Please recommend some windshield wipers

Please recommend some windshield wipers

Hi, can anyone recommend some good wipers for my 2019 S? I'm done some research and Bosch ICON 28OE and 18OE seem to be recommended? Anyone else like anything else? Thanks.

MS-2013-60 | 6 gennaio 2020

AutoZone, less than $60. and they put them on.

Bighorn | 6 gennaio 2020

Bosch has a couple good options. I've used ICONs and Envisions.

garyjtate | 6 gennaio 2020

Don’t order from Tesla online. Ordered the above wipers and they sent me two wipers for passenger side. Still not resolved after numerous emails (only way to contact) with a rep named Tina.

Piss poor service.

barrykmd | 6 gennaio 2020

^^^ Why am I not surprised. Twice a ranger came to do a minor repair and brought the wrong parts.

huzz1970 | 6 gennaio 2020

just go to Autozone or O'Reilies. NAPA Auto if you want to pay more. I have only had to change once, and bought Bosch on sale at Autozone last fall.

Victorg-90D | 6 gennaio 2020

For me Bosch ICON last only 6 months, and then start to squeal and don't wipe windshield clean.

greggyancey | 6 gennaio 2020

I bought wipers through Tesla, and the price was about the same as local stores. The passenger side took quite a while to arrive, but the parts were correct.

Aerodyne | 6 gennaio 2020

I never drive in the rain, keep it garaged during the day, that's my solution. Wipers might outlast the battery...

ALSET | 7 gennaio 2020

Thanks everyone, just to confirm it's the 28" for driver side and 18" for passenger correct? Has anyone tried the Rain-X wipers? Any comments on silicon versus rubber wipers? On my last car I had the Rain X and it was great but I don't want chatter on the S.