increase of POWER. doesn't do anything to RANGE as far as I can see.

MAB1980 | 13 novembre 2019

The car also now directly controls my phone volume, or vice versa. Previously they were independent. Not sure I like that.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 novembre 2019

Sad that folk who were appreciating this feature in other cars faced some negativity from some forum members all these years.."

"Sad to see the condescending smug remarks come like clockwork.

I do not like the automatic hill hold. I like the heavier regen but at stop I would like it to not go into hold.

BRosie | 13 novembre 2019

Agree that this update stands out for the Auto Hold. LOVE it!

Lorenzryanc | 13 novembre 2019

The Regen to Hold is awesome and I'm SO glad it's here. I drove a Leaf and Bolt and one had that feature, I loved it instantly. Happy my Tess does it now. Every stop is super smooth. I agree reverse takes some getting used to but you just have to keep your foot on the pedal. Maybe someday they'll allow for disabling of regen to hold in reverse. Love the update, just wish it wasn't so cold! :)

gballant4570 | 13 novembre 2019

MAB1980, I like this. It was not part of my 36.2.1 update however - it was about 2 updates previous.

Magic 8 Ball, I found yesterday that your foot on the accelerator can prevent the hold action from occurring at stop. Uphill or down, doesn't appear to matter. Just do not release the pedal completely - keep the tiniest pressure on it, and it won't go into hold. I found out by accident.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 novembre 2019

@gballant Cool, thanks.

howard | 13 novembre 2019

vmulla | November 12, 2019
So much praise for the hold mode (one-pedal driving).

Sad that folk who were appreciating this feature in other cars faced some negativity from some forum members all these years..A good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from.


rsingh05 I like Tesla’s implementation yet I wish the braking was a little more aggressive. Hopefully in coming releases.


I do not notice any difference in implementation compared with my past Bolt. The Tesla Brake Hold now functions the same with the exception that the Bolt had stronger regen when the regen padel was pulled in. But I love it none the less. Great improvement!

Magic 8 Ball "Sad to see the condescending smug remarks come like clockwork.


Magic 8 Ball | 13 novembre 2019

@howard Are you Howard Cosell, I thought you were dead? Howard Cosell offered nothing of his own and only offered commentary on the acts of others.

Lorenzryanc | 13 novembre 2019

Ohh I'd thoroughly support a stronger regen mode. I also want more regen in the cold! Past few days in DE regen is basically nothing and it makes me sad. Why can't the system always regen at full strength? Can't the car pump the extra energy into the seat heaters or capacitor of some kind?

vmulla | 13 novembre 2019

Are you talking about this?

howard | 13 novembre 2019

M8B, grow up. If I comment directly you insult me. If I agree with others comments you insult me. Why not keep your mouth shut if only to insult. Did I mention grow up!!

Lorenzryanc | 13 novembre 2019

@Vmulla yea, the dotted lines on the left side of the regen bar. They seem much further right then I remember last year. Brake regen is almost off when those dots appear :( I have to prewarm the car sooner in the morning to make some go away I suppose. I like to charge at work once a week so I rarely charge at home, but it may be worth an hour of charging to earn some regen.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 novembre 2019

@howard Are you feeling left out, is fish stealing all your troll thunder?

jebinc | 13 novembre 2019

To new members of the forum: Like Metastatic Cancer, the resident forum trolls infect as many threads as humanly possible, as evidenced above.

JAD | 13 novembre 2019

Download was about 650 GB.

cosmicwarrior | 13 novembre 2019

LOVE one pedal driving, it's amazing :)
Didn't notice any increased power/acceleration but who would? It's only 5%.
Scheduled charging seems pretty cool too, can't wait to try it out.

007bond | 13 novembre 2019

Great update 5% much more kick then the last 5%. More regen nice and one pedal is great kinda wish there was a way to disable in reverse but granted only in rev for so little really no issue. I have to say the updates are probably the #1 reason I would buy another Tesla even if there was a viable other option.

ODWms | 13 novembre 2019

JAD | November 13, 2019
“Download was about 650 GB.”

Geez!! Is that right? I had no idea they were that large.

JAD | 13 novembre 2019

Yikes, typo, sorry MB, not GB. 650 MB.

ODWms | 13 novembre 2019


AWDTesla | 13 novembre 2019

LOVE this 1 pedal stuff, was a favorite feature of mine in the bolt. Glad to have this option added.

Its -20 celcius here so traction is limited but the tires sure feel like they are breaking loose earlier and with more violence - lmao

jebinc | 13 novembre 2019

After a couple of days playing with the latest update, I have to say it's the best one (for me) since getting the car this past June!

tdwin2000 | 13 novembre 2019

Funny thing about this update. When I drive my kids Mini Countryman, sometimes I almost forget to turn the car off because I'm used to just getting out of the Model 3 and also the switch is in a weird position. I'm hoping I don't have the same thing happen with the brake pedal the next time I drive an ICE car. Seriously though the one pedal driving is amazing.

vmulla | 13 novembre 2019

"Seriously though the one pedal driving is amazing." @tdwin2000

Yes :)

jebinc | 13 novembre 2019


Happened to me a couple of times in the Subaru as well (forgot to press the ICE off button)….

WEST TEX EV | 13 novembre 2019

@ rsingh05

I agree more aggressive braking would be useful. ESP in last 1 MPH. I have to have a little patience to let car completely stop. My personal philosophy is put enough settings that almost no one is at extreme. In other words go from 0 regen all the way to “way too much” regen. All drivers will find their sweet spot. Though they have to balance this with “too many settings” / overload.

WEST TEX EV | 13 novembre 2019

@ tdwin2000

I keep activating Volvo wipers. To “go into reverse” (or drive)

neezer | 13 novembre 2019

You should feel how the Performance model is now. It's scary ;-) And you can get over 100mph REALLY REALLY quickly, I mean supercar levels from just a few years ago we're talking ...

hokiegir1 | 13 novembre 2019

I'm really looking forward to playing with mine. We installed it, and the next morning, dropped off the car to repair my garage hit -- and I couldn't play on the way there, because it was raining. :(

geedub1023 | 13 novembre 2019

5% more power? Mine only feels like 4%...I want free supercharging or a free tee shirt to make up for this atrocity! Total sarcasm....

Mike UpNorth_ | 13 novembre 2019

Listened more to Spotify today. 0 issues. Looks like they fixed those bugs too. yeah!

calvin940 | 13 novembre 2019

This update is Ausgezeichnet!

Syed.Hosain | 13 novembre 2019

Unlike you all who have AWD, on my RWD model, I would not want any more aggressive regen braking, to be honest!

I have had the car rear end slide out when changing lanes during regen braking and hit a patch of water. I caught it in time to avoid an accident, but whew, a scary moment in traffic on the highway.

This wouldn't have happened if I had been using the regular brakes (i.e., with all four wheels being slowed), but the rear wheels braking only on my car, so ... not totally surprising, I suppose! Sorta like pulling on a rear-wheel parking brakes on other cars to induce a spin.

tbd2001_01 | 13 novembre 2019

When are they going to fix the rear camera long delay from coming on.... Tech people get on it.

Liferules | 13 novembre 2019

Love the update. Getting to be like driving something completely different... Wonder how long before we see a post from someone who drives their wife/partner's car after this update and forgets to use the brakes and rear-ends someone? I can see it happening to me.

lbowroom | 13 novembre 2019

Tbd2001, all the problems with that are usually resolved with a reset, have you tried that?