Max battery reduced in 3 weeks

Max battery reduced in 3 weeks

I have had my Model X only 3 weeks.

I charge it only to about 80-85% at home, but up to the maximum for road trips, which I have do drive every weekend. When I got the Model X, the Maximum Battery charge showed I had 303 miles. (Yeah, I know your driving, use of climate control, etc. affects your actual mileage, but the Maximum should stay the same, right?)

Now it only shows 293 miles when charged to the max. 10 mile range lost in 3 weeks? I was at a hotel for 4 days for a long weekend between Xmas and New Year, and the parking valets charged my Tesla for free. Could that have degraded the battery already? (It was set for max charging because of the road trip).

I have had several software upgrades since I got this car 3 weeks ago; has that cut anyone else's range?

I'm new to this, so I would appreciate any guidance.

Bighorn | 2 gennaio 2020

Short term fluctuations are not degradation. Tons of posts and angst about rated range numbers are out there. It will probably take awhile before you can accept that it’s unimportant, but that’s the reality.

mbirnie51 | 4 gennaio 2020

@liverdoc: First, as @Bighorn said, there is not much to be concerned about. What is your life time watt-hours/mile? Do you own a new or CPO Tesla (what's your odo reading)? Range is based on an alogorythum that uses many criteria and wh/m is pretty important. Where are you located (warm sunny Florida climate or cold upper penisula Michigan) as that helps us give you credible advice.
Are you comfortable using your phone's Tesla app?? You can keep pretty close tabs on your vehicle with the app. For example, the valets keeping you plugged in each night was great, you can set the charge limit via your app to 80% each night and you can pre-condition your vehicle while plugged in to get into a warm car in the morning, seats/steering wheel warmed too. It helps the lifetime health of the battery if you start your days drive with a warmed battery, it also gives you the best regenerative braking from the start. A cold battery will not regen brake, and take lots of range to heat the cabin/seats/steering wheel, more than using the same accessories when the battery is warm.

We're here to help you along in your new driving experience, welcome to the family of EV drivers...I'll never go back to any ICE car.