Tesla model Y liftgate

Tesla model Y liftgate

Does Testla model Y comes with power liftgate?

lilbean | 9 dicembre 2019

I don’t think so.

jordanrichard | 9 dicembre 2019

No one here knows. Though logic dictates that it will be available, just perhaps not on all levels of the Y. When I ordered my S85 in Jan 2014, th empower liftgate was part of the Tech package.

crt6598 | 9 dicembre 2019

I recall watching the Model Y reveal/ride videos, and a Tesla employee was asked whether there would be a power lift gate, to which he replied yes.

A tailgate that is not only larger but heavier (b/c of the glass now integrated into it) should certainly not be manual, yet Y the configurator makes no mention of it.

reed_lewis | 10 dicembre 2019

As long as it has the appropriate shocks to help it open, it does not matter how heavy it is.

andy.connor.e | 10 dicembre 2019

With all the wadded up panties over the Model 3 not having a powered liftgate, i'd imagine they're highly considering it.

jordanrichard | 10 dicembre 2019

crt6598 just because the answer was "yes" from the employee, doesn't mean as standard equipment. It's like asking will the Model S have Lubricous Mode. The answer is "yes", but that doesn't mean every MS.

At a reveal, employees are bombarded with questions and often don't have the time or patience to all the options/trim levels. So they rapid fire answers to rapid fired questions.

Remember when the 3 was revealed, it is on "tape", an employee saying that the standard roof for the 3 would be steel. Well, that never happened. You can't take for gospel what is said about a car, a year or more form when it's actually goes into production.

andy.connor.e | 10 dicembre 2019

Also, Tesla employees are not Musk. Im sure they get a kick out of spreading false rumors to throw people off. I can honestly say that i probably would too.

crt6598 | 11 dicembre 2019

Andy.connor.e, Jordanrichard that would be one heck of a false rumor (to which Elon or Frank would surely get wind of) since some YT’ers went as far as to put that info on their blogs.

crt6598 | 11 dicembre 2019

Franz. Auto correct kicked in. | 11 dicembre 2019

I'll also add to jordanrichard that specs are likely to change between now and production. Some things will improve and perhaps some things will disappear or become options. Tesla is trying hard to reach a specific price point and that could mean changes need to occur to accomplish that. On the plus side, Tesla has usually delivered more than expected with a few nice surprises late in the game.

andy.connor.e | 11 dicembre 2019

Remember Model 3. Supposed to have 210 miles range, got more than that by production.