Bob Lutz is Finally Growing a Pair....of Horns

Bob Lutz is Finally Growing a Pair....of Horns

Can an old dog learn new tricks? Apparently so as Bob Lutz amends his take on Tesla. Bob speaks at 2:00 minutes and almost praises the car at 3:00 minutes. I am surprised that Bob never had fault with the car, only the CEO. Really Bob?

jordanrichard | 9 gennaio 2020

Increasingly Bob is getting his facts mixed up. He says the Model 3 was supposed to be a $33K car, then in the above video he says the MS sales have stabilized and is selling really well overseas. That would be the Model 3.

Orthopod | 9 gennaio 2020

Bit of dementia
Like the POTUS

robert.s.bjekich | 9 gennaio 2020

Lutz is more like Joe Biden.

jordanrichard | 10 gennaio 2020

I agree with Maxxer in that Lutz just spouts off stuff to get attention, to keep getting invited on these shows. He is on record saying that Tesla will fail, that they have nothing special that GM or any other company couldn't do in an heart beat, etc. etc. Just a bunch of hyperbolic rants.

I do like how the CNBC host stopped him saying "hold the presses, now you are liking Tesla" Then in his typical fashion he back pedaled saying he has alwsy like Tesla he just didn't like the way Elon was running because there was no profit. Well, his former and still beloved GM can't give away the Bolts and by all accounts is losing money on them.

Again, the guy just wants to be on TV.

BadgerErickson | 10 gennaio 2020

No real car guys here who subscribe to Road & Track?


andy.connor.e | 10 gennaio 2020

magazines are really not worth my money when there is the internet.

BadgerErickson | 10 gennaio 2020

When did you return to the UK?

andy.connor.e | 10 gennaio 2020

Never been to begin with! I meant all magazines in general.

PrescottRichard | 10 gennaio 2020

Lutz? The guy from 30 Rock? Loved that show.

What’s the point of him getting attention at this point in his life? Is he gunning for the Tesla CEO job?