Cybertruck - What happens if the exo-skeleton is mangled?

Cybertruck - What happens if the exo-skeleton is mangled?

What happens if an area like the right front fender is bent, smashed, mangled or broken?
Would it be repairable?
If so, would repair it? No body shop that I'm aware of. Maybe a shop specializing in heavy equipment repair?
Would the truck have to be totaled because damage or stress to the rest of the exo-skeleton?
How will insurance companies going to be able to rate this?
I think it would take at least two years of data for them the come up with a realistic figure.
Probably only Tesla insurance would ensure it to begin with.

SamO | 30 dicembre 2019

tig welding

jordanrichard | 30 dicembre 2019

Well it actually should be easier to repair. They just need to bolt on a new fender and send it out the door. No paint prep or painting required.

Other parts like door jams, if caved in, would be replaced like any other car. Cut and weld in place. It’s not as if they need to know how to bend this metal because body shops don’t do any panel beating. They just bolt on or weld in pre-formed panels of metal.

Ross1 | 30 dicembre 2019

If CT could be built from CKD kits, in any country state or territory in the world, they could also be repaired locally.
The Ford T was built like this.
I plan on having talks with movers and shakers about this possibility.

BadgerErickson | 30 dicembre 2019

From my paint shop experience at a GM SUV factory; I have no clue, other than my Body Shop experiences, when we'd get shipped downstairs to work OT.

Pull the old fender and then hang a new one. Super KISS Simple as there is no gopher needing to run around to catch the fender with paint code # Xx, they're all the same. No need to run down to body shop supply Xyz for paint code # 73 Victory Red, hoping for a match.

Pull old fender, inspect the surrounding area for structural impacts. None found, install new.

I like all the FUD posts trying to throw a wrench into the mix. What if......?

What if Oil & Gas Execs were caught out at New Year's eve parties by the underground.....

Mark K | 30 dicembre 2019

Op is awfully worried about how to repair a car that is not yet available.

Is anybody worried about how you’ll repair or insure a 2022 Chevy Silverado? How will it change once it’s an EV?

Wonder why such improbable musings about potentialities are posted.

Perhaps a distraction from the gravity of the tectonic shift happening right now.

Something to blunt the startling change that’s unfolding.

Btw - my Tesla insurance policy is now saving me thousands of dollars a year.

If getting a CT prompts you to try it, you’ll be glad you looked.

andy.connor.e | 30 dicembre 2019

Its a really good point. Do i have to live with a dent forever, or is there a cost effective way to repair it. I wanna know what the answer is. Not sure why people keep throwing darts at people who bring up valid things to think about. I dont think the OP is trying to make it seem like the cybertruck is bad. I think any rational vehicle owner who thinks they are going to own this for many many decades would want to know what the process of repairs is. Badger needs to chill.

BadgerErickson | 30 dicembre 2019

Hey Andy, We the People who are educated and from the automotive industries actually know mostly the SAME information any other person does with insurance, and vehicles; a crash causes damage which is repairable or it gets totalled by an adjuster. Duh. It's a piece of sheet metal; pull it off and replace it, or fix it.

If YOU do not have insurance AND do not know how to fix it, YOU will probably live with it forever and have us HEAR about it forever, right? Your squeal shall be heard, until somebody fills your empty can with love and joy that overfills the region you live in and ALL that live near you will wonder aloud...."What happened to Andy?Did Andy get laid?"

Nope, Andy finally found that poor soul who would fix his fender dent for free, as Andy chose to drive HIS CT w/o insurance. Oh, all is right with the Universe!

Your FUD merchant of doubt line of dis-logic don't have legs here. You and Maxxer just "playing devil's advocate" again?

andy.connor.e | 30 dicembre 2019

Lol im not gonna have a discussion with someone who talks to me like an inferior person.

nate.r.mattson | 30 dicembre 2019

I don't think the original question is unfair. That is actually one of the first things I thought when I saw the reveal.

