Renaming a connected phone after pairing

Renaming a connected phone after pairing


Brand new model three owner here. :-) Myself and my mother both have iPhones that we are using for the primary key. Unfortunately they are both named iPhone. Just recently I change the name of my device, but for some reason it still shows up in the Tesla as iPhone. Is there a way to fix this without having to repair the keys? Like will it just update automatically?


Rob | 10 dicembre 2019

I haven't found a way other than remove it and pair it up again.

apodbdrs | 10 dicembre 2019

@rmlambert1987, follow the instructions in the operators manual regarding pairing phones. First delete both phones, second turn Bluetooth on, on only on the phone to be paired with the car. Third do the same for the other phone.

The operators instructions can be found by tapping on the Tesla icon at the top of the screen. You can then select "operators manual" at the bottom left of the display. Do a search on phone or pairing.

Stinnett | 10 dicembre 2019

My new Samsung Galaxy A20, Android, came with the name "Galaxy A20." This is my first mobile phone so I didn't even know you could name the things. I paired it to my M3 and smiled contentedly.

Then I found you can rename the phone, which I did. I wondered about re-pairing it to the car, and when I looked -- no worries, it showed my phone's new name. I was just as contented as when I first paired it. I suspect it pairs with the mobile's bluetooth MAC address or something rather permanent to the device, and simply displays the conventional name.

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