I should have listened to Tesla Nav System (yes it shows traffic)

I should have listened to Tesla Nav System (yes it shows traffic)

While driving home on a 20-minute route I have taken many times, Tesla Nav was giving me erratic directions. It seemed like "Don't use freeways" option was on or something like that. I ignored the Nav's recommended route and took the freeway, only to have a 20-minute traffic-induced 3-mile drive to my final exit. Looking closely at the satellite map I then noticed the RED line on the map. Had I paid attention to that I would not have gotten stuck in the traffic. Live and learn!

Harriscott | 11 dicembre 2019

Similar story here. Fortunately I could just relax and enjoy my new car's sound system. It is strange having an in-car Nav system that is actually fun to use, and isn't a daily disappointment.

M3phan | 11 dicembre 2019

Same, I had unwisely ignored it on one trip and paid for it with a doubles commute time. And yes, AP and the music made it tolerable as I beat myself up for ignoring the all-seeing Teslarossa. Lol.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 dicembre 2019

Best onboard Nav system I have seen! I am particularly impressed with voice command to destination. You can say the name of a business, attraction, whatever, and it figures it out almost every time.

rasinas | 11 dicembre 2019

We have ours set to reroute if it saves us 10 minutes. On our last trip to San Diego from Sacramento during Thanksgiving we had 3 reroutes on I -5 between Sac and the grapevine. I didn't know if it was what was best but every time I had my wife check with google maps to verify and they were giving use the same reroute. So yeah now I will give it the benefit of the doubt and go with it.

TranzNDance | 11 dicembre 2019

Yup, I have it running even if I know the route in case it suggests another route due to traffic congestion.

CST | 11 dicembre 2019

A week ago, I was heading towards Sacramento from the East Bay, and Tesla's navigation wanted to route me 2.5 hours around towards Stockton. This is usually a 30-minute trip.

I called my wife and asked her to check the route from where I was to our home, and Google showed the usual route, so I took the chance that something was wrong with Tesla nav. Sure enough, as I started going over the bridge, Tesla nav recalculated and told me to go home the usual way.had I trusted it, I would have added over two hours to my trip!

This is the only time it failed me, I'm not sure why Tesla's nav was showing a ridiculous route while Google was fine.

jdcollins5 | 11 dicembre 2019

On a trip to Florida on I-95 the Nav was taking me off to a side road. Being the first time, I hesitated and luckily I was able to get off on the next exit. My wife checked and there was a major wreck with both southbound lanes closed. We were able to go past the wreck and get back on and continue the trip with no lost time.

On the way back the Nav started showing a yellow (orange) line at the I-95 and I-26 overpass. It was directing me to exit at I-26 and to a parallel road. Traffic was still moving steadily so I passed the exit ramp. Traffic came to an immediate stop. One hour and 15 minutes later we finally started moving again. The wreck was about a mile from where we were. I should have listened to the Nav.

This is the best system I have ever used.

Big_Ed | 11 dicembre 2019

Overall I really like Tesla Nav, especially the way it autolaunches destinations based on calendar and usual daily schedule. Would be a good added feature to present alternate routes with time differences, like Google Maps. Also, would be helpful to show enroute traffic delays and obstructions graphically, also like Google. That is a safety feature, since it helps you anticipate slow downs, so it should not be limited to premium IMO.

TexasBob | 11 dicembre 2019

Same. Learned the hard way - trust the nav luke, trust the nav.

mtapes | 11 dicembre 2019

I am the OP..

Yes, Best Nav and sound system for sure (not to mention all the other incredible stuff)!

I taught myself a trick so this does not occur again...Since I use satellite imagery on the Nav, the Red and Orange traffic lines are not so I will turn them off if I wat to REALLY see the traffic.

radean84 | 11 dicembre 2019

I got rerouted on my way from Danville CA to Lincoln CA. Apparently it didn't like the look of 5pm traffic going through Sacramento so it routed me away from 80, through Woodland, over to the 99, then back roads to Lincoln. Definitely saved me lots of time. I also love that you can adjust the amount of time savings required before a reroute. I feel like I love this car more all the time because I keep learning new things about it that make it even better!

