"Snake" lane Change Issue

"Snake" lane Change Issue

I'm still looking for some update on a VERY serious issue regarding my Tesla 3 starting to make a lane change and then returning to the previous lane (sometimes multiple times). It would seem that it involved some intrusion into the lane of change by another vehicle, but multiple observations don't reveal this to be the case. Very disturbing and, in my view, very dangerous. I would say that there are line markers with the standard white line, but with a black border around the lane marker. These seem to be places where this problem occurs the most. I have posted this issue about 2 1/2 weeks ago and there were customer responses calling this problem a "snake" lane change. I would hope there would be a moderator to tell me that Tesla acknowledges this problem. I would consider this a very important issue. It renders my FSD useless.

FISHEV | 19 novembre 2019

No moderators. No Tesla tech support. The forums are not monitored or used by Tesla in any way. You can get other owner feedback here, that’s about it. A couple threads about what you describe but no Search function so not easy to find older topics.

I’d suggest trying one of the third part Tesla forums where you can do a search on the topic and see other owner replies.

jebinc | 19 novembre 2019


Context rich and modern UI for easy searches.

jebinc | 19 novembre 2019


calvin940 | 19 novembre 2019


For serious issues you should be contacting Tesla service.

M3phan | 19 novembre 2019

“Very serious...very disturbing...very dangerous...very important...”

Very well, have you filed a bug report? That would be very helpful.

While it will be good to have the lane changes tighten up in scenarios like this (and rumors are 2019.40 does just that), I respectfully wouldn’t define or describe it as you did. The hyperbole doesn’t help very much. And I find my car in AP or NoAP very reliable most of the time.

Thersant | 19 novembre 2019

I too experience this. I wonder if we have to manually override NOA in order to contribute it to the neural net?

M3phan | 20 novembre 2019

Yes, correct. Tesla has said every disengagement from AP/NoAP is especially noted by the team for examination.

EVRider | 20 novembre 2019

I don’t think most people would know what you mean by a “snake” lane change, so might get better responses if you change the title. I’ve had auto lane change (or NoA lane change) abort a lane change, but I don’t recall it ever trying to change again. I’m guessing that only happens when using NoA with lane change confirmations turned off, which I don’t do.