2020 SR+ Came with v9 firmware. Support tells me it has v10 but clearly does not

2020 SR+ Came with v9 firmware. Support tells me it has v10 but clearly does not

Picked up a 2020 White SR+ just under a week ago in Vancouver, Canada

It came with v9 firmware: 2019.31.104

I talked to tech support and they were adamant that I received v10 on Nov 17 (before taking ownership).
I assured them I have v9 and could send them screen shots of my app and the M3 screen.
They eventually asked for the pics to be sent (which I promptly did) but then they ended the support ticket and nothing has happened since.

Anyone else get a recent m3 and have been unable to get their firmware updated?

Lonestar10_1999 | 27 novembre 2019

I am shocked that you received erroneous information from Tech Support.

Have a great Thanksgiving and be thankful that you get to drive a Tesla!!

WW_spb | 27 novembre 2019

Oh no. I would be contacting Elon about this

Joshan | 27 novembre 2019

software updates and mostly random. In your settings make sure you are on advanced in the software update section and ensure you car has wifi where you are parked. You will get it soon. Sometimes a reboot can help it along.

danjel | 27 novembre 2019

Yeah I have it set to advanced in settings. I haven't been connected to wi-fi yet so I am hoping I will eventually get the release this way.

Still seems odd that their remote diagnostic tools would not be able to simply read the firmware version correctly. Stuff like that always makes me wonder what else they are having issues with.

stingray.don | 27 novembre 2019

Go to your phone app. Select “schedule service” and then “software update”. They can push it out to your car.

Joshan | 27 novembre 2019

you have to be connected to wifi.

WW_spb | 27 novembre 2019

Ingore the Troll

bradbomb | 27 novembre 2019

@danjel If you are not on WiFi, you need to tell Service that part of it. You won't be pushed the update over LTE unless they specially do that for you. I had that done once when I had no way of getting on WiFi. Before I moved out of a condo, I'd normally use my phone in a hotspot to download updates. I had them push it over LTE once this year when the update was not coming through over on WiFi whenever I hotspotted.

danjel | 27 novembre 2019

@bradbomb thanks for the tip. Definitely sounds like I need to park near wi-fi access.

kevin_rf | 27 novembre 2019

I'm still on v7

Linemanap | 27 novembre 2019

You can force it to update. Do a Google search for the exact process but basically you hold the update or advanced update button for 5 or 10 seconds.

BSOD | 27 novembre 2019

I received my M3 with v9 about a week ago. As soon as I paired my phone with it, the app said there was an update which I ran as soon as I got home (before connecting to wifi).

rsilvamadriz | 27 novembre 2019

I got my SR+ a week ago with the same version 2019.31.104. I believe. Asked for service date and the next day got a call from tesla service. Told me I had to wait. Seems that version is pretty old by now.

ST70 | 27 novembre 2019

what's a 2020 SR+?

kerrybegg | 3 dicembre 2019

I was told by support that when an update is available for 2020 sr+ it would be pushed. Allegedly there is no firmware update for 2020 sr+. I chuckled at that response. Told my kids that have to wait for Netflix but I get to enjoy the drive no matter what version. It does seem a little old though for these new cars.

EAPme | 3 dicembre 2019


I didn't know that Tesla did the model year in advance of the actual calendar year.

artur_ramos88 | 4 dicembre 2019

EAPme, Tesla and every car maker, i bought a 2016 Mazda 3 on September 2015 ...

nukequazar | 4 dicembre 2019

@artur_ramos88, actually it's been a thing that Tesla does not do that like other car makers. It's always just been by the date of manufacture because they change things willy-nilly at any time, not on a model-year cycle like the others. Maybe that's changing.

nukequazar | 4 dicembre 2019

@danjel, the car should alert you of an update even on LTE but it needs to be on WiFi to download and install. You can WiFi hot-spot to your phone while driving (or parked) and that should do it.

EAPme | 4 dicembre 2019


Thanks Captain. No, Tesla has not done that in the past.

OTA updates come when the come, I know it's not the answer anyone wants to read/hear. Despite what "tech support" says, your call will eventually get V10. Being on WiFi, overnight, while charging, will help.

mathisgood | 4 dicembre 2019

I got my AWD LR Model 3 two weeks ago delivered with v9. I've been on wifi and contacted support but still no update. Support said there are no error flagged on their end and that my car should eventually get updates but I'm getting frustrated. I'll probably give it another few days and then might schedule for the service center to update.

cka1971 | 4 dicembre 2019

I also took delivery of my 2020 LR Model 3 about 2 weeks ago. Still on 2019.31.103. Support is useless bordering on unhelpful. I even tried the "trick" of scheduling a service appt but nothing. I sat in the car last night and made sure it was connected to the home wifi. I even checked with the router and it is listed as a connected device. Just a little annoyed.

rkalbiarEV | 4 dicembre 2019

Sorry, it's not 2020 yet.

bradbomb | 4 dicembre 2019

I had questioned the whole 2020 model with Tesla this year too earlier, but was pointed to the fact that Tesla did start manufacturing 2020 models to get the new models reevaluated for EPA ratings. These updated ratings are what are now posted on Tesla's page.

KAM6 | 4 dicembre 2019

When I first got my SR+ in July I was way behind in getting the latest update. This forum had me choosing between charging or parking in wifi but eventually I got the notification that an update was available (when the car was not connected to wifi) and since I've received the updates on schedule.

bradbomb | 4 dicembre 2019

@KAM6 so what you are saying is your car is now never on wifi? Again, updates can download while on wifi, but you don't get the notification that the update is ready to install until the car processes the update. That processing can happen will on LTE and the eventual notification can come while on LTE which gives the impression that the car downloaded the update over LTE, but it actually didn't.

KAM6 | 4 dicembre 2019

It's not an issue for me anymore as I bought a house but when I was at my apartment my car was outside of wifi range at all times minus the few times I listened to this forum and parked it in wifi range instead of charging. I never received the update notification while parked in wifi. Once I did receive the notification I did have to move the car into wifi range to download/install. | 4 dicembre 2019

A few more data points...

I understand map updates never load via LTE, only WiFi. There may be some connection between V10 and map updates, but I'm not quite sure of that. It may be you need the map update to get V10? The map update is not an option you select - it is downloaded automatically, and you should get a small notification dialog that it was installed.

Others have confirmed Tesla is shipping 2020 models now, but there is really no hardware difference between the last 2019 and new 2020 models. Just a designator on the VIN number.

@danjel "Yeah I have it set to advanced in settings."

This is confusing. If you have Controls->Software for the advanced option, you should have V10. It didn't exist in v9 as far as I'm aware of. Perhaps you were confused about such an option or Tesla got it out in one of the very last v9 releases.


KAM6 | 4 dicembre 2019

The advanced option existed in v9.

bradbomb | 4 dicembre 2019

@TeslaTap The software section was added sometime in May or June of 2019 on v9. So while it wasn't originally a v9 option, it became one before v10 | 4 dicembre 2019

@KAM6 & @bradbomb - Thanks! Ok, not a good way to detect v10 :)
@danjel - Ignore my last notes. I was wrong.

bradbomb | 4 dicembre 2019

Easiest way to detect is Spotify or Netflix

mathisgood | 4 dicembre 2019

@KAM6 Do you know how long it took you to get the first update notification? I also currently live in an apartment but just bought a longer range router that allows my tesla to be on wifi but I only charge it occasionally at work without wifi. Do you think it's better to have it charging without wifi or to be on wifi in order to get the first update notification? This is all probably irrelevant but I just wanted to get some more opinions.

KAM6 | 4 dicembre 2019

I want to say I got mine about 3 weeks behind everyone else for that initial update. It's always better to be connected to wifi if it's available.

dee | 6 dicembre 2019

We got the same v9 2019.31.104 and did not see any updates. I turned in a support ticket (that generated a visit to where we picked it up) later on that evening an update showed up. Now we are up to date. So if you are still waiting turn in a support ticket for software update and allow the system to create an appointment even if it's a few weeks out.