Xerogas | 30 dicembre 2019

@mr.richard.hamilton: can’t mangle it if it’s tougher than everything else ;)

andy.connor.e | 30 dicembre 2019

Badger is another one of those people that uses their experience as a means to discredit everything that people say because of their opinion and experience. And also thinks that using insults somehow also discredits peoples speech content. Pretty compelling argument if you ask me.

BadgerErickson | 31 dicembre 2019

Would it? Could it? What if? Why not? How come?

Yes, career and body and paint shop experience from the real world of SUV manufacturing has a bearing on facts, facts on hand from work. Then of course, there's the real world experience of doing that work out in the field.

Yes, the CT is made from a different sort of body steel which the other OEMs are not using in mass productions. Why would that make it different to repair/replace? Why would the inspection process be any different, than any other EV after you remove the sheet metal in question? Why according to Mr. Hamilton is the CT uninsurable? FUD work is strong with these GMers.....

andy.connor.e | 31 dicembre 2019

"Yes, the CT is made from a different sort of body steel which the other OEMs are not using"
"Why would that make it different to repair/replace?"

Not sure. Something tells me because its different. But its easier to discredit and label what people say FUD, and label people trolls than to actually respond to people. But its ok because your experience is all the world needs to drop all questions and need not to respond to them. Discredit is a good argument!

BadgerErickson | 31 dicembre 2019

OH LOOK, it's a RESOURCE ALREADY IN the Tesla systems for body work!?!? Imagine that, a NETWORK of people already familiar with Teslas?!? No WAY dude, you're just a devil's advocate shaking the FUD stick !?

Once again, the FUD of much ado about NOTHING!

Yes, over-the-top. Act like professional and reasonable adults, you'll be treated that way.

andy.connor.e | 31 dicembre 2019

Wheres the info for the cybertruck?

TabascoGuy | 1 gennaio 2020

Would it be repairable? Absolutely. Any body shop that is capable of repairing structural components of current cars or trucks will be just as capable of repairing the CT.

Will it cost more or less than the same amount of damage to a current car or truck? Probably less. After the exoskeleton and sheet metal repairs are made, there is nothing else to do. No body or filler work, no priming, no painting, no sanding, no buffing.

GoldAK47 | 2 gennaio 2020

It's no different than anything else. Fix what's bent, done. Wrecked Tesla's are usually totalled, and not repaired. (Owned a body shop for years). Stuff that could be fixed in a day with no problem would total a tesla, but if it was something that took a week to repair on an ice would be no issue.

Orthopod | 2 gennaio 2020

It’s attitude likes Badger and Mark that make me agressive on these forums.

OP brings a valid point and they roll up the FUD flag and bring their self proclaimed honoris causa diplomas that they printed and hung themselves on their walls.

They are the rotten tomatoes on these forums and pollute any interesting and legitimate discussions.

Seriously go f&$¥ yourselves and never come back.
I’m going home.

andy.connor.e | 2 gennaio 2020

Dont get mad about it, and just read passed it. Impulsive people live on these forums.

hcwhy | 2 gennaio 2020

You've told other's besides Badger and Mark to "GTFO" out of "your" thread

Orthopod | 2 gennaio 2020

This is not my thread,
You can stay here no problem.

Orthopod | 2 gennaio 2020

@hcwhy, have you ever thought taking text comprehension classes

TabascoGuy | 3 gennaio 2020

Talk about pollution...

Ross1 | 5 gennaio 2020

Will it cost more or less than the same amount of damage to a current car or truck? Probably less. After the exoskeleton and sheet metal repairs are made, there is nothing else to do. No body or filler work, no priming, no painting, no sanding, no buffing.

I might, and could you guys, go into a panel shop and ask the question?
I think 3mm SS will require a medium sized business or manufacturer to "iron out" the panels, or replace

I have been talking to such, but I think I have beaten the wave here.

TabascoGuy | 6 gennaio 2020

Or, maybe I already know how to work with SS so I added my opinion. Sheesh.