Full Self-Driving Capability

Full Self-Driving Capability

I purchased My model 2 with the FSDC and picked it up December 31 2017. Love the car even though there is more road noise then there was in my prior two Model-S versions.


I paid for the FSDC expecting to wait for it several months. But it has been two years. At what point does it become vapor ware?
I would still like it but I am not certain when it will be available. I understand the car needs a new computer to accomplish this upgrade. Two years seems a long time to wait for a feature already paid for. Elon seems to have moved on with supplying me games that I don't need or want and releasing the model Y and Pickup truck.

What say you Tesla ? When will I get the FSDC ?


jimglas | 4 dicembre 2019

Model 2's are very rare

Pg3ibew | 4 dicembre 2019

You bought a car and purchased full self driving, with the promise that SOMEDAY IT WILL BE MADE FULLY LEGAL AND ALSO FULLY USABLE.

You were NEVER given a definitive date. What is your point?
Sell you Model 2.

hokiegir1 | 4 dicembre 2019

This last round with Smart Summon is rumored to be the last rollout that will include EAP purchasers. Future items released will likely be under the FSD heading -- such as stop light/sign recognition and NoAP on surface streets. At that point, your FSD will have features under it. Current purchases (since around April of this year) that have only AP rather than EAP already have features labeled under FSD.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2019

I would have called Tesla and demanded an explanation for being given a Model 2.

Pg3ibew | 4 dicembre 2019

@andy, while he is at it, he should go to a service center and demand to speak with Mr. Musk. And demand to have answers as to why the federal Govt has not passed laws to allow full self driving.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 dicembre 2019

A fish by another name.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2019

Not even. Just another person who wants to go REEE REEE REEE

KAM6 | 4 dicembre 2019

I am also very frustrated that I have the most advanced driver assistance system that continually gets better with free updates.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2019

Its almost like thats what you paid for.

Pg3ibew | 4 dicembre 2019

I am so frustrated by this post, I am flagging it and calling Mr. Musk

thedrisin | 4 dicembre 2019

"demand to have answers as to why the federal Govt has not passed laws to allow full self driving."

Driving regulations are governed at the state level, not federal.

Joshan | 4 dicembre 2019

your second sentence speaks to all we need to know about your post.

"Love the car even though there is more road noise then there was in my prior two Model-S versions."

So you are comparing a car that costs about 50% of what another costs and expect equality?

I got a steak burrito at Chipotle yesterday, the steak was 50% tougher than the one I had the day before at Capital Grille. What are you going to do about this Chipotle?!?!

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 4 dicembre 2019

Oh come guys. Why did ya all jump on this innocent soul!? Maybe he is really honest and does own Model 2 limited edition with FSDC! Right, Raq?

vmulla | 4 dicembre 2019

The guy says he's a repeat customer, got his car earlier than most of us, paid for FSD at the onset - some slack maybe?

And... the only real car the 3 can be compared to is the S. Early on I made several comparisons with the S. Even recently I made a X/3 comparison - and yes I tempered my expectations of the 3 because of the cost differences.

vmulla | 4 dicembre 2019

Real fsd, as in read a book while the car drives, isn't anywhere close to being released. Maybe a few advanced features can be released under the FSD label.

Joshan | 4 dicembre 2019

released != done

vmulla | 4 dicembre 2019

Joshan | December 4, 2019
released != done
Exactly!! I'm setting the expectations for the OP - it's not going to be *real* FSD anytime soon.

Joshan | 4 dicembre 2019

yep was just making sure its clear.

Is Windows or MacOS vaporware? They have been released for years but are not done and features are still being added about 20+ years later.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2019


Not the same. Operating systems require that it be fully functional, which it is. Added features are not part of the purchase agreement.

FSD includes certain features that are not available, but will be added over time. If Microsoft said that Windows 11 would be released next month but features like program installation, hardware compatibility, and internet connection would come later in software updates, i think i would be speaking appropriately that everyone would tell Microsoft to get their sh1t together and release a completed product.

BobDobbs | 4 dicembre 2019

You expected FSD to arrive several months after Dec 31, 2017? Wow.

Pg3ibew | 4 dicembre 2019

@thedrisen. Please check the NHTSA website.

Haggy | 5 dicembre 2019

"I paid for the FSDC expecting to wait for it several months. But it has been two years. At what point does it become vapor ware?"

Never. By definition, vaporware is a promise of software that will do something, and the promise was made before the software was developed or even designed. FSD development has been ongoing for years, and it's supposed to be very close to feature complete. That doesn't mean that you will have true FSD or that you won't have to watch the road. But it's going to be an incremental process.

thedrisin | 5 dicembre 2019

"That doesn't mean that you will have true FSD or that you won't have to watch the road."

I paid for "FSD" also. What is it then? Level 2, partial automation?

thedrisin | 6 dicembre 2019

There seems to be multiple threads with a similar theme. The FSD acronym is apparently confusing to many owners, conjuring up the idea that it signifies level 4 or 5 automation. In the current description under FSD capability is the wording "automatic driving" which is somewhat vague and states that summon will find you anywhere in a parking lot. Perhaps it may be better to describe current situation as advanced driver assist (ADA) until there is actually advanced automation. Just sayin'.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

How is it that people have so many different expectations? Somehow I do not think acronyms and one sentence descriptions are meant to set expectations.

Am I silly or am I the only one who actually does research before buying something that costs more than a few hundred dollars?

andy.connor.e | 6 dicembre 2019

Most people do not read anything and sign their name.

thedrisin | 6 dicembre 2019

@M8B. Loaded question.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

Okay, forget the silly part, am I the only person that does research before spending more that few hundred bucks?

