Automatic Emergency Braking ON still bumped to a car

Automatic Emergency Braking ON still bumped to a car

I have my automatic emergency braking ON. While waiting at a traffic signal, my M3 was on Hold. I was distracted in looking for a paper inside center console, my M3 rolled and rear ended a car in front of me, baamm! My M3 hazard lights started flashing, there was a warning message for a while, which I lost in the process of calling 911, insurance, etc.

I expected the automatic emergency braking to get activated and stop my M3 from bumping to a car or pedestrian or any other object.

Is my understanding wrong?

jlhm | 26 dicembre 2019

How could your car roll if it was on hold, did you press the go/accelerator pedal?

GHammer | 26 dicembre 2019

From the owners manual:

"Automatic Emergency Braking operates only
when driving between approximately 7 mph
(10 km/h) and 90 mph (150 km/h)."

angel95135 | 26 dicembre 2019

Why operates only from 7 mph. It happened to me too, sometimes you just wont notice when youre rolling below 7 mph. Can Tesla make it stop at any speed.

wiscy67 | 27 dicembre 2019

It might be programmed to work only at 7+ mph so folks can still maneuver around obstacles and tight spaces below that speed such as when parking.

Pg3ibew | 27 dicembre 2019

You were stopped at a traffic light. And then got distracted and started looking into you center console.
And now you want to blame the car?

In any other car, your foot would have been on the brake pedal. Try doing that next time.

Sarah R | 27 dicembre 2019

@Pg3ibew exactly

M3phan | 27 dicembre 2019

It’s emergency braking, not emergency stopping. It will help apply brakes for you not necessarily stop the car but mitigate accident severity.

@ angel95135, why? Because that’s what it says.

FISHEV | 27 dicembre 2019

Autobraking can work at lower speeds. No reason to turn it off at 7 mph any more than 8 mph. Also should be working in reverse which I don't think Tesla does though the new regen in reverse acts as a autobrakes in a way.

It's only going to brake if it sees an object and it can be turn off if the situation doesn't warrant it.

At one point, cars bumpers were supposed to be able to hit at 5 mph with no damage. With no many sensors in the front and rear bumpers, probably time to revisit and reinforce that requirement to include the electronics in the bumpers.

WW_spb | 27 dicembre 2019

Oh no. Once again unspeakable happened. How terrible. I hope Tesla stock crashes to $20.

derotam | 27 dicembre 2019

Is bumping into something at 1 mile per hour an "emergency". Some people may think so but this is not the intent of Automatic Emergency Braking.

There is an obstacle aware acceleration option, was that turned on...not that that would have done anything either.

@sbpanda: sorry but if the vehicle was on hold then you as the operator of the vehicle did something to MAKE the car move...unintentionally of course. I did that one time in another vehicle...had my foot on the brake but leaned over to grab something and my foot released off the brake pedal just enough to let the car roll slowly into another car... It's your fault, sorry.

brscpo | 27 dicembre 2019

Watched a guy's new M3 start to roll away and into a post when he stopped at a super charger.

He came to a complete stop. Got out of the car, and Bam, it rolled forward and hit the post.

Wondering how this could happen, in a safe (Postless) location, tried to get out of my car in DRIVE and the car went into PARK as soon as I opened the drivers door to get out.

Testing further, I put the car into NEUTRAL and started to get out STAYED in NEUTRAL and started to roll.

He must have made the mistake of accidentally shifting into NEUTRAL.

M3phan | 27 dicembre 2019

But the move to neutral and park are two different moves. Neutral move stall partway up, Park depress stalk button.

M3phan | 27 dicembre 2019


Tesla3TK | 27 dicembre 2019

@jlhm asked the most important question. If the car is in hold mode it is not rolling forward unless the accelerator is pushed. Automatic Emergency Braking is almost irrelevant in this discussion.

derotam | 27 dicembre 2019

"I have my automatic emergency braking ON" Automatic Emergency Braking as currently designed and programmed, and stated in the manual, is not supposed to work in the OP's situation.(if below 7mph)

"automatic emergency braking" is the key phrase here.

"autobraking" is not a term used by Tesla so it has no official definition and could be defined any number of ways...that all are irrelevant due to the specific language the OP has used.

WW_spb | 27 dicembre 2019

FishEv long time troll that has been banned before. His statements wrong, misleading and anti Tesla. Ease take his post with grain of horse s***t.
Thank you

WW_spb | 27 dicembre 2019


apodbdrs | 27 dicembre 2019

Operator Error! Use the brake, put car on park or just wait till it is safe, like when you get to a safe destination and the car is parked! "haste makes waste" and it is expensive sometimes!

brscpo | 27 dicembre 2019

M3Phan - Yes, 2 different operations...placing the car in NEUTRAL and placing the car in PARK.

