Will Tesla be at the LA auto show ?

Will Tesla be at the LA auto show ?

Does anyone here know if Tesla will be at the LA auto show (11/22 - 12/1) ?

If so, will they have the Model Y and the pick-up truck thats expected to be unveiled on the 21st ?

Earl and Nagin ... | 14 novembre 2019

Tesla most likely will be there. They probably won't have a truck - it would steal the thunder from the unveiling where Tesla gets all the attention without having to share with the rest of the industry.
Model Y? Who knows?

lilbean | 14 novembre 2019

Model S, X, and 3 are going to be there.

Prashanthsharma | 19 novembre 2019

If the Model Y is not there that would be very disappointing. You dont show up at an auto show with 2 yr old offerings.

It would be awesome if the CYBRTRK is there, it would have been unveiled just before the autoshow

rxlawdude | 19 novembre 2019

Not only will they be there, but they will be giving TEST DRIVES!