IHaveArrived | 11 dicembre 2019

Yeah, the threshold for the Tesla nav to pick an alternate route is not as fine-grained as the squirrely Waze. If it says to use an alternate route there is typically a 10-minute or more reason for that.

douglas_peale | 11 dicembre 2019

You must learn the quirks of nav, and don't trust it blindly. Trust the red lines to be traffic, but don't trust an unmarked road. I got stuck behind the flood on the 101 freeway reciently, and the freeway was closed. Every attempt to use the car to route me around the closure routed me right through the flood. It saw a road with no cars on it as open with no obstructions.
The nav does not seem to take into account traffic lights. Yesterday it routed me around the normal freeway traffic, and on to surface streets. I should know better by now, but I blindly followed it, and it got me stuck for 20 minutes trying to get through a single stop light. Some lights are just nasty.
It would be really nice if I could mark the places I know I should never pass through so the car won't try to take me through them.
Sometimes I think the mapping data is just wrong. I have had two instances where the car tried to have me get off the main road, and then get right back on the main road one block later. Both times I have ignored those instructions and had no trouble when I stayed on the main road instead.

mtapes | 12 dicembre 2019

"I have had two instances where the car tried to have me get off the main road, and then get right back on the main road one block later."

Yes, I see this kind of behavior a few times a week. Not a new thing.

sonywega17 | 12 dicembre 2019

Google Maps > Tesla Nav

Effopec | 12 dicembre 2019

It's definitely better than any other car I've had, but sometimes it gets lazy. I have mine set down to 1 minute for rerouting, but sometimes still I'll switch routes and it will suddenly say my arrival time is 5 minutes sooner.

Sparky | 12 dicembre 2019

@Effopec; the problem with using a 1 minute reroute setting is that the car assumes you're going to drive at the posted speed limit, which may be a bit (ahem..) pessimistic.

Effopec | 12 dicembre 2019

@Sparky - the question is, how often does it try to recalculate a new route? You know as you drive it will constantly adjust the arrival time based on your current position, but when does it check if you are still on the best route given your current position? I've had it change routes on me, but not often. My commute is 13.5 miles on surface streets (unless there is no traffic, then the freeway is a bit faster, but closer to 18 miles of driving, and unless my work hours are really out of whack, there is never "no traffic"). I can take about 4 different north-south roads and about 10 different east west roads, so many different route combinations. On the way to work it will pick the same route 90+% of the time. If it comes up with something different I know there must be an issue. On the way home it is ~45% each for two routes, and the remaining 10% it shows a different route entirely, and again there is generally a reason and I realize that after I ignore their advice. What I often do on the way home is start on the closest north-south road and then switch over part way through to another one, which was the route I would take without nav. Most of the time as soon as I make that turn off the recommended route the time of arrival drops, so it was not giving me the best route previously.

CST | 12 dicembre 2019

Another issue with navs is going over the mountains when chains are required. Sometimes, it'll show a longer wait than exists if people pull over to put on chains. Google doesn't know they are not stuck in traffic.

spuzzz123 | 12 dicembre 2019

One day I was on the freeway driving home from work. The nav told me to exit before my destination, drive a half mile, make a uturn, go back and get back on the freeway going the same direction. Ridiculous right? I ignored it. Well right there between the exit ramp and entrance ramp a construction event had shut 3 of the 4 lanes down forcing everyone to merge. Delayed me 20 minutes or so. I shoulda listened.

Sparky | 12 dicembre 2019

@Effopec; that's a great question and I don't know the answer, although you'd think it would be updating every time it gets new cell phone velocity data. I have mine set to 5 min and it seems to work pretty well but every time it suggests a variation from a usual route I always try to consider how much over the speed limit I'm likely to average.

Big_Ed | 12 dicembre 2019


Which is why it should show you alternate routes and time differences.

Tronguy | 12 dicembre 2019

First off: This is really Google Maps with a Tesla overlay for finding Superchargers. On the non-Tesla car I drive, it's Waze, all the way.
I chug back and forth to Boston from NJ for various reasons. That means getting past NYC and up the coast. Usually.

One weekend, the SO and I are heading up that way and the route is... different. Instead of crossing the GWB or the Tappen Zee, Waze had us going up the NY Turnpike until we hit I-90, then hung a right.

So, we did that thing. Out of curiosity, later, we looked up what was going on: Major crashes, simultaneously, on I-95, I-84, and the Merrit Parkway, all in CT, with hour-long waits, minimum, to get past the blockages.

Traffic-aware routing programs are superior.