My point was that for a NEW M3 owner, who may be familiar with moving the gear shift up to park, it could be easy to confuse the operations..and he moved from Auto Hold to free roll by accidentally shifting to NEUTRAL.

jrweiss98020 | 27 dicembre 2019

Manual p. 61: "Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking is not designed to prevent a collision. At best, it can minimize the impact of a frontal collision by attempting to reduce your driving speed."

p. 103:
"Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking is designed to reduce the severity of an impact. It is not designed to avoid a collision."

"It is the driver’s responsibility to drive safely and remain in control of the vehicle at all times. Never depend on Automatic Emergency Braking to avoid or reduce the impact of a collision."

"Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking is not a substitute for maintaining a safe traveling distance between you and the vehicle in front of you."

Magic 8 Ball | 27 dicembre 2019

Obviously, your understanding was wrong. Hope everyone is Okay. Can you post pictures of the damage?

Pg3ibew | 27 dicembre 2019

Tesla does a lot of the stuff it does, not because Tesla does not know how to do it. Not because it may be expensive. Most of the stuff they do NOT do, is to keep them out of frivolous lawsuits from half witted humans that IMMEDIATELY want to point blame at Tesla

Sarah R | 27 dicembre 2019

Ok, let's work this out. The driver stopped at a light with a vehicle in front of him. He relied on "hold mode" to stay put while he fumbled about in the console. If you bump the accelerator pedal, the car leaves hold mode, responding to your direct input. And it will roll.

There's nothing wrong with the car. If you're not paying attention, it's your fault, not the car.

There is no technology that is a substitute for an alert and attentive driver (yet).

But let's get to why "Emergency Automatic Braking" doesn't work under 7MPH ... Because can you imagine fighting the car to maneuver into or out of a tight parking place?

"You say stop, but I say go, go go! OH NO!"

Until they build one with no pedals or steering wheel, you are still required to pay attention to what's going on around you.

dave | 27 dicembre 2019

> It's car's fault, sorry. Autobraking should have worked. Something Tesla should adjust.
> Not sure why Hold came off in the example though.
There is your typical fin-brained response - always insist that Tesla is in the wrong, give all benefit of the doubt to the other side.

Here's a thought - the operator hit either the accelerator or the right stalk, which caused the car to move forward.
Maybe there is a $1500 device that you can buy and bolt onto the accelerator pedal, to obtain this valuable safety feature that Tesla is missing. With enough of these add-on devices, Tesla will someday have fully idiot proof FSD.

WW_spb | 27 dicembre 2019

Or Fish proof car )

derotam | 27 dicembre 2019

@dave: don't under estimate the speed at which new and improved idiots are created!

82bert | 27 dicembre 2019

Anyone else notice OP magically disappeared like most of the people that start these threads?

What a time we live in.

WW_spb | 27 dicembre 2019

He is busy with his lawyers team securing class action

Fuzzball | 27 dicembre 2019

I dont think OP is a troll. If i recall, he was an early buyer from summer 2018 and i dont know why, but i feel like i read in a post from him being elated enough to have some religious blessing for the car. I think he was stressed and disappointed is all - happens...

Magic 8 Ball | 27 dicembre 2019

Yeah, there was no whining or complaining, just a simple inquiry.

derotam | 27 dicembre 2019

@82bert: Not everyone spends every waking second, or even day on these forums. :) OP seems to have been around these forums for a while, though not a frequent poster.

martin | 27 dicembre 2019

A car on proper hold does not roll!

jrweiss98020 | 27 dicembre 2019

It does when a distracted driver stretches to one side and puts pressure on his right foot...

sbpanda | 27 dicembre 2019

Thanks for all your responses.

@jrweiss98020 thanks for the quotes from the Manual. @GHammer, too. This certainly helps in putting the expectation right.

But may be as some others suggested, when the car is very near to an object (or about to bump) it should auto brake or auto stop. Even in tight parking garage, it will help from bumping to the wall.

BTW, it was not any sort of complain on Tesla or saying it is a bad car. I know people in this forum has tons of knowledge, so, wanted to hear from the experts.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 dicembre 2019

@sbpanda It appears you missed the reasoning for not auto braking in tight spaces and near objects when going slow. It would be a constant battle of driver trying to make the car move and the car wanting to be on the brakes, as has been mentioned, and it makes perfect sense.

Big_Ed | 27 dicembre 2019

Please don't call 911 for minor fender benders. They have lives to save, fires to put out, and crimes to stop. Pull over, exchange info, take a few photos, and be on your way.

rxlawdude | 27 dicembre 2019

"i feel like i read in a post from him being elated enough to have some religious blessing for the car. "

God answers all prayers. But sometimes, the answer is NO!

yudansha™ | 27 dicembre 2019

@Big_Ed Try that in Florida.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 27 dicembre 2019

“ Autobraking can work at lower speeds. No reason to turn it off at 7 mph any more than 8 mph”

Obviously there is a reason.

stingray.don | 27 dicembre 2019

I would never be able to get the car out of the garage if it worked at low speeds.