Good News on the EV/New Energy Transition (overall)

Good News on the EV/New Energy Transition (overall)

Headlines in order from Electrek, one website devoted to EVs and renewable energy. Themes: Legacy car companies finally getting serious about EVs, Tesla continues to lead in tech, renewables continue to gain traction for a variety of uses, the scooter/electric bike revolution continues to explode, the Trump administration continues to drag its feet while the rest of the world gallops ahead to embrace renewable energy.

McLaren’s 2021 hybrid supercar will barely match Tesla’s 4-door sedan at 0-60
(They’re electrifying the front axle, MS has been out 5 years)

What GM’s battery plant means for EVs you can buy: Cadillacs, trucks, and Hummers

EGEB: Natural gas drives record emissions in 2019, more
* Natural gas drives record emissions in 2019, and gas trade association supports a carbon tax.
* EPA works to weaken coal regulations — and doesn’t think about health.
* What will Germany do with its nuclear waste when it closes all of its nuclear power plants?
* Performance artists Nate & Hila made a video that lists 20 solutions to global warming.

Coal: It’s uninsurable, it’s deadly, yet banks (and the DOE and EPA) still support it

Tesla’s biggest market in Europe becomes the Netherlands as Model 3 sales surge

GM announces its own battery gigafactory with LG Chem, 30 GWU of capacity eventually below $100/kWh

LG Chem and GM to invest $2+B for Ohio battery factory, Cadillac EV on tap

Tesla Cybertruck is almost $20,000 cheaper than Ford F-150 over 5 years

Jaguar is unlocking 8% more range in the I-Pace through software update

Xiaomi’s new $425 electric bicycle is a next-gen QiCycle

Porsche testing 4-motor electric SUV drivetrain — the next Macan?

Elon Musk announces Tesla’s ‘two most critical priorities’ by end of year
1. Get every car delivered by end of year when tax break ends
2. Accelerate installation of solar roofs (1,000 per week)

Tesla launches ‘dedicated channel’ for Roadster owners, will get their own service advisers

Will the Miata go electric? Mazda’s considering it

Kumpan buys giant wheeled electric scooter company after big investment deal

Kia solves EV supply problems, can deliver on 3,000 Niro EV pre-orders in Europe

EGEB: India partners with the UK to electrify their entire railway system

Nissan shifts EV strategy to premium vehicles, not ‘discount cars’ like Leaf
(New CEO Makoto Uchida wants his EVs to have robust features, long ranger and higher prices)

Watch Tesla’s Autopilot-powered safety features stop for pedestrians in impressive tests

Will the Tesla Cybertruck be able to beat gas trucks for home power supply?

Porsche Taycan achieves 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP

Tesla Model X is named ‘standout performer’ in new safety crash tests

Tesla Cybertruck will be able to carry full 4x8 sheet with a ‘flip stop’ feature on tailgate

New US energy secretary: ‘There’s a bright future for coal’

Tesla Model Y deliveries will start in Q1, says Deutsche Bank
(Bank issued estimate based on accelerated parts orders from Tesla suppliers)

Tesla Model Y prototype spotted with tow hitch

Ontario parliament’s red-hot debate over $125 fee for ICE cars blocking EV charging stations

Porsche rents Tesla Model 3 to test out latest Autopilot, comes out impressed

EGEB: the most crucial things countries must do at the UN climate summit
* The Madrid UN climate summit: Countries must commit to eliminate fossil fuels.
* How this sustainable toilet paper company succeeds.
* Ralph Lauren commits to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

BadgerErickson | 18 dicembre 2019

ICE sales have gone through the floor, watch for dealerships to be going out of business in next 6 months...

Next big battery announcement(s)?

rob | 18 dicembre 2019

Followed by lots of government bailouts?

jimglas | 18 dicembre 2019

one hopes not

nickferns2727 | 20 dicembre 2019

wel that was helpfull.
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