Tesla Is Now the Most Valuable U.S. Car Maker of All Time

Tesla Is Now the Most Valuable U.S. Car Maker of All Time

Provided by Dow Jones
Jan 7, 2020 2:25 PM CST
By Karen Langley

Tesla Inc. shares have surged to start 2020, helping the electric-car maker become the most valuable U.S. auto maker ever.

The company closed Monday with a market value of $81.39 billion, surpassing Ford Motor Co.'s peak of $80.81 billion set in 1999. Tesla shares continued climbing Tuesday, rising 4% to $469.36 and extending their gains for the year to 12%.

Tesla-David | 7 gennaio 2020

I am loving that Tesla has finally emerged and wining the battle to tale EVs mainstream. ICE vehicles are so Over and boring by comparison. GO TESLA!

Tesla-David | 7 gennaio 2020

tale = take

Xerogas | 7 gennaio 2020

wining = winning

Jrla | 7 gennaio 2020

Too bad so many of the cars are sitting in the service center needing repair. My brand new X is in there again. I will never buy a Tesla again after these experiences. My husband has had good luck with his 3 but my X is the opposite story. Never again. It’s too bad but time, money and respect are too valuable to waste on Tesla.

andy.connor.e | 7 gennaio 2020

thanks for letting us know what happened. flagged!

jimglas | 7 gennaio 2020

The stock price is directly related to the amount of FUD
the shorts are being filled right now

andy.connor.e | 7 gennaio 2020

cargo shorts have alot of pockets

Madatgascar | 7 gennaio 2020

Tesla’s market cap (not enterprise value) is now about the same as GM and Ford combined.
In a couple of weeks a lot of shorts will need to pay the piper. Shanghai is complete, Y is ahead of schedule, energy is ramping, FSD is getting closer, competition is laying eggs. Stock is going parabolic. Four big debt tranches will convert to equity, wiping out the bears’ balance sheet arguments. This is what escape velocity looks like.

hcwhy | 7 gennaio 2020

Tesla's an energy company as well as a car company......Ford and GM are car companies....not oil companies as well.

tew ms us | 8 gennaio 2020

Tell Walgreens to enter a 'state of being' inside a Tesla; I'm unable to say 'state of being' with a straight face.

hcwhy | 8 gennaio 2020

Tesla is led by Elon Musk. Government Motors is led by Mary Berra.

andy.connor.e | 8 gennaio 2020

Who is the secretary of state of being

hcwhy | 8 gennaio 2020


He/she's been impeached.

andy.connor.e | 8 gennaio 2020

More like the secretary of state of been