Still no timer to stop charging at a set time?

Still no timer to stop charging at a set time?

I was slightly surprised that with the recent OTA modifications to scheduled charging that Tesla did not add the ability to stop charging at a set time. I would like to get the maximum charge available during my super off peak time Monday-Friday from 12 am to 6 am.

It is slightly annoying that I have to start the charging process at 9:30 pm for about 20-30 seconds to see the time estimate for the charging session and then adjust the percentage to make sure it is slightly less than 6 hours. Has anyone foound a better way of doing this?

Second issue: Does anyone have premium connectivity listed on their vehicle details page? I ordered before 7/1/18, so I am pretty sure I am premium connectivity for life at no additional fee.

hokiegir1 | 3 dicembre 2019

Scheduled departure does what you request, and is currently hard coded to end charging by 6am. I expect there will be future adjustments to this, as not all TOU plans end at 6 (mine is 11pm-7am, for example), so I would anticipate changes next year to expand these functions.

And no -- I picked up 4/28/18 and nothing about connectivity anywhere listed.

walnotr | 3 dicembre 2019

Placed my order on 7/5/2018 and still have not heard of a charge for premium connectivity. Still waiting for the shoe to drop.

RES IPSA | 3 dicembre 2019

@hokie... Thanks again for the info. I did notice that the new chages to scheduled charging do auto end at 6 am. My issue that is I often do not leave for work until after 8 am, so I was concerned that energy would be sent to the battery for preheating the battery after 6 am if it were still plugged in

hokiegir1 | 3 dicembre 2019

@Res - It preheats the cabin, not the battery -- so just tell it 6 am as your depart time and you should be fine.

Idahorefugee | 3 dicembre 2019

Hokiegir1's post prompted a question for me. One's battery is nicely warmed after charging is completed, meaning that regenerative breaking will work well even in the winter. But how long does it take for the battery to cool off (and cause a loss of regenerative breaking)? Of course the answer depends on how cold it is, but any general guidelines/experience would be appreciated.

My very imprecise contribution: I charged at Le Massif in Quebec while skiing and left the parking lot at around 3:45PM on two consecutive days. When charging completed early in the day (I'll guess 10AM), I had little to no regen on the way home. When I set charging to complete at 3PM, I had great regen. So the battery stayed warm enough for an hour but not for 6. I'd guess the temp was in the 20s (F).

RES IPSA | 3 dicembre 2019


kevin_rf | 3 dicembre 2019

On Black Friday I hopped in the car right as charging completed. Zero regen dots. Went to Lowes, when I hopped back in an hour later I already had five regen dots. (28 degrees out)

The battery seems to cool done rather quickly,... 6 hours definitely to long.

golfinn | 7 dicembre 2019

I can’t figure out how to just schedule the starting time for charging but not have the scheduled departure set. I leave at various times through the week.
Thanks for the help.

mcgee | 7 dicembre 2019

Log in to your Tesla account. Go to "Home", then "Manage", then "View Details". You should see whether or not you have Premium Connectivity there.