Voice recognition from decent to terrible

Voice recognition from decent to terrible

Did anyone else's voice commands just go out the window?

It was decent and somewhat useable before the update, but now it has such a hard time recognizing commands. I have to tell it commands like 5 times now.

My main gripe about the feature is that you have to hold the record button constantly until it finish loading the command, otherwise it exits out.
So when I say navigate home, it takes 5 seconds to recognize while I have to hold the record button down until it completely loads the question. With this I find myself using it less and less now.

Any body else experiencing this? I've seen a few other post about voice issues after the update. Any word of a update soon?

lilbean | 6 gennaio 2020


wytknukls | 7 gennaio 2020

No. Works fine and I don't have to hold the button down.

EVRider | 7 gennaio 2020

@wytknukls: Which software version do you have?

Vlmf23 | 7 gennaio 2020

I have the latest update and have noticed the same thing. Oddly, have found that if I speak louder, it doesn't seem to work at all. If I speak in at a lower volume it works much better. Guess she doesn't like to be yelled at.