Does the trickle down theory depend on people getting rich and stupid at the same time?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 6 dicembre 2019

I like to drive cars myself including my wife ) Easy choice no FSD purchased. Bam

thedrisin | 6 dicembre 2019

@M8B. Not everyone does the extensive OCD research as some of the regulars on this forum. There is a (realistic) expectation based on the description of the option. Just sayin'.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

@thedrisin I think that is big difference that causes much of the "conflict" on this forum between people types.

You label simple "research" as an OCD effort, as if there is something wrong with doing some simple reading. I say people, that did not do some simple reading, are idiots and they rinse and repeat their idiocy leaving a trail of tears everywhere they go blaming others for their own lack of due diligence.

andy.connor.e | 6 dicembre 2019

I research everything i buy over $100. At least for me, i want to know what im buying.

terminator9 | 6 dicembre 2019

Are we creating new abbreviations... FSDC?

WardT | 6 dicembre 2019

Tough crowd...

sixstring09 | 6 dicembre 2019

I think FSD was a pure money grab by tesla and may have been the saving factor from bankruptcy.

It is simply vaporware at this point.

If 200,000 people buy FSD at 7,000 that is about 1.4 billion dollars of pure cash with almost no cost to tesla.

This is 15% of the total cost of the vehicle.

I am pro tesla and love my model 3 BTW.

The more I think about when FSD will actually be operational and legal, I wish I wouldn't have purchased such an expensive and non operational option.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

@sixstring09 Tesla was never close to bankruptcy.
Deep pockets have been on the sidelines throughout.
Yes, of course it is a money grab but not without a sincere effort to put the money toward a noble effort.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

noble effort = noble cause

calvin940 | 6 dicembre 2019

It's not a money-grab nor varpourware. They have been obviously working on it and releasing features in various forms throughout it's life cycle. Either one of those invalidate any claims to vapourware.

It doesn't mean it will meet everyone's expectations but then one's expectations have to be inline with what is stated as FSD.

Pg3ibew | 6 dicembre 2019

I am extremely frustrated by people, in general. Specifically with people on rhis site.
I agree with @Magic. I, sometimes feel, that no one does any research. Do SOME research. Anything.
Please stop expecting things or information, to be spoon fed to you. As a society, we have to think, anylize, act and react.
In the day in age where information is literally at our finger tips, ignorance is a CHOICE.

stingray.don | 6 dicembre 2019

Tesla cannot realize the revenue from selling features until those features are delivered. Tesla has a big incentive to release a feature complete product.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

Pg3 I like the cut of your jib sir.

Pg3ibew | 6 dicembre 2019

Thanks @Magic

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

@Pg3 You are the opposite of Fish. You jumped in with nothing but optimism, I hope you can keep your chin up. It is the goal of trolls to chisel away at enthusiasts. Keep being you.

Pg3ibew | 6 dicembre 2019

Almost 45 years ago, an ACTUAL Pet Rock was marketed and sold to millions.
My point, you may be wondering?
If I have to explain it, I have a pet rock I want to seel you first.

Pg3ibew | 6 dicembre 2019

@Magic. I am an eternal optimist. I always look for the bright side. I did all my research on all things Tesla. As I try to do with anything.

Thank you for the kind words. I have come to enjoy reading a bunch of individual POSTERS. You are one of them.

Magladry | 6 dicembre 2019

Can I ask a simple question without people telling me I’m stupid or telling me about software development. I have a 2018 Model 3. If I understand correctly the FSDC will require some hardware changes to the car? A computer or chip or something. How does that process happen? Will Tesla call or email me and tell me to bring the car in? I assume from what I have read it appears as though we are still waiting for Federal approval of this functionality? Is that correct? Has the government given an ideas of their timing?

Magic 8 Ball | 6 dicembre 2019

@Magladry Thanks for asking, it is confusing if you have not been following the progress.

First off you need to have purchased the FSD option to get FSD and any associated hardware upgrades needed.

If you do have FSD Tesla will reach out to you when they are ready to install the new hardware (nothing you have to do or schedule).

The approval part is a very different subject . The feds think pot is illegal but I can go buy it "legally" not far from where I live.

Pg3ibew | 6 dicembre 2019

@Magladry, those are ctually a very good qestions. That probably does not have an exact answers at this point.

I can only give an opinion about the govt approval. I think it is far away. Further away than we realize. Our infrastructure needs massive upgrades.
Again, my opinion...As humans, we will want the car to wipe our asses as we drive. People will want to blame the FSD for everything.
Example: my car was totalled while in FSD. Yes, I know my spouse and I were in the back seat having sex, while being video taped by my friend from his car. And 5 other cars were watching. And we crashed with 3 of those cars. Tesla owes me a refund and to pay my medical bills.

SalisburySam | 6 dicembre 2019

@Magladry, TL;DR answers: No, Likely, By Tesla’s technicians, Yes, Sort of, Maybe, Hardly.


Asking to not be flamed on a forum is asking to be flamed. That said, some will immediately fire up their flamethrowers, while others will try to help. Always.

FSD is a paid-for option that delivers features to your vehicle over time that enhance its operation beyond the capabilities of non-FSD cars. Some of those have begun to roll out such as seeing cones on your display in construction zones. This requires a vehicle with the new hardware factory installed or retrofitted. If to be retrofitted, you have no control over that as Tesla does this by VIN and some algorithm only they know. Tesla will contact you to have this upgrade accomplished at their ready, likely in conjunction with another service but possibly not.

Federal/State/Municipal approvals are murky at best. Some have explicitly stated approval, some have approved only certain geographic areas for FSD use, some can’t spell FSD. As to Federal government timing on anything...good luck with that. The only predictability is in how much the democrats hate the republicans and vice versa and when to expect each side’s next fusillade against the other. Sorry, rant over.

Joshan | 6 dicembre 2019

The Only FSD that is far away is Level 5 Autonomy.