A fresh set of tires for $195.67...

A fresh set of tires for $195.67...

Cant beat that. Not even with a stick... My car has 19302 miles on it, and my OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4s were all between 2/32 and 3/32. So I started shopping for tires by looking at forum posts. Many people were saying they were swapping their OEMs for Conti DWS 06s. I could not find follow up posts with how satisfied people were with their choice 6 months on. I looked at those and a bunch of other tires and decided on General Altimax RT43s. So why did I pick such a "cheap" tire apart from being cheap in general (pun intended). Well what is important to me is rolling resistance... I don't want my kwh/mi to change too radically. This General tire is one of the lightest especially when you consider its tread depth. I am not an expert but tire weight, tread width and other things like compound hardness impact rolling resistance. I am hoping that these tires will be long lasting and not too bad for my efficiency. Now how did I get them for $195....? I asked the Americas Tire salesperson if they would help me with a Michelin OEM warranty claim. Fully expecting to have to call Michelin be on the phone.... Bounce around.... Put the sales person on the phone... And eventually get a check in the mail months later. But no... Since all my tires were evenly worn with no signs of alignment issues and I had rotated them (on an AWD) they filled in the paperwork and gave me a $583.64 discount off my new tires. Right then and there. I am hoping I have not sacrificed too much in terms of stopping distance for efficiency. I have not yet tried stopping in the rain. I live in LA so I don't care too much about driving in wet conditions. On the 2 mile drive home from the shop they did seem noisier. But how much is that new tires versus my old worn in tires? I don't care about noise if it buys me some efficiency. Will report more when I have more data... Of course your mileage and priorities may vary...

CharleyBC | 15 novembre 2019

Please add to this thread over time as you get more experience with your new tires. Thanks!

M3phan | 15 novembre 2019

Interested in noise levels, traction, stopping, efficiency and longevity

slingshot18 | 15 novembre 2019

Tires are one thing I will never be cheap on. I always buy the best.

pmagid | 15 novembre 2019

I will report back when I accumulate more experience.

ODWms | 15 novembre 2019

Wow. I went to the service center earlier this week for a torn undercarriage panel, and to take care of some other minor things on my PD3+. Part of the service was to replace some charge port "pins" as a campaign issue. They checked my tread. After over 13,000 miles, apparently my tread depth is still 7s and 8s.

I've read where folks have had to replace tires at the point I'm at now. I cannot imagine what they're doing. I drive decently most of the time. But I let it rip plenty. I didn't buy a PD3+ to drive like a grandma, that's for sure.

lbowroom | 15 novembre 2019

“ I always buy the best.”

And what would those be?

Syed.Hosain | 15 novembre 2019

@lbowroom "“ I always buy the best.”

And what would those be?"

In my opinion, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is the best, safest, tire we can get for our cars.

The tire contact with the road is where it "all happens". Get poor tires and you end up in serious trouble in an accident, or in heavy rain, or when you need to handle well to avoid an accident. Or, if the load index is low enough that a pothole causes a blow-out.

I would not scrimp on tires in any way. Just not worth it.

ODWms | 15 novembre 2019

Unless someone reports back that there's a better option, I'll definitely replace with the original Pilot 4s tires. Incredible handling, ride comfort, road noise damping, etc. Probably the best I've ever owned.

Hal Fisher | 15 novembre 2019

Why in the world would you pick anything but michelins if they give that much back? Is that warranty just on new car tires?

lbowroom | 15 novembre 2019

Michelin warranty requires purchasing Michelins. I think the salesman made an error in your favor

dwejr99 | 15 novembre 2019

Replaced OEM pilots with same. 24000 miles. Originals worked great in snow. New ones are slipping every which way now. Potholed my passenger side tires and need new wheels. Going with Continentals this time. Well see how they work.

triton3 | 25 novembre 2019

@pmagid, could you provide the address of the America's Tire you went to?

noleaf4me | 25 novembre 2019

yes -- keep us posted. I'm going to need new tires in 6 months or so.

1LuckyGuy | 25 novembre 2019

After 6 sets of tires(YES 6) I decided to experiment with some Lexani. I was shocked how good they were and they lasted 15k miles, for only 386$ installed. Beats the 12k I got with $1600 contis..

foodking | 26 novembre 2019

i don't get it, how are you guys burning through your tires so quickly? I got conti dws 06 on my rwd bmw with 500+ torque and i can't burn my tires as fast as you guys

emailfrancis | 27 novembre 2019

In a perfect world, we all would get the best tires at a reasonable price point, but at present, I just have to make due.
At 30k miles, I needed to replace mine. And did so with General brand.
Not bragging but am trying it out as a test and see how it goes.
I commute almost 200 miles round trip 5 days/week on my M3 SR+.
My OEM Michelins we’re down to 4/32.

So far, the most immediate difference in noise is over bumps like concrete seams. I can hear what sounds like a fully inflated basketball bounce. By that I mean the high frequency “echo” inside the ball.
I heard that that Michelin Pimacy had some foam insulation so that was th biggest contrast.

The general tires are rated to 65k, so we’ll see how much I can get on that. Out the door costs: ~$550.

Tuning In | 27 novembre 2019

The MXM4’s are really mediocre tired at a high price. We have two cars. The Pilot Sport 4s makes the car incredible. I moved them to the LR RWD while the wife was out of town just to try. It made our RWD LR feel every bit as good as our P and better than in terms of feedback and handling (no AWD understeer). Reminds me of how my Cayman drove. The CrossClimate+ are my winter tire (for going to ski). Those are smooth and quiet (except they get a sort of frequency hum at 74mph. Not faster or slower. Right at that speed). The surprisingly good tires are the Continental PureContact LS which makes the car ride like Lexus (for better or worse). It’s what my wife prefers over the performance feel of the PS4s. Quiet smooth but isolated. Good stopping grip and good